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Nioxin Logo

Nioxin Logo
Nioxin Logo PNG

Nioxin is a brand that sells hair and scalp care products. It develops, manufactures, and markets cosmetics for hair loss and fine hair. The creator of the brand and the unique substance that forms this cosmetic line’s basis is Eva Graham. She opened her business in 1987 in her garage. It is now a large company that has become part of the Procter & Gamble Corporation.

Meaning and History

Nioxin Symbol

Since the grooming series is named after the drug, it was its name that served as the basis for the emblem. It contains only one word – “Nioxin,” which has never changed since the appearance of the line.

The logo contains the brand name. It is made in large letters of the same size so that it immediately catches the eye of customers, is easy to read, and quickly remembered. All signs are geometrically precise with sharp corners. Only the letter “O” has smooth lines, and the rest of the symbols have straight strokes. The word “Nioxin” covers the entire area.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Nioxin Emblem

The inscription on the emblem is in capital letters. The typeface is classic, with distinct serifs and thickening of the central elements: “N” has both thin legs, “X” has the left one. The color scheme is black and white: dark letters on a light background. There are also options in light silver and dark gray palettes.