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The royal crown crowns the Pininfarina logo for a reason. The emblem conveys the idea of ​​luxury and beauty that the company brings to the world. The geometric font in italics looks like it came off the hood of a premium car.

Pininfarina: Brand overview

Founded:23 May 1930
Founder:Battista Farina
Cambiano, Italy
Pininfarina is an Italian bodybuilding and luxury car décor company. It appeared in 1930 under the name Carrozzeria Pinin Farina, which is received in honor of its founder – Battista Pinin Farina. Part of the Mahindra Group, covering a wide range of automotive and industrial design services.

Meaning and History

Pininfarina Logo History

The company logo consists of a name that arose from the merger of the nickname and surname of the owner: Pinin + Farina. It has a rich heritage and an incredibly elegant look. It consists of two parts: graphic and verbal signs.

What is Pininfarina?

Pininfarina is an Italian company that specializes in the design of transportation vehicles. It designs cars, airplanes, yachts, trams, buses, and high-speed trains. The firm was established in 1930 and gained fame for its work with well-known brands such as Cadillac, Peugeot, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari. Their innovative appearance and high quality distinguish the vehicles it creates.

1906 – 1930

Stabilimenti Farina Logo 1906-1930

The original version of the logo emphasized the elegance of the cars produced under the Pininfarina brand. Its visual lightness, luxury, and dynamism convey this well. They are reflected in details – in the wings located on both sides, a regal crown, a coquettishly curved letter.

The base of the emblem is a blue shield with a gold edge. Two mountain goats are depicted on the right and left below – as a symbol of overcoming any obstacles because these animals easily rush along high-mountainous rocks. At the top is the attribute of monarchical power, bordered by two pairs of wings. There is also a text part: a capital “F” in an extravagant spelling and the word “FARINA” on a horizontal plate.

1930 – today

Pininfarina Logo 1930-present

A graphic element occupies the key place with a central “f.” The letter is in a double-edged oblong rectangle. Adjacent to two miniature red triangles placed in the upper left and lower right parts for visual balance. In the middle, there is a white diagonal background.

Above the vertical rectangle is a small monarchical crown – a symbol of its elitism and belonging to the premium level. This is a testament to the impeccable quality of service. The crown features a large pearl, which further adds an aura of luxury and rich heritage to the logo.

The main detail is the lowercase “f.” With a double stroke and a large curl at the top, the letter is large, turned to the right. The leg is cut at right angles and pointed. The same technique is used on the crossbar.

Pininfarina: Interesting Facts

Pininfarina is a standout name in Italian design, and it is known for creating some of the most luxurious and innovative cars around.

  1. Starting Out: The company started in 1930, thanks to Battista “Pinin” Farina. The name Pininfarina, combining “Pinin” and Farina, came about in 1961 after the Italian President let Battista change his last name.
  2. Famous Collaborations: Pininfarina is famous for working with Ferrari, but they’ve also designed cars for other big names like Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, and Maserati.
  3. More Than Cars: Pininfarina doesn’t just design cars. They’ve also worked on high-speed trains, yachts, airplanes, and everyday items like coffee machines and watches, showing off their versatile design skills.
  4. Electric Future: In 2018, Pininfarina started its car brand, Automobili Pininfarina, and introduced the Battista, an electric supercar named after the founder. This move highlights their focus on innovation and eco-friendly designs.
  5. Building Designs: The company also designs buildings and interiors, bringing their sleek and modern style to architecture, from homes to offices.
  6. Aerodynamic Pioneers: They’re leaders in aerodynamics, using one of Europe’s first wind tunnels to design cars, high-speed trains, and sports gear, making them more efficient.
  7. Worldwide Influence: Pininfarina has a global presence, with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, influencing design trends worldwide.
  8. Design Awards: They’ve won many awards for their designs, showing their long-lasting impact on the industry.
  9. Family Legacy: The company is still run by Battista’s grandson, Paolo Pininfarina, keeping the family’s commitment to beauty and innovation alive.

Pininfarina has evolved from a small Italian company to a worldwide leader in design. It blends tradition with cutting-edge innovation and always stays true to its core values of beauty and functionality.

Font and Colors

Pininfarina Emblem

The text has a perfect balance of geometric rigor and creativity. The word is written in italic lowercase letters, in a square font with straight lines and smoothed corners. It looks futuristic, balancing on the verge of simplicity and high sophistication. Ideal for classic transport brand logos.

Pininfarina Symbol

The color palette of the emblem is a combination of dark blue, red, and white. They do not have any shades or gradients, which speaks of the company’s seriousness, reflecting a responsible approach to design. It also showcases her impeccable sense of style and beauty.

Pininfarina color codes

Delft BlueHex color:#1a3460
RGB:26 52 96
CMYK:73 46 0 62
Pantone:PMS 648 C
Fire Engine RedHex color:#d51f29
RGB:213 31 41
CMYK:0 85 81 16
Pantone:PMS 185 C