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The emblem of the drink indicates the elitism and sweetness of alcohol. Graceful elements demonstrate a long aftertaste and the inclusion of additional unusual additives. The Patron Tequila logo is a symbol of strength and uniqueness.

Patron Tequila: Brand overview

Jalisco, Mexico
Patron Tequila is a premium tequila brand that has received the status of a cult drink and has become one of the most sought-after spirits in the world. Its manufacturer is Patrón Spirits; the current owner is Bacardi. The brand was founded in Jalisco (Mexico) by two entrepreneurs: John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley. The time of its appearance is 1989th year.

Meaning and History

Patron Tequila Symbol

This drink with 40% alcohol content was known long before mass production. It has long been produced by the oldest distillery called Casa 7 Leguas. She used the core of blue agave as a base. After fermentation and fermentation, alcohol with a unique flavor was obtained from it by distillation. In 1989, two owners of St. Maarten Spirits bought the rights to this brand and in 2002 completely transferred the production to another company.

The new executives’ marketing strategy was built on the word “premium”: premium tequila for premium people in a premium location. The key emphasis was placed on today’s youth choosing trendy goods and spending time in nightclubs or trendy bars. Especially for this, the manufacturer expanded the flavor variety of the alcoholic drink, adding coffee, chocolate, orange liqueur, lime, cocoa, mango, etc.

The visual component of the brand has not been forgotten either: everything for corking tequila is produced exclusively at our own factory – from original bottles with personal numbers to handmade corks. Labels made in the same style are also iconic so that the brand becomes instantly recognizable. At the beginning of 2018, it was acquired by the famous liquor producer – the Bacardi corporation.

The identity of alcoholic beverages has not changed for many years. This is due to the habit of lovers of 40-degree tequila to find it by the inimitable bee, which is said to pollinate the blue agave. But in fact, the Patron Tequila logo depicts a hornet proposed by the brand’s co-founder, Martin Crowley. He previously served in the US Army on an aircraft carrier called the USS Hornet, so he used a stylized image of him for the label. By the way, he also developed it himself.

Both founders chose the brand name. Although the word “patron” means someone who provides financial support and charitable activities, but the first owners put a different meaning in it, more slang – “big boss.” And the pot-bellied hornet fit perfectly into this concept.

The insect has a wide teardrop-shaped body lined with thin stripes in three rows. In fact, the lines resemble miniature rectangles running in parallel. On the head of the Hymenoptera, there are large eyes in the form of white circles with a black edging. There is also a mustache bent down. They are long, with small curvatures at the ends. The hornet’s wings are delicate, as if transparent. Their surface is covered with a grid of patterns consisting of ovals, semicircles, and narrow triangles.

Above the iconic insect, the brand name is placed in two rows, executed in the font of the Algerian family. The letters are decorated with unique extended serifs with pointed ends. In addition, the symbols have a one-sided edging: a thin line at the bottom and on the right, which adds an airiness to the signs.

Font and Colors

Patron Tequila Emblem

For the corporate logo, which served as a label, the founders of the trademark chose an Algerian typeface. It appeared in 1907 and was released by the British studio Stephenson, Blake, and Co. The author of the font design is the American company Mergenthaler Linotype. And the name Algerian is owned by the International Typeface Corporation.

The color scheme of the emblem is standard: it has always been monochrome. Moreover, a black hornet can be located not only on a white but also on a dark background, for which a light edging along the contour is added to it.

Patron Tequila color codes

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