NCT (Neo Culture Technology) Logo


In the elongated characters, several separate divisions of the group and their multilingualism are encrypted. The NCT logo demonstrates the presence of fans of all ages and reflects the length and harmonious sound of the songs. The ability of soloists to hit a wide range of notes.

NCT (Neo Culture Technology): Brand overview

Founder:SM Entertainment
Seoul, South Korea
NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is a boyband band from South Korea that includes several units. Each of them has its localization, time of emergence, and its compositions, which do not overlap. NCT U appeared in the spring of 2016, NCT 127 appeared then, too, but in early summer, NCT Dream in late August of the same year, WayV in winter 2019, and NCT Hollywood is scheduled to open in late 2021. Their founder and inspirer is the famous Korean media mogul, producer, and musician Lee Soo-man. He is the owner of S.M. Entertainment, which owns the youth group. In all, it consists of 23 people in their early 20s.

Meaning and History

NCT Logo History

The first trainees were introduced much earlier than the year the project was founded, in 2013. That’s when a training team called SM Rookies emerged. At first, five guys got into it by casting. They were repeatedly auditioned and selected. Then the number of potential participants increased to 16 – that’s how many they were in the winter of 2016. The rest got into the group from S.M. Entertainment shows and personal recommendations.

The main work began in 2016 with an unusual idea of the producer. He presented his concept “SMTOWN: New Culture Technology 2016” at the SM Coex Artium. Lee Soo-man wanted to start a new-format teenage music group according to the idea. The number of its members should be unlimited, and the boyband can open at any time, depending on the number of people recruited. If a boy is not in one unit, he must go to the second. And the name was taken from the presentation and shortened to three letters.

The main unit is NCT U. It began its career with two singles, Without You and The 7th Sense. The second came to the NCT 127 lineup, which debuted with a mini-album of the same name. Other performers joined together in the group NCT Dream, which presented the composition Chewing Gum. The next project is WayV, which announced itself with the collection “The Vision.” They sing in several languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. At the same time, they have one owner, one manager, and one logo. The identity reflects the key essence of the compositions – unity.

NCT Symbol

The logo, like the project, is innovative. It concentrates on opposing tendencies. For example, it is simultaneously stylish and unusual for the music sphere, austere and innovative. We feel the strive for classicism, and at the same time, we have the presence of technology and pixel graphics, where miniature elements are combined into something big. In this case, the symbols of geometric shape look like parts composed by the method of pixelation. In addition, they resemble fragments of popular first-generation video games, where the main characters were advancing through labyrinths and receiving rewards.

But in fact, the letters are stylized as hieroglyphs. This is evidenced by the “construction” of the “t” sign, which does not look like an English-language character. It has an overly elongated right-hand side, which does not exist in the original writing. The presence of the labyrinth is also indicated by the half bar overlapping the inner space. The additional element of the last letter makes it identical to the “n.” Overall, the abbreviation is made up of lower-case typeface because the similarity between the characters is more clearly visible that way.

NCT (Neo Culture Technology): Interesting Facts

NCT, a South Korean boy band created by SM Entertainment, breaks the mold with its unique approach to K-pop.

  1. Open Membership: NCT’s “unlimited” member concept means they can add new members and create new sub-units anytime, making the group ever-evolving.
  2. Different Sub-Units: NCT comprises sub-groups like NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV, each with its style and focus. For instance, NCT 127 blends urban R&B and hip-hop in Seoul, NCT DREAM delivers youthful pop, and WayV targets the Chinese market.
  3. International Members: The group lives up to the “Culture Technology” in its name, with members from across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong, giving it a worldwide flavor.
  4. Unique Debut System: NCT introduces new members through “SM Rookies” before they officially join one of the sub-units, letting fans get to know them early on.
  5. Debut Hits: NCT debuted with NCT U in April 2016, making waves with singles like “The 7th Sense” and “Without You.”
  6. Group Projects: With NCT 2018 and 2020 projects, members from all sub-units came together, showcasing their unity and range. Albums like “NCT 2018 Empathy” and “NCT 2020 Resonance” highlighted this collective spirit.
  7. Success: NCT has seen huge success, with albums like “NCT 2020 Resonance” selling millions of copies and setting new records for the group.
  8. Online Presence: With a strong social media presence, NCT has cultivated a vast global fanbase known as “NCTzens,” engaging them with creative content.
  9. Musical Diversity: Their music spans genres from EDM to pop, showcasing its members’ wide-ranging talents and preferences.
  10. Awards: NCT has won numerous awards, recognizing their music and influence in K-pop worldwide.

NCT stands out in the K-pop scene with its flexible structure, international makeup, and fresh music, making it one of the most exciting and versatile acts.

Font and Colors

NCT Emblem

The typeface used to denote the NCT group is as close as possible to such fonts as Hauptbahnhof and Severe. She got manufacturability and perfect evenness; from the other – a roll call with the oriental script. But the color scheme is the same. It is monochrome, consisting of a black background and white lettering. There are also mirror-opposite options.

NCT (Neo Culture Technology) color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C