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The Playboi Carti logo indicates an outrageous rapper who is not afraid to intrigue and shock the public. Entourage is not the last place in the performances of the singer. The emblem also hints that the musician is attractive and has many fans.

Playboi Carti: Brand overview

Founded:2011 – present
Founder:Jordan Terrell Carter
United States
Playboi Carti is a rap artist and songwriter Jordan Terrell Carter from the United States. On stage, he is also known under the pseudonyms A $ AP Carti, Sir Cartier, King Vamp, and Cash Carti. This is a young but already a cult musician, born in 1996. His homeland is the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Jordan sings in the style of experimental and gothic hip-hop, so he considers himself the king of the wampa. He drew general attention to his person in 2017, releasing his debut album. It was a mixtape that included the singles that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. He presented his first studio collection a year later. Moreover, Die Lit (as it was called) went to the third position in the Billboard 200. The second album appeared after a two-year hiatus and immediately rose to the first line of world ratings.

Meaning and History

Playboi Carti Symbol

Growing up in the provincial town of Fairburn, life was not easy for a young man. Therefore, he tried to escape from the environment that sucked him in and go out into people all the time. But Carter barely graduated from school because he was constantly engaged in work for the future. He went to training because he was fond of basketball and dreamed of making a career in the NBA. However, he did not succeed: he abandoned this sport due to disagreements with the coach.

In parallel, Playboi Carti studied music and often skipped school to work on his compositions. As a result, he barely completed his studies. The reason for the refusal of a high level of education after school was the unpleasant situation in which Jordan Terrell Carter fell. So he was left with the only way in life – to rap, although he initially did not think about it.

The creative pseudonym of the young man, his stage appearance, and his personal identity was strongly influenced by the environment in which he grew up. The musician dressed but pretentious, cheap, but non-standard, mostly giving preference to clothes from commission shops. Hence his craving for the gothic direction and experimental hip-hop.

The rapper considers black as the base color. It is this palette that prevails in the design of posters and albums. It is adjacent to red (the color of blood) and white (ideally contrasting background). The musician does not have his logo – there is a search in attempts to express himself. One of the symbols is associated with the name of Playboy magazine, after which the performer took a nickname.

The picture shows a long-eared rabbit with a bow tie. It is found in the first third of the word “Playboi,” after the letters “P” and “L.” The signs are narrow, elongated upward, unequal in height, and out of alignment—capital font with sharp serifs. Below (in the second line) clumsily added – “Carti.” The letters are light, contoured, although they are drawn in uneven lines – like a trembling hand. Two butterflies are flying around. They are important in a musician’s identity; therefore, they are often present in his posters.

Font and Colors

Playboi Carti Emblem

The artist chose a shocking logo for the latest album, which was released in 2020. It echoes Whole Lotta Red’s name and consists of bloody lettering on a white background. The word “Red” is in handwritten italics. Stripes flow down from the letters that are terrifying because they are associated with cuts in the skin, from where blood oozes.

For self-expression, the rapper chooses styles that have no analogs. The same approach is applied to the design of music albums. The name, like the pseudonym, is written in an individual typeface. In one case, these are vertically elongated letters with spike-like serifs; in the other – hollow characters circled along the contour with an uneven line. The performer’s personal palette consists of a combination of black, red, and white. There are also multicolored posters.

Playboi Carti color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C