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The recipes pointed to by the Remy Martin logo are always right on target. They have the perfect combination of moderately strong alcohol and additives, which creates a pleasant bouquet and explains a large number of brand fans.

Remy Martin: Brand overview

Founder:E. Rémy Martin
Cognac, France
Remy Martin is a French cognac house and the premium brand of cognac it produces. The company was founded in the commune of cognac to market luxury spirits and now focuses on the production of Cognac Fine Champagne. It is made exclusively from a blend of Grande and Petite Champagne spirits derived from grapes grown on local chalk soils. It is aged in Limousin oak barrels. The brand was founded in 1724. It is now owned by Remy Cointreau, a family business group that owns several spirits brands.

Meaning and History

Remy Martin Logo History

The founder of the famous cognac production was a grape grower from the southwestern region of France. Remy Martin’s name implies that the luxury spirits distillery is named after him. In the beginning, it was a small but promising enterprise, so 14 years after its opening, King Louis XV personally ordered the young winemaker to allocate land to new vineyards, despite the restrictions adopted in 1731. He thus obtained exclusive rights.

After the first owner’s death, his grandson took over the cognac business. He took over total management only a few years later, in 1841. After that came the heyday of the company. Paul-Emile-Remy Martin added his winery logo on cases, boxes and bottles. He took his zodiacal sign – Sagittarius, which means Sagittarius in translation from Latin. The branded cognac is decorated with stickers with a centaur – half-man half-horse.

For the first time, this image was used in 1870, and since then, it has never left the front part of the label. In 1874 it was finally adopted and approved. The correction was that the centaur on the emblem of the cognac trademark holds not a bow with an arrow but a spear he aims somewhere high. As the face of the company, Sagittarius conveys a harmonious combination of two key elements – representatives of humanity and nature. The spear symbolizes the intention to aim for heights above the clouds. This is how its creator wanted to demonstrate boldness, power, and natural prowess.

Remy Martin Symbol

The Remy Martin logo shows a character from Greek mythology with the head and torso of a man on a horse. Even though the centaur is represented as an astrological sign of the zodiac, it is deprived of the usual attributes. The upper part is human and, therefore, sensible. It suggests that the mythical creature thinks like a person, all thinking, deciding, and weighing. The lower half is natural, hence instinctive. Animal instinct and strength help him find non-standard solutions prompted by the environment. They are as natural as the sunlight that fills the bunches of grapes with warmth and as water that nourishes the vine’s roots.

The centaur stands on two legs, raised in the air with its forelegs. The long tail almost touches the ground, the arms are outstretched, the head is erect, and the gaze is forward. Sagittarius holds a long spear, which is going to hit the target. This is evidenced by the tensed muscles of the torso and arms. And he is very serious and concentrated. The character is rendered in negative space: the dark spots are joined by a thin outline, forming a centaur.

Font and Colors

Remy Martin Emblem

Beneath the image of the astrological Sagittarius is the name of the cognac house. Columnar characters reminiscent of Greek numerals with short serifs are used for it. The closest in style is the Cartesius Small Caps. It is a creation of designer Bo Berndal and was first published by T4.

Remy Martin’s signature palette fully correlates with the cognac theme, as it contains the corresponding shade – golden red. The letters in the word part of the logo are colored in black.

Remy Martin color codes

VanillaHex color:#eddaa0
RGB:237 218 160
CMYK:0 8 32 7
Pantone:PMS 7401 C
Indian YellowHex color:#dbad58
RGB:219 173 88
CMYK:0 21 60 14
Pantone:PMS 1355 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C