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The Olmeca Tequila logo tells about the ancient roots of tequila. A deep reverence for the civilization that became the ancestor of the alcoholic beverage can be seen in the symbols of the sign. In the shades of the emblem, there is a hint of the color of the agave from which the distillate is made.

Olmeca Tequila: Brand overview

Founder:Pernod Ricard Group

Olmeca Tequila is a tequila made with the preservation of ancient traditions by Pernod Ricara. It has the title of the best in the world (2003). The alcohol is made from the blue eight-year-old agave of Agave tequilana species. The plantations for the distillate are located in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Three varieties are available: Olmeca (51% mix), Altos (100% agave spirit), and Tezón (a premium drink made with old technology and long aging). Each has its lineup of flavors, of which Altos Blanco holds the most awards.

Meaning and History

Olmeca Tequila Logo History

Under the Olmeca brand, the drink has been produced since 1967. Tequila is named after the first ancient civilization (2nd-1st century B.C.), which existed in the middle part of the American continent (in the south and center of today’s Mexico). The Olmecs were the ancestors of the cultural features of the country. They were the first to prepare alcohol from agave. The drinks of the modern brand are made respecting the ancient recipes. Therefore, an authentic name was chosen for the product. Colonial, which opened in 1873, is responsible for the production. A part of pinyas is processed with an ancient wheel – tahona, and the resulting liquid is added to all brand varieties in different proportions.

During its existence, the tequila logo has changed three times. And only in the last six years, after the purchase of Pernod Ricard in 2001. Before that, for almost 50 years, the drink had a permanent logo. Modern changes were not cardinal either and didn’t touch the main visual symbol of the brand – an unusual head in the center of the composition.

1967 – 2014

Olmeca Tequila Logo 1967

Preserved artifacts of ancient civilization were used as visual brand symbols on every bottle – ancient writings. And on the logo – a stone portrait of the ruler of the Olmec civilization. It is copied from one of the unusual sculptures found by archaeologists in the coastal lands of Mexico. The head was carved by the Olmecs from volcanic rock. Probably the same rock used to make the first tachones for tequila production. The sculptures represent the history of the Mexican land its roots and are an expression of the culture of the ancient people. That is why the image was chosen as the main sign of the drink. According to ancient beliefs, the head concentrates the soul and experience of a person. And in every bottle of tequila is the experience and soul of its producers and the Mexican land.

The brand’s name is written on a rectangular plate, similar to the signature under a museum exhibit. The letters are chosen ancient as if carved from stone, which corresponds to the spirit of the drink. The first and last characters are larger than the central part of the inscription. They show that tequila has kept its unique taste from the moment of its appearance until today; below the name of the brand, the inscription “tequila,” which indicates the original drink, which five regions in the world can only produce.

All logo elements are done in gold to present Olmeca Tequila as an ancient and valuable product.

2014 – 2018

Olmeca Tequila Logo 2014

In 2014, the tequila owner restructured the company. As a result, promotion and branding options were also updated. A new logo has been developed for Olmeca by designer Chris Mitchell. It emphasized the brand’s features and was realistic.

The head and trim of the plaque were done in a color that matched the actual sculpture. The background of the logo received color. This changed depending on tequila, from deep red (the most common) to chocolate. Red was associated with the inner fire that fuels tequila, the red volcanic soils of tequila agave, and the brick ovens for its roasting.

The font and spelling features of the brand name have not changed. And the color of the inscription changed to white. To reveal all the bouquets of the drink, it is served chilled. During the production process, the standards are observed to ensure the environment’s safety, and only natural ingredients are used. Therefore, the color indicated the naturalness, purity, and coolness that distinguishes Olmeca.

2018 – today

Olmeca Tequila Logo

In 2018, Elliott Management Corporation became a partial owner of Pernod Ricard, which affected the business policy. A new stage of development for the brand “Olmeca Tequila” included a more modern presentation of it on the market. The famous creative studio Yorgo & Co from France has worked on the current new visual image of Olmeca. The studio made the image more stylish. All lines of the emblem are thin and clear. The head looks stricter and does not look much like a stone head. However, Mexican features are preserved and visible in the emblem. The inscription “tequila” is made in the same font as the main brand name.

Font and Colors

Olmeca Tequila Emblem

A feature of tequila logos is using a single color for the entire image. The last shade of the emblem is moray. It is a mixture of blue and green with a slight gray undertone. The color is deep and noble. It corresponds to the agave leaves from which tequila is made.

Olmeca Tequila Symbol

The logo’s font does not match the exact look, but it has features of Lentzers Bold and Los Lana Niu Pro Black.

Olmeca Tequila color codes

Duck BlueHex color:#00677e
RGB:0 103 126
CMYK:100 18 0 51
Pantone:PMS 315 C