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As Florida’s 46th governor officially enters the presidential race, his campaign has its own identifying mark. Ron DeSantis’ logo is similar to the logos of his competitors and incorporates national symbols, including a stylized American flag and the official colors of the country.

Ron DeSantis: Brand overview

Ronald Dion DeSantis announced his intention to run in the presidential primary during a meeting with Elon Reeve Musk. To disseminate this information, he chose an unconventional way – through the audio platform Twitter. This action was as controversial as DeSantis himself, known for his outspoken statements against individual rights and freedoms, as well as his long-standing feud with Disney, despite its significant contribution to the country’s economy. His absurd confrontation with Disney has been the centerpiece of his political history and has even led to litigation.

Meaning and History

Ron DeSantis presidential campaign 2024 Logo History

Ron DeSantis’ campaign is characterized by inconsistency. The presidential candidate has repeatedly changed team members due to flawed strategy, leading critics to label him an ineffective leader. Nevertheless, according to some politicians, it was the 46th governor of Florida who was supposed to be the alternative to Donald Trump, uniting those Republicans who do not support the former president. In many polls, he had the second-highest level of support, a commendable achievement despite the wide gap. DeSantis has shied away from confronting Trump, naming Joseph Biden as his only rival.

Despite the frequent reshuffling of the campaign team, the candidate’s logo was determined almost immediately, as its presence is a prerequisite for participation in the primaries. The graphic mark has a predictably patriotic design and is similar to the emblems of other politicians running for president.

What is Ron DeSantis?

Ron DeSantis is an American politician from the Republican Party and a longtime associate of Donald Trump. He has opposed the fight against climate change, voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, supported open carry of firearms, restored voting rights for felony offenders, insisted that social media platforms should not delete politicians’ accounts, and wanted to build a prison near Disneyland. DeSantis became governor of Florida in 2019 and announced his candidacy for US president in 2023.

2023 – today

Ron DeSantis presidential campaign 2024 Logo

May 24, 2023, is considered the official launch date for this logo, as that is when Ron DeSantis announced his intention to run for president. The focus is on the candidate’s last name, written in bold letters with lots of angles. All the letters at the top are horizontally aligned, and the lower letters are slanted, giving the text a subtle arc. The second line contains the political slogan “FOR THE PRESIDENT,” which has been reduced but still consists of uppercase glyphs.

Above the text is a stylized image of the US flag. The designers simplified it but made it recognizable by keeping the three red stripes and the same number of dark blue stars. Slightly shifted parts of the lines create the illusion that the flag is fluttering in the wind. This image is associated with national pride.

Font and Colors

Ron DeSantis presidential campaign 2024 Emblem

Ron DeSantis logo uses two types of sans-serif fonts.

  • The first has straight and sharp corners, with no rounding.
  • The second is standard, similar to Termina Bold by Fort Foundry or Dienstag Black by Insigne Design.

In other words, there is a strict balance in the geometry of the letters, which makes the text look convincing.

The emblem is in the colors of the US flag: blue, red, and white. The first symbolizes vigilance and justice, the second – valor, and the third – innocence. The use of this color scheme in the logo of the presidential candidate testifies to his patriotism.

Ron DeSantis presidential campaign 2024 Symbol