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In the arrow of the Pontiac logo, which descended from the stars to the ground, the idea of ​​​​strength, impeccability, stamina, and endurance is encrypted. Cars of the brand delight users with their reliability and beauty. The emblem promises love at first sight.

Pontiac: Brand overview

Founder:General Motors
Detroit, Michigan, United States
The Pontiac car brand has not existed since 2010, but the memory of it still lives on. It was created in 1899 as the Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works and produced carriages in the early years. Her first car appeared in 1907. After a brief merger with Oakland Motor Co., the company became part of the American corporation General Motors. In 1926, it became a full-fledged GM division, which was positioned as a youth division. In 2007, production dropped, and executives announced the liquidation of the brand.

Meaning and History

Pontiac Logo History

The name Pontiac has Native American roots. The car brand was named after the Native American Chief Pontiac, who led the uprising against the British. This event took place in the 1760s, several years after the war between the Indians and the French. The first logos of the company also featured an Indian leader. Then it was replaced by another symbol – an arrowhead.

What is Pontiac?

This is the name of an automobile brand that was discontinued in 2010. It has been part of General Motors since 1926.

1926 – 1930

Pontiac Logo 1926-1930

The designers depicted the profile of an Indian wearing a traditional feather headdress. It was white and gray and was inside a red triangular shield, which intersected at the top with an arched rectangle. Inside the curved rectangle was the inscription “PONTIAC.” The base was a large black circle with two rings along the edge.

1930 – 1959

Pontiac Logo 1930-1959

After the redesign, the head of the Native American was completely white and turned to the right. The red shield with the arch disappeared. The name was written in bold italics, with all letters except the first being converted to lowercase.

1959 – 2002

Pontiac Logo 1959-2002

The old-fashioned Chief Pontiac profile has been replaced with a stylish downward-facing arrowhead badge to catch young car enthusiasts’ attention. It was officially introduced on the Bonneville grille in 1959, although it appeared in 1956. Inside the red arrow with a black outline was a white four-pointed star.

2002 – 2004

Pontiac Logo 2002-2004

The logo, named Dart, has a wide silver border and gradient.

2004 – 2010

Pontiac Logo 2004-2010

The designers have enhanced the metallic sheen by adding more highlights. The color scheme has become muted. In 2010, the brand ceased to exist.

An arrowhead is one of the attributes of Native American culture. The owners of the brand considered it a worthy replacement for the previous emblem. As for the four-pointed star, its meaning is not known for certain. Perhaps this is a tribute to Chief Pontiac, after whom the company was named, or a symbol borrowed from Indian art.

By the way, when upside down, Dart is very similar to the United States Space Force logo. Automotive enthusiasts have noticed the similarity between the arrowhead and the delta symbol. It is worth noting that the Pontiac emblem was created much earlier and could not be borrowed from the armed forces’ new division.

Font and Colors

Pontiac Emblem

Only early versions of the logo contained the lettering. After the appearance of the Dart symbol, the written brand name became a separate wordmark. The car manufacturer opted for a color scheme that was associated with Native American culture. As you know, red was associated with the work of Native Americans. The logo was complemented by white, gray, and black in different shades. Gradients, shadings, and segmented coloring gave the design a metallic sheen.

Pontiac Symbol

Pontiac color codes

GainsboroHex color:#d8dadc
RGB:216 218 220
CMYK:2 1 0 14
Pantone:PMS 7541 C
Dark GrayHex color:#acacae
RGB:172 172 174
CMYK:1 1 0 32
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 5 C
Davy’s GrayHex color:#525050
RGB:82 80 80
CMYK:0 2 2 68
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 11 C
Indian RedHex color:#d85960
RGB:216 89 96
CMYK:0 59 56 15
Pantone:PMS 1785 C
Smokey TopazHex color:#a34046
RGB:163 64 70
CMYK:0 61 57 36
Pantone:PMS 703 C
Spanish CarmineHex color:#d30e49
RGB:211 14 73
CMYK:0 93 65 17
Pantone:PMS 192 C
Antique RubyHex color:#8d162f
RGB:141 22 47
CMYK:0 84 67 45
Pantone:PMS 187 C
Old BurgundyHex color:#462c2d
RGB:70 44 45
CMYK:0 37 36 73
Pantone:PMS 4975 C

What does the Pontiac symbol mean?

The symbol in the form of a red arrow is probably associated with the Indian in the first Pontiac logos. It has the informal name ‘Dart’ but looks exactly like an arrowhead or spearhead.

What is the Pontiac symbol look like?

The Pontiac symbol looks like a downward pointing arrowhead. It has a red center and a wide border painted in two colors: white and silver with a gradient. Inside is a four-pointed white star.

Why was Pontiac discontinued?

General Motors got rid of the Pontiac brand due to serious financial problems.

What is the Firebird logo called?

The Firebird car logo is called Firebird.