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The company logo symbolizes renewal. Products cleanse the skin and help it shine with purity and health. The Nu Skin logo exemplifies the rebirth and rejuvenation that results from using the brand’s products.

Nu Skin: Brand overview

Founder:Blake Roney, Steven J. Lund, Sandie Tillotson, Nedra Roney
Provo, Utah, United States
Nu Skin is a brand that produces and sells personal care products and belongs to the American company Nu Skin Enterprises. It’s a basic form of activity in network marketing. The founders of the brand are Nedra and Blake Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson. They created it in 1984 in Provo, Utah, where the head office is now located. Products are sold all over the world, covering 54 markets.

Meaning and History

Nu Skin Logo History

It was important for Nu Skin to show its uniqueness as a manufacturer of innovative products for face, body, and hair care. Its range of products is not limited to cosmetics – it includes a variety of beauty and health products that allow you to arrange a spa at home. The main concept of the brand is to prolong youth, which is reflected in its visual identity. After all, the artists who created the emblem did not just draw gracefully curved lines – they presented their own interpretation of the so-called fountain of youth. It is believed that this legendary spring prolongs the life of all who drink from it. Moreover, he does not just return the lost years but makes all people beautiful. That is, Nu Skin positions itself as a magical source of attractiveness that can stop the aging process.

What is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin is one of the two main brands of Nu Skin Enterprises, an American company that operates on the principle of multi-level marketing. It recruits distributors to sell personal care and nutritional supplements in 54 markets. The full lineup includes color cosmetics, dietary supplements, skincare, haircare, and oral care products.

1984 – 2008

Nu Skin Logo 1984

The global beauty company used to be a small limited edition company with a black and white logo. It appeared in 1984 and, from the first days, offered a little more than ten products that were wildly popular. Nu Skin evolved gradually, but its logo did not change until 2008.

The manufacturer made a huge leap when he bought Pharmanex and was able to take care not only of the beauty of customers but also of their health. This was consistent with his concept because, as already mentioned, the miraculous fountain was depicted on the Nu Skin logo – a source of youth and strength. It consisted of five elements, four of which looked like stylized arches and were mirrored. Another fragment was in the center and resembled the silhouette of a flower on a long stem. And the brand’s name was at the bottom, between two horizontal lines. The designers used a contrasting sans-serif font for it. Remarkably, the lowercase “n” looked almost like a capital “N” but was not angular.

2008 – today

Nu Skin Logo

The trademark logo consists of two parts: text and graphic. It was approved in the year the brand was launched and is still relevant today.

A circle lined with smooth lines is used on the brand name. The resulting image can be interpreted differently: it can be a fountain or a mirrored gate. Moreover, there is not a single straight line in the image – all are semicircular and streamlined.

The verbal part consists of two lines. The upper one is the brand name written in large capital letters. The lower one is the motto of THE DIFFERENCE. DEMONSTRATED. “, Executed in small uppercase characters.

Font and Colors

Nu Skin Emblem

The parent company chose three types of typefaces, which they use to design the logo, depending on the situation: Verlag – for the corporate version, Proxima Nova – for the web version, Freeland – for visual accent. The original palette includes blue (circle and one word), light gray (lettering), white (fountain).

Nu Skin Symbol

Nu Skin color codes

BlueHex color:#018bb3
RGB:1 139 179
CMYK:99 22 0 30
Pantone:PMS 639 C
Spanish GrayHex color:#929196
RGB:146 145 150
CMYK:3 3 0 41
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 7 C

What does the Nu Skin logo mean?

The Nu Skin symbol has several interpretations. According to the official version, it’s the fountain of youth – a source of healing water that prolongs beauty. But some think it represents a mirror gate.

What is the font of the Nu Skin logo?

The Nu Skin logo uses a thin geometric font from the Proxima Nova family, based on Proxima Sans. It’s a hybrid of the classic chopped typefaces and Futura. Mark Simonson designed it in 2005.