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Naturella Logo

Naturella Logo
Naturella Logo PNG

Naturella is a line of sanitary napkins for women based on natural cotton fibers impregnated with plant substances. The brand was founded in Mexico about 20 years ago. It is currently owned by the world-famous Procter & Gamble Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Meaning and History

Naturella Symbol


The designers presented the logo as soon as the brand emerged when the product entered the market. They took the concept of naturalness reflected in the name as a basis and the addition of chamomile extract. The developers also tried to get away from such products’ standard ideas, usually dominated by pink or red tones with a feminine theme. As a result, the brand name turned out to be very successful and has not changed during the line’s existence.

The distinctive symbol of the brand is the classic chamomile. It is presented segmentally, only in half of the inflorescence, and is located above the brand name, exactly in the center – near the letters “u” and “r.” The flower is traditionally depicted with a yellow center and white oval petals. They have a slight shading towards the base. The word “Naturella” is placed horizontally but tilted slightly diagonally upward.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Naturella Emblem

The inscription is made in a calligraphic script without italics. Instead of the capital “n,” there is a lowercase, the “t” has a wavy crossbar, and the letters “ll” have a curved shape. The logo’s palette consists of yellow, white, and green in two shades: dark for text and light for the background.