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The Post Office logo is an example of the successful use of color and form. The emblem informs that within the Post Office network, parcels and letters are transmitted instantly and are not lost. Employees are passionate about their work, so life in the branches is in full swing.

Post Office: Brand overview

London, United Kingdom
Many people equate Post Office and Royal Mail, but this is a big mistake. They are two independent companies that cooperate under agreements. The Post Office has an extensive network of branches (over 11,500 branches), where you can get postal, financial, and government services. For example, buy tickets for the National Express bus, get an international driver’s license, use broadband internet, open a bank account, get a credit card, or withdraw cash. But most importantly, the Post Office is engaged in the delivery of parcels and correspondence.

Meaning and History

Post Office Logo History

The company’s official date of foundation was 1986, when the Post Office Counters brand appeared. However, its roots went deeper in 1660. It was then that the General Letter Office was created, which later became known as the General Post Office. The GPO had a network of branches and sorting centers throughout the country. At the beginning of the 21st century, this organization provided various services and managed cash accounts.

In 1969, the GPO was disbanded, and the Post Office took over all its branches. After that, the branch of the Savings Bank turned into National Savings. The telephone and telegraph division formed the basis for the British Telecommunications Corporation. Post Office Ltd has long operated as part of Royal Mail, but legislative changes allowed it to emerge from the group’s influence in 2012 to make independent strategic decisions.

Global changes in the organization’s structure were reflected in the identity, so it has at least seven logos (since 1934). They are united by a minimalist style, in which classic British restraint is manifested.

What is Post Office?

Post Office is a postal corporation from the UK. It appeared in 1986 and provides the population with a wide range of services, including banking operations. Its structure includes 11,500 branches located throughout the country.

1934 – 1950

General Post Office Logo 1934-1950

Since Her Majesty’s Government ran the General Post Office, its official emblem featured a heraldic crown. This element traditionally indicated belonging to the royal court. The crown hung over the letter “P” from the lettering “GPO” and was partially in the white circle. The acronym used a thin sans serif font.

1950 – 1965

General Post Office Logo 1950-1965

In the new logo, the crown’s shape has changed: it looks like St. Edward’s Crown, which is used at the coronation of Great Britain’s monarchs. This is one of the main attributes of power. The white circle has turned into a black, deformed rectangle with a wide border. The acronym has been dyed white and given sharp and thin serifs.

1965 – 1969

General Post Office Logo 1965-1969

In the last years of its existence, the General Post Office has carried out a small redesign. The crown has been enlarged, and the serifs on the letters have become long and rectangular. The bold type was chosen specifically to draw attention to the name of the organization.

1969 – 1975

Post Office Logo 1969-1975

The Post Office Act 1969 abolished the GPO and made possible the creation of a new postal corporation. After the rebranding, the word “General” disappeared from the name. Instead of an emblem with a crown and a complex geometric background, a monochrome trademark with the words “POST OFFICE” was used. The letters’ design is close to the standard font, which was often found in printed correspondence.

1975 – 1993

Post Office Logo 1975-1993

In 1975, the company had a yellow and red logo with a striped “Post Office” lettering. The basis was a rectangular oval. It had a double outline that matched the style of the text. Each element of the letters consisted of two parallel lines; only the dot above the “i” looked like a single ring. By the way, a similar design to the emblem is still used by Royal Mail.

1993 – 2007

Post Office Logo 1993-2007

When the logo took on an oval shape, it began to appear convex due to the gradient. The colors also changed: the designers made the base burgundy, and the outline was repainted in green. The lettering remained yellow but acquired small black shadows around the edges. The font has been updated to the standard sans serif.

2007 – today

Post Office Logo 2007-present

In 2006, Post Office Ltd began to face serious financial problems. It got to the point that the company was forced to close 2,500 branches. But this did not stop her from updating the emblem in 2007, which, perhaps, should have become a symbol of the expected exit from the crisis.

Designers have simplified the design to match the canons of fashionable minimalism. As a result, the lettering became completely white, without dark shadows. The oval has lost its gradient and green border, and the red has taken on a brighter hue.

Font and Colors

Post Office Emblem

Post Office uses a wordmark that is complemented by only one element: a large red oval. The text within the geometric shape is the classic structure of all company logos, except for the 1969-1975 version when the lettering was stylized as a newspaper headline and was in the space.

The name of the post office network is written in Gill Sans. This geometric grotesque appeared in 1926. It is used by various companies and distributed with Adobe products. The Merel Medium typeface created by The Northern Block in 2006 is very similar to it.

Post Office Symbol

The base red color corresponds to the official General Post Office palette adopted during the Second World War. The selected shade is close to reddish pink (# DE0127). Against this background, the white inscription is visible.

Post Office color codes

Medium Candy Apple RedHex color:#de0127
RGB:222 1 39
CMYK:0 100 82 13
Pantone:PMS 185 C

What is the Post Office logo?

The modern Post Office logo from the UK is a red oval with a white postal service name. The text is split into two lines and centered. Bold sans-serif is used for text decoration.

Who designed the Postal Service logo?

The logo for the US Postal Service is designed by CYB Yashumura Design Inc., owned by Young & Rubicam. She presented a choice of 300 options that were tested in 12 focus groups from Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

What does the USPS logo look like?

The USPS logo looks like the silhouette of a bald eagle (the main symbol of the United States), directed to the right. The bird is depicted from the side and sits against a deep blue background representing the sky.

Can I use the USPS logo?

The US Postal Service logo can be applied one-time only. To do this, you must submit an application on the USPS Form PS 8676. If the mark is used to indicate the method of delivery of correspondence, an application fee is not required.