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The herbicide manufacturer goes to great lengths to emphasize the safety of their products and does so at all levels of visual identification. The Roundup logo inspires confidence because it is associated with naturalness, nature, and purity. But it is worth noting that the glyphosate-based drug itself is toxic.

Roundup: Brand overview

United States

Roundup is a brand of glyphosate herbicides first introduced by the Monsanto Company in 1973 and owned by Bayer since 2018. The exclusive patent on the chemical expired in 2000, and today, the Roundup logo is not the only one under which glyphosate is sold on the market.

The herbicide saw the light of day in 1973 thanks to the descendants of pharmacist John Queeny and their company Monsanto, becoming one of the scandalous developments. The company became famous for dumping waste into the river, producing substances to kill plants in Vietnam, and creating genetically modified varieties of transgenic growth hormones. Many of its inventions were subsequently banned and fined. Roundup was no exception. Bayer had to satisfy most of the 120 thousand lawsuits because the product was carcinogenic. At the same time, the company will not close its production.

Meaning and History

Roundap Symbol

The brand logo is permanent and has not changed since the change of ownership. The chemical sells well and does not need additional investment in rebranding.

The product’s visual identity consists of the brand name and an emblem in the form of a quarter circle consisting of two stripes: green and orange.

What is Roundup?

A widely used glyphosate-based field herbicide in the U.S. and Brazil. Since 2018, the German pharmaceutical company Bayer has owned the brand’s rights.

The name of the brand itself gives a general idea of its essence. The word Roundup includes two parts – Round (round, around) and up (up). This separation into two components is visible on some product bottles due to the use of different colored fonts. The word combination communicates the active growth of planted plants after spraying herbicide around them.

The logo is distinguished by the unusual lettering of the letter R, the right foot of which goes well below the entire word level. It symbolizes the root, and the entire letter represents the rooted plant.

The quarter circle beginning above the R has several meanings:

  • Elimination of weeds. The green stripe, in this case, shows a green, rooted, and beginning to-grow weed. And yellow is a prototype of the desiccation to which Roundup exposure leads. The herbicide stops the production of amino acids, leading to starvation and death of the plant. The chemical works best on weeds with deep or branching roots that are difficult to remove (burdock, thistle, couch grass).
  • Protection of cultivated seedlings. The rooted green plant (green band) grows, develops, and bears fruit (orange band) thanks to Roundup.
  • Spreading. The stripes show flying microdroplets when sprinkled with the product. The product usually gets on green leaves and is well absorbed, disrupting metabolic processes.
  • Plants able to survive the application of the herbicide. Since the discovery of glyphosate, genetic modification of cultivars has been developed, allowing them to continue growing while weeds die when treated with the chemical. These discoveries increased the demand among farmers for herbicide solutions. The logo shows the plant (R) growing under protection.
  • Dart target. The active ingredient hits unwanted plants like a dime on a target.

If you continue the stripes, they will form a circle with the plant represented by the “R” inside. This supports the idea of targeting and protecting cultivated seedlings that the brand logo communicates.

Font and Colors

Roundap Emblem

The main colors of the emblem are black, green, and orange.

  • The green shade is closer to lettuce. It represents the young shoots. Herbicide treatment is possible only during the active growth phase of the plants. Green is the color of life and development. It shows that the company’s product interacts with the plant world.
  • Orange is the color of dry grass, which weeds turn into after contact with Roundup. The shade symbolizes the sun and growth, the life energy the herbicide acts on.
  • Black is a symbol of the earth from which sprouts emerge, of cultivated fields, of the death of plants.

The font corresponds to Aktifo Aktifo A Black Oblique with distinctive, unique R lettering. The small round letters correspond to the word Round. They represent the leaves, the main point of contact of the chemical with the plant, and the droplets that adhere to the surface due to the added surfactant.

Roundup color codes

Cadmium OrangeHex color:#f58220
RGB:245 130 32
CMYK:0 47 87 4
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Kelly GreenHex color:#71bf43
RGB:113 191 67
CMYK:41 0 65 25
Pantone:PMS 361 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C