OTF Logo


The OTF logo is frightening and intimidating. The ambiance of the emblem conveys the criminal core of the collective, which is a member of the Chicago street gang. However, upon closer inspection, behind the horror-themed letters, there is a sense of coziness and care.

OTF: Brand overview

In 2010, in Chicago, Illinois, rapper Lil Durk founded OTF, starting with a small group of close friends and like-minded individuals united by a passion for drill music – an aggressive style of hip-hop with dark and gritty lyrics.

Over time, OTF evolved into an expansive label and collective of artists. The group came to include celebrities like King Von, Booka600, Memo600, and many others, extending the group’s influence. OTF’s reputation was solidified with their street and uncompromising tracks, reflecting the realities of life in Chicago.

In the 2020s, OTF strengthened its position, signing deals with major music labels, including Sony Music and Empire. Despite accusations of promoting violence, the group’s music gained significant popularity among fans of drill and trap genres. Lil Durk, as the founder of the group, is one of the leading performers in this genre today.

Meaning and History

OTF Logo History

The symbol represents the group and the record label under which various artists perform. There are a total of 16 musicians. It is to them that the theme of family, which is played out in the logo and name, primarily applies.

What is OTF?

A Chicago music group created by Lil Durk as part of Coca-Cola Boys. It became independent after its first album. The members are part of the criminal gang Black Disciples. The band has released six mixtapes.

2010 – today

OTF Logo

The group’s emblem consists of an acronym. Despite the threatening appearance, the basis for the logo is a quite peaceful name – Only the Family. Interestingly, the group was originally called OTF Coke Boys but chose its own path, separating from the parent collective. Therefore, only the abbreviation OTF remained in the name.

The choice of name is associated with the idea of uniting fans and musicians into a single family, the center of which are the ideals presented by the group in their songs and the unity of rap fans in general. All albums of the collective are collections of completely different tracks. They are united into joint discs because they are sung by members of the “family” and because it is rap.

The letters O and F are closely pressed against the central T, which as if embraces them. The motif of guardianship and protection is associated with the special position of Lil Durk, who united musicians around himself and patronized them while continuing his solo career. The entire collective signed a contract with Empire Distribution studio, and Durk himself with Alamo Records. The group’s compilations always indicate “in collaboration with Lil Durk” or “featuring Lil Durk.” Therefore, the artist is like a “father” to OTF, and the central letter in the emblem is dedicated to him.

Font and Colors

OTF Emblem

Black is a common color for the identity of hip-hop and rock musicians. The choice evokes terror, which complements the unconventional appearance of the members with tattoos and dreadlocks, black T-shirts, tracksuits, and hoodies. Interestingly, dark shades accompany the group in life, too – the band, which includes the musicians, is called Black Disciples.

Periodically, the logo is used in red or white on a black background, like the rappers’ creativity adorning the dark deeds of the gang. Music and songs are like a ray of light for the members of the collective, some of whom have served time in prison.

OTF Symbol

The font of the inscription is unique due to its uneven, ragged glyphs. The close placement of the letters conveys the theme of familial ties on stage and in the gang.