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The arrow of the Pontiac logo, which descends from the stars to the ground, encodes the idea of ​​​​strength, impeccability, stamina, and endurance. The brand’s cars delight users with their reliability and beauty. The emblem promises love at first sight.

Pontiac: Brand overview

The Pontiac car brand has not existed since 2010, but the memory of it still lives on. It was created in 1899 as the Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works and produced carriages in the early years. Her first car appeared in 1907. After a brief merger with Oakland Motor Co., the company became part of the American corporation General Motors. In 1926, it became a full-fledged GM division, which was positioned as a youth division. In 2007, production dropped, and executives announced the liquidation of the brand.

Meaning and History

Pontiac Logo History

The name Pontiac has Native American roots. The car brand was named after the Native American Chief Pontiac, who led the uprising against the British. This event occurred in the 1760s, several years after the war between the Indians and the French. The company’s first logo also featured an Indian leader. Then, it was replaced by another symbol – an arrowhead.

What is Pontiac?

This is the name of an automobile brand that was discontinued in 2010. It has been part of General Motors since 1926.

1926 – 1930

Pontiac Logo 1926-1930

The designers depicted the profile of an Indian wearing a traditional feather headdress. It was white and gray and inside a red triangular shield, intersecting at the top with an arched rectangle. Inside the curved rectangle was the inscription “PONTIAC.” The base was a large black circle with two rings along the edge.

1930 – 1959

Pontiac Logo 1930-1959

After the redesign, the Native American’s head was completely white and turned to the right. The red shield with the arch disappeared. The name was written in bold italics, with all letters except the first converted to lowercase.

1959 – 2002

Pontiac Logo 1959-2002

The old-fashioned Chief Pontiac profile has been replaced with a stylish downward-facing arrowhead badge to catch young car enthusiasts’ attention. It was officially introduced on the Bonneville grille in 1959, although it appeared in 1956. Inside the red arrow with a black outline was a white four-pointed star.

2002 – 2004

Pontiac Logo 2002-2004

The logo, named Dart, has a wide silver border and gradient.

2004 – 2010

Pontiac Logo 2004-2010

The designers have enhanced the metallic sheen by adding more highlights. The color scheme has become muted. In 2010, the brand ceased to exist.

An arrowhead is an attribute of Native American culture. The brand’s owners considered it a worthy replacement for the previous emblem. The meaning of the four-pointed star is not known for certain. Perhaps it is a tribute to Chief Pontiac, after whom the company was named, or a symbol borrowed from Indian art.

By the way, Dart is very similar to the United States Space Force logo when upside down. Automotive enthusiasts have noticed the similarity between the arrowhead and the delta symbol. It is worth noting that the Pontiac emblem was created much earlier and could not be borrowed from the armed forces’ new division.

Pontiac: Interesting Facts

Pontiac was created by General Motors (GM) in 1926 and named after an Ottawa chief. It became famous for its performance cars, which added excitement to the American car scene until it stopped making cars in 2010.

  1. Muscle Cars: Pontiac started the car era with the GTO in 1964. With its powerful V8 engine and sporty design, this car became an icon of the 1960s and 1970s.
  2. Innovations: Pontiac led with safety and design innovations, like crumple zones for crash protection and the first plastic car grille. It also pushed the boundaries in muscle car and sport sedan design.
  3. Pontiac Bonneville: Launched in 1957, the Bonneville was about luxury and performance. It was named after Utah’s famous salt flats, known for their speed records.
  4. Firebird and Trans Am: Starting in 1967, the Firebird and its Trans Am version battled the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang, winning fans with their looks and speed.
  5. “Widetrack” Stance: In the late ’50s, Pontiac cars widened the gap between their wheels, making them look tougher and drive better.
  6. Pontiac Fiero: In 1984, the Fiero became the first mid-engine sports car from an American company. However, due to various issues, it only lasted until 1988.
  7. Minivan Pioneer: Beyond sports cars, Pontiac also helped conceive the first minivan with its 1986 Trans Sport concept, influencing later designs.
  8. The End: In 2009, GM announced Pontiac’s closure due to financial troubles, ending an 84-year run with the last G6 made in 2010.
  9. Pop Culture Icon: Pontiac cars, like the GTO and Trans Am, have starred in movies, TV shows, and songs, embodying American cool.
  10. Concept Cars: Pontiac wowed the public with concepts like the Solstice, produced, and the futuristic Banshee, showcasing its vision and creativity.

Pontiac’s legacy as a beloved car brand lives on through its contributions to performance, innovation, and the American automotive landscape.

Font and Colors

Pontiac Emblem

Only early versions of the logo contained the lettering. After the appearance of the Dart symbol, the written brand name became a separate wordmark. The car manufacturer opted for a color scheme associated with Native American culture. As you know, red is associated with Native Americans’ work. The logo was complemented by shades of white, gray, and black. Gradients, shadings, and segmented coloring gave the design a metallic sheen.

Pontiac Symbol


What color is the Pontiac emblem?

The emblem, called the Dart, has a design that reflects its heritage and personality. The arrow points down and represents speed, accuracy, and direction. The arrowhead is red, symbolizing energy, passion, and strength. The color red attracts attention and makes a bold brand statement.

The red arrowhead is surrounded by a thin black border, which adds depth and makes the red stand out. The black frame gives the logo a sophisticated look and underscores the brand’s commitment to quality. At the top of the arrowhead is a white star. This star is a small but important detail that symbolizes leadership and aspiration. The star’s white color symbolizes purity and clarity, balancing the bright red and black.

What is the Pontiac symbol?

The “Dart” symbol has a simple and recognizable design. It originally depicted an American Indian headdress in honor of Chief Pontiac, a famous Indian chief. This design was used for many years.

In 1957, the emblem changed to a red arrowhead, the Dart. The arrow points down and symbolizes speed. The arrowhead is mostly red, symbolizing energy, passion, and strength. This bright red color makes the emblem stand out. There is a silver star in the middle of the arrowhead. Combining the red arrow and silver star creates a striking and meaningful emblem.

What does the Pontiac logo mean?

The logo has a rich history associated with its name. The original logo featured an American Indian headdress in honor of Chief Pontiac, the Native American leader who led a rebellion against the British after the French and Indian War.

The logo changed to a red arrowhead, dubbed the “Dart.” This new design points downwards, symbolizing speed, precision, and direction. The red arrowhead symbolizes energy, passion, and strength, making it bold and attractive. In the middle of the arrowhead is a silver star, symbolizing leadership and aspiration. The silver star adds elegance to the logo.

The red arrowhead and silver star combine to create a striking and meaningful emblem. The evolution from headdress to arrowhead tells a story of heritage, strength, and vision, presenting the brand’s heritage clearly and compellingly.

What is the shape of the Pontiac logo?

The logo is a vertically elongated triangle, similar to an arrowhead. The arrow points down, symbolizing speed, accuracy, and direction.

At the top of the arrowhead is a small four-pointed star, adding elegance to the logo. The shape of the arrowhead is a tribute to Chief Pontiac and the Native American heritage, symbolizing strength and heritage.

Why was Pontiac discontinued?

General Motors (GM) discontinued production due to serious financial problems. The decision to close the brand was part of a plan to save the company during the economic crisis.

In the late 2000s, GM faced many challenges, including declining sales, rising costs, and the global financial crisis. These problems forced GM to make difficult decisions to survive. One of these decisions was discontinuing Pontiac production and focusing on the most profitable brands.

The decision was influenced by GM’s government assistance during the financial crisis. The US government provided financial aid to GM, requiring the company to make significant changes to its operations. This included focusing on fewer, stronger brands and trimming those that did not perform well.