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The Safe Auto logo ingeniously contrasts the lowercase “s” and “a” to create a strikingly memorable design. The identical curved red letters form the basis of the company’s visual identity. Positioned so closely that they nearly merge into a single composition, the characters offer an almost mirror-like reflection of each other. The glyphs are enlarged and wide, dominating the upper area of the emblem. Below these striking figures, the company’s full name is modestly situated. Lines are written coherently, shaded in gray, aligned on both sides, and use lowercase font.

The clever manipulation of the “s” and “a” in the company logo is not just a feast for the eyes; it is packed with meaning. The symmetry between the two letters communicates a sense of balance and uniformity, qualities essential for a firm in the insurance sector. This even-handed layout fosters a sense of reliability, something customers look for when choosing an insurance provider.

The red color in the large, dominating glyphs is often linked to urgency and attention. Considering that the company specializes in auto insurance, the red might imply the urgency of securing reliable coverage. Conversely, gray stands for neutrality and balance, reflecting the company’s commitment to straightforward, uncomplicated service.

The sizable scale and width of the glyphs take up the entire top space, making a bold statement. They demand attention, reflecting the brand’s aim to stand out in a competitive market. Yet, below this bold design, the company’s full name is humbly placed in gray as a subtle nod to the brand’s commitment to humility and integrity.

Though Safe Auto keeps its logo’s typography in lowercase, there’s nothing ‘low’ about its impact. Lowercase fonts often give off an approachable and friendly vibe, key attributes for gaining customer trust in the insurance domain. And since everything is aligned on both sides, it adds a touch of professionalism and orderliness to the design.

The emblem establishes a strong brand identity through its well-thought-out blend of symmetry, color, and typography. It cleverly encapsulates the brand’s ethos, making it instantly recognizable and resonant with the core attributes of reliability and balance that auto insurance customers seek.

Safe Auto: Brand overview

Founder:Ari Deshe, Jon P. Diamond
Columbus, Ohio, United States
In 1993, Columbus, Ohio, witnessed the birth of Safe Auto Insurance Company, brought to life by Ari Deshe and Jon P. Diamond. Originally tailored for the high-risk driver demographic in Ohio, Safe Auto initially positioned itself as a nonstandard auto insurance purveyor.

The ensuing decade saw the company cast its net wider, introducing minimum coverage auto insurance to neighboring regions like Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. This momentum of geographic expansion didn’t wane as the new millennium dawned; the early 2000s saw Safe Auto establishing its presence across various parts of the Southern, Midwestern, and Western United States. By the end of 2010, the company had planted its flag in 19 diverse states.

Throughout its journey, Safe Auto has maintained a steadfast focus on catering to drivers perceived as high-risk, primarily offering them liability-only and state-minimum coverage options. Eschewing traditional agent-based distribution, the company has instead leveraged online platforms and call centers for policy dissemination.

Retaining its roots, Safe Auto’s main hub of operations remains in Columbus, Ohio. Its structure continues to be that of a private entity. Currently, over a million drivers across the 19 states rely on Safe Auto for their nonstandard auto insurance needs.

Meaning and History

Safe Auto Logo History

1993 – 2006

Safe Auto Logo 1993

2006 – today

Safe Auto Logo

Safe Auto color codes

Venetian RedHex color:#c70f1a
RGB:199 15 26
CMYK:0 92 87 22
Pantone:PMS 485 C
NickelHex color:#767676
RGB:118 118 118
CMYK:0 0 0 54
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C