RUF Logo


RUF: Brand overview

Founder:Alois Ruf Sr.
Pfaffenhausen, Germany
RUF is an automobile brand from Germany. RUF Automobile GmbH owns it. The headquarters is in Pfaffenhausen. Only the elite supercars are decorated with the RUF logo.

Meaning and History

RUF Logo History

From the car workshop opened by Aloisom Ruf in 1939 to the present automobile brand, which his son already created, also Alois Ruf, it took 42 years. The brand’s history is closely connected with the names of two world-famous German car companies – Porsche and Volkswagen. RUF took the basis from Porsche to create its masterpieces, while the latter initially took most of the details from Volkswagen.

Two logos of the brand are known. The exact time of the change of one visual mark on the other is unknown.

What is RUF?

German manufacturer of elite sports cars based on Porsche by tuning them. It was registered as a separate brand in 1981.


RUF Old Logo

First, the logo was verbal: AUTO RUF. The first word indicates the work with cars. The second word is the name of the founder Alois Ruf.

The emblem did not immediately become a logo of cars. The word combination was originally the name of a car repair shop. The father of the Ruf family was engaged in business. Only in the ’60s the first modification and improvement of Porsche models occurred in the person of his car or the head of the house. Alois worked on it in the garage. And his son got a job at the Porsche service center, where he fell in love with these cars. It was Ruf Jr. who started producing cars in 1975. And then, the name AUTO RUF became the logo of the car.

The visual sign meant that the Ruf family made the cars. Capital letters showed that the company produced not just cars but cars with a capital letters. They drove fast, looked luxurious, and had features that the original manufacturer did not provide (Porsche cars were taken as the basis). Using all capital letters in the word RUF showed that the young businessman was not just indicating the surname of his house but turning it into a brand. Officially the appearance of the brand was registered in 1981.

The letters of the logo look voluminous. The shop provided a full range of services, from repairs to polishing and refueling. Tuned cars offer the user more convenience, beauty, endurance, and speed. They always stood out and attracted attention. That’s why the letters of the logo rose above the surface.

Smooth lines demonstrated the ease of running. And the neat serifs demonstrated professional reconstruction and build-up where appropriate and possible.


RUF Logo

When exactly the word AUTO disappeared from the logo and RUF received unique lettering is unknown. But now the logo of the cars of this brand looks like three capital letters connected together. They form a monolithic sign.

The name has undergone the same tuning as the Porsche models in the company’s workshops.

The letter R is the forming letter in this composition. It is the first in last name of the founder. Therefore, it is chosen as the leading one in the logo. Its knee, rounded, goes up and forms the main element of the letter F, which is also the right stick of the U.

These two letters, derived from the first one, can decipher U for Upgrade and F for Fantasy. The Ruf family has started to improve cars by adding fantasy to them.

This is how to dream cars appear. That is why the entire design resembles a wing; the side elements of the letter F are feathers. The wing symbolizes the fantasy, the flight. All cars of the brand are lifted above daily routine. These are elite cars of the premium class.

The wing embodies speed. RUF redesigns mostly sports cars, which can literally fly on the roads.

Font and Colors

The main color of the logo is dark green. It shows experience and knowledge. After all, to improve a car, you need to understand all the mechanisms and principles of operation perfectly. Ruf Junior studied for 14 years before he tried to modernize cars. And still, the founder did not work on the project alone. He took on a team of 25 professionals.

Also, green is the color of velvet and emeralds, demonstrating comfort, prestige, and elite.

The logo font is unique because all the letters in it are transformed. It is based on Arial Black bold, sans serif.

RUF color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C