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This American arms manufacturer with over 70 years of history is proud of its heritage. The Ruger logo reflects a long tradition, symbolizing the company and its founder. And the emblem is a sign of high status. She hints that branded rifles, pistols, and revolvers can be afforded by successful people with good taste who understand firearms.

Ruger: Brand overview

Founder:William B. Ruger, Alexander McCormick Sturm
Southport, Connecticut, U.S.

Ruger is the leading firearms manufacturer in America, with a turnover of $586 million. The company owns three factories in the United States. The Ruger logo marks 40 firearms, metals cast at the company’s factory, and sporting goods.

The full name of the company Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is formed by the last names of the two founders – Alexander Sturm and William Ruger, who in 1949 began producing weapons practically in the garage. However, two years later, Sturm died, and William managed the business for the next years until 2000. That is why all brands of pistols and rifles were produced under the Ruger name. The most famous are Ruger 10/22, Ruger MK II and III, and GP100.

Meaning and History

Ruger Logo History

The company logo has remained constant throughout the years of existence. This was due to the history of its appearance. Alexander Sturm designed the emblem. It is what little the company has left of him. Ruger kept the visual mark as a memory.

The logo is represented by an inscription and the company logo in the form of the Phoenix bird rising from the flames upwards with the letter R in the center. The image is in the first place. It is often used without the company name.

What is Ruger?

The leading manufacturer of revolvers, pistols, and rifles in the United States, headquartered in Connecticut. Produces 700,000 firearms per year.

Ruger Symbol

The symbolic meaning of the Phoenix in the fire is multifaceted:

  • Victory over adversity. Ruger has been passionate about weapon design almost all his life. He took three jobs as a weapons designer and quit, and his longtime development, the military machine gun, was never in demand. However, that did not discourage the master from doing what he loved. He decided to establish his own company. But the inventor had no funds. Ruger borrowed them from a rich young man, Alexandra Sturma. And when things seemed to be getting better, Sturm died. However, Ruger was able to get into the black and never took out a loan again. Only an inner reviving fire, like Phoenix’s, helped William keep pursuing his goal.
  • Rising to new heights. Throughout the company’s history, Ruger constantly improved manufacturing techniques and tried new options.
  • Weapons. Fire, the tongues of flame around Phoenix, are associated with gunshots and battles.
  • Casting of metal blanks. The company produces weapons and prepares metal, the main raw material, for further processing. Smelting requires a strong fire.

In the image, the bird soars upward, raising its wings. This symbolizes the company’s quick and high start. Its first pistol was a dizzying success, and Ruger has never “gone downhill” since. The firm prospered even during the gun prohibition when other companies were on the verge of bankruptcy.

The letter R in the center of the emblem shows that the bird symbolizes both the company and the founder himself. The manufacturer’s last name, which gave the brand its name, is related to weapons and means “Glorious Spear.” Ruger ran the business for more than 50 years. They were so closely intertwined- the founder and his business- that when he retired, William didn’t live for two years.

Font and Colors

Ruger Emblem

The logo is in red. Interestingly, the logo was not always red. Alexander Sturm proposed this version, but after his death, the image was in mourning for many years, remaining black. The color symbolizes death, and cold weapons indicate that the fire was extinguished by one of the master’s associates. The flame was rekindled 50 years after releasing their first pistol, the 22 Ruger Standard.

Red is the color of the shot, of blood, of struggle. A symbol of love for their cause, the pursuit of progress.

Trajan Bold lettering font. Vintage with elegant serifs. Hints at the extensive historical past of the company. The slightly sloping feet on the R’s are reminiscent of trigger rods, and the slightly curved serifs on the top of the E and R bear a resemblance to the triggers.

Ruger color codes

Rich CarmineHex color:#cd153f
RGB:205 21 63
CMYK:0 90 69 20
Pantone:PMS 199 C