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Founded:December 9, 1963
Amman, Jordan
Established in 1963 and headquartered in Amman, Royal Jordanian is the national airline of Jordan. It commenced its operations two years later, originally named Alia Airlines. The name change to Royal Jordanian happened in 1986 to signify its national importance.

Its central hub is the Queen Alia International Airport, from where it operates services to more than 50 global destinations spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. As of 2022, its fleet comprises around 30 aircraft, including Boeing 787s, Airbus A320s, and Embraer E175 regional jets.

The airline serves key locations within the Middle East region, such as Beirut, Cairo, and Tel Aviv. It also offers long-haul routes to major cities like New York, Chicago, and Kuala Lumpur. In 2007, Royal Jordanian increased its global presence by joining the Oneworld airline alliance, including British Airways and American Airlines.

Royal Jordanian provides its passengers three service classes – Crown (First Class), Business Class, and Economy Class. The Jordanian government owns the airline and employs over 3,000 staff members. Despite several attempts at privatization, the airline has been incurring losses due to regional instability and increased competition in the industry.

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