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Each Obama logo looked bright and spectacular. There were only two of them. The first was created before the first presidential term, and the second, respectively, before the second period. They differed significantly from each other, but the central element was always the same. This is a symbol of the rising sun, which is located against the backdrop of a small hill. At different times, it was supplemented with original inscriptions, but the main one is the fragment with the sun.

Obama: Brand overview

United States of America

Obama is the surname of one of the presidents of the United States of America. His full name is Barack Hussein Obama II. He began his political career as a senator. The ambitious young politician twice served in the legislature, representing the interests of the state of Illinois. He later won the election and became the 44th President of the United States. The presidential campaigns were very memorable.

Barack Obama is a well-known personality not only in America but all over the world. Many admire his approach to solving political problems and the chosen course during his reign. The 44th President made a huge contribution to promoting liberal rights in the United States and put a lot of effort into establishing peaceful relations with other countries. In addition, he was the first African American President of America.

Meaning and History

Obama Logo History

During his election campaigns, designers created incredibly stylish and patriotic logos that fully reflected his aspirations and direction in politics. They reflected the hope for a new life, a course towards liberalization, and new effective solutions. Outstanding colors also complemented symbolic signs. It included colors similar to those used on the American flag.

What is Obama?

Barack Obama is a cult figure who has made a huge contribution to the development of the United States of America. The politician became the first African-American President of America and held this post for two presidential terms (from 2009 to 2017). During his reign, he adopted several important laws that helped the country recover from the crisis, contributed to the automotive industry’s development, and improved the healthcare system. In addition, he carried out many other important reforms that positively affected the state of affairs in the United States.

2007 – 2008

Obama Logo 2007

In 2007, Barack Obama officially submitted his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. It was then that the first election campaign started, during which the first logo was created. The creation of the badge was entrusted to the well-known design company Sender LLC. The creative director of the firm led the project. Saul Sander started the project at the end of the previous year and already in 2007 presented the finished picture.

The idea of ​​the designers was based on a stylized letter O. It was not only associated directly with Barack Obama but also had an additional semantic load. It was made in the form of a rising sun, located on a light blue background reminiscent of the sky. Below was a mound in the form of stripes reminiscent of the colors of the American flag. Under the picture, there were two inscriptions: Barack Obama’08 and the website address.

The chosen stylization meant hope, enlightenment, and positive change. That was the basis of the election campaign of the politician. The color scheme included blue, red, white, and a light shade of blue, which are directly associated with state paraphernalia. So the future President demonstrated his high level of patriotism.

2011 – 2012

Obama Logo 2011

In April 2011, the President announced his intentions to run for a second presidential term. After that, a new election campaign was opened, which took place under the updated logo. It still had a picture of the rising sun as a sign of an unchanged political course. But, the President’s aspirations have acquired a new character, reflected in the emergence of new details.

The updated logo was a rectangle, inside of which there was a large inscription indicating the year 2012. It was the year when the presidential elections were held directly. The figures had a massive confident shape and occupied most of the space. Inside 0 was the traditional symbol of a politician – a round frame with a rising sun inside. This approach emphasized the stability of the politician and his unchanging values ​​in the struggle to improve the situation in the country.

Complementing the visual concept, well-chosen colors. For the background, a light blue color was used, which stands for trust, reliability, and security. The numbers were painted white, symbolizing another important quality of the future President – honesty and openness. Inside the symbol with the rising sun, red color was also observed, denoting vigor. By tradition, the icon was supplemented with a miniature inscription in the form of the address on Barack Obama’s website.

2012 – today

Obama Logo

Despite the different designs of the election campaign logos, they were united by one small but expressive detail – a symbol in the form of the letter O with the image of the rising sun. It is he who is considered the main logo of a famous person and is recognized by many people now. The stylized drawing is a rounded frame, inside which is placed a white circle rising against the background of a striped area.

In this case, the white circle symbolizes the sun, which rises against the background of a clear blue sky and a small hill. All elements are harmoniously combined into a single whole, reflecting the main principles of the policy of the 44th American President. The logo demonstrates patriotism, faith, a bright future, a course toward improving the country’s situation, and honest fulfillment of the assigned obligations.

Font and Colors

Obama Emblem

The main logo of the legendary President Barack Obama is a bright and expressive picture that combines several symbolic elements. The base is a neat, even circle denoting the letter O. It is a direct reference to the personality of a well-known politician, and additional elements demonstrate his aspirations and principles of activity. A smaller circle of white color, located inside the frame, evokes associations with the rising sun.

It shows several important aspects of the political course – honesty, hope, perspective, and revival. In addition, white symbolizes honesty, which is very important for a presidential candidate. The picture is complemented by a blue background resembling the sky. The semantic load of this detail is trust, reliability, and authority. The hill-like part is done in white and red. The latter is a symbol of energy and vitality, which also characterizes the personality of a politician.

Obama Symbol

If we consider the color scheme in unity, it repeats the colors used in the American flag. This is another important feature that demonstrates a high sense of patriotism and a desire to improve the state of affairs in the country significantly. This is exactly what the 44th President of the United States put into practice. During his reign, he boosted the economy, improved infrastructure, and supported important industries.

Obama color codes

Maximum RedHex color:#d5302a
RGB:213 48 42
CMYK:0 77 80 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Star Command BlueHex color:#127ec0
RGB:18 126 192
CMYK:91 34 0 25
Pantone:PMS 7461 C