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A simple Sainsbury’s logo conveys all features at the level of visual identity. The company uses a version created in 2013 as its main one. But, along with it, it also uses an emblem developed in 1999. The brand icons are similar in many ways and support the unified message of the famous company. It is based on friendliness, confidence, reliability, and accessibility. These traits are reflected in every detail of the stylish bright logo. Customer focus is conveyed through warm colors, and the high level of service is reflected in the expressive font.

Sainsbury’s: Brand overview

Founder:John James Sainsbury
London, England, United Kingdom

Sainsbury’s is the largest holding company, with a chain of supermarkets and several subsidiaries. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and its geography includes the entire country. The company significantly impacts the domestic market, with a share of about 16% in the supermarket segment.

Sainsbury’s has been in business for more than 100 years, and in that time, the company has had different periods. The business initially thrived, later experienced a decline, and only then resumed operations on an incredible scale. Sainsbury’s is one of the United Kingdom’s largest retailers and owns an entire chain of stores. It also owns the Argos brand and Sainsbury’s Bank.

Meaning and History

Sainsbury's Logo History

All major company activities changes have always been reflected in the brand identity. This manifested itself in periodic changes to the logo. The earliest version was presented in a restrained, simple format without frills. Gradually it was replaced by more stylish variants based on bright colors and friendly design. They all had their characteristic differences, but at the same time were in line with a single visual concept reflecting comfort, trust, and care for customers.

What is Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s is one of the largest retailers in the UK. The company has a network of over 1000 stores nationwide. It also has its bank (Sainsbury’s Bank), the Argos brand, theme cafes in supermarkets, and a network of petrol stations. Thanks to a wide range of services, the company periodically appears in the leading positions in the local rankings.

1869 – 1960

J Sainsbury Logo 1869

Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 as a small store on a poor London street. John James Sainsbury and his wife initially sold quality products at low cost. Later, the business received official registration, with which it began its gradual development. At that time, the company logo was the lettering featured on the store sign – J. Sainsbury.

A simple wordmark indicated the name of the founder of the brand. In those days, this design was considered a standard of style and confirmed the trustworthiness of the owners. Traditional serifs, straight, confident lines, and decorative dots at the ends of some letters characterized the general stylistics of the font. All of the characters were capitalized. It was credible and also conveyed a sense of reliability and quality. In addition, it was quite recognizable, which positively influenced the development of the brand.

1960 – 1999

Sainsbury's Logo 1960

In 1960 Sainsbury’s already owned a small chain of supermarkets, which required a more modern brand name. This was the reason for the appearance of a neat expressive logo, which became the basis for further experiments with corporate design. The basis was still the J Sainsbury lettering.

But, the design became fresher and more modern. It was achieved by changing the traditional serif font to a smoother modern one with straight cuts. It demonstrated professionalism, firmness, and integrity. Strict features were diluted with friendly orange coloring, which was associated with positive emotions. That’s what the chain’s owners wanted to ensure for everyone who went shopping at the supermarket.

1960 – 1999

J Sainsbury Logo 1960

In 1960 another version of the logo appeared, which was used by the brand at the same time as the J Sainsbury emblem. It represented Sainsbury’s, the name under which the company currently operated. The design of this version was very similar to that of the J Sainsbury’s badge. The only difference was noticeable in the small details. The Sainsbury’s version was presented in a thinner font, providing a stylish look, excellent readability, and a lighter shade of orange.

1994 – 1999

Sainsbury's Logo 1994

In 1994 the brand had another logo. It was used together with the two previous logos until 1999. But unlike the logos created in 1960, this logo appeared mainly in advertising campaigns. It was based on Sainsbury’s lettering in an elegant, slim serif typeface.

It reflected the company’s roots and the value of experience. The sleek lines also showcased the brand’s flexibility to evolve despite different circumstances. The saturated blue coloring also emphasizes trust and reliability as two of the company’s founding principles.

1999 – today

Sainsbury's Logo 1999

1999 saw the relaunch of Sainsbury’s, which had gone through a period of decline. It was rebranded at this point, resulting in a bold yet friendly new logo. M&C Saatchi agency was in charge of its design. The designers managed to create an excellent picture, which conveys the power of a large retailer and its client-oriented approach.

For the design of the word mark, a dense font with rounded shapes and soft lines was used. Overall, the style was consistent with the Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. It reflected several important meanings – comfort, comfort, and customer care. These traits were part of Sainsbury’s philosophy, for which the customer’s interests were originally put first. The meaning line also continues with the rich orange coloring, which is associated with warmth and a pleasant atmosphere.

2013 – today

Sainsbury's Logo

In 2013, the company again combined its visual concept with an attractive emblem showing important aspects of the business. It was used along with the version created in 1999. The centerpiece of the new version was the distinctive Sainsbury’s lettering. The appearance of the letters is almost the same as the design of its predecessor.

But, a decorative element was absent in the 1999 logo. It is a smooth curved line that emphasizes the bottom inscription. According to the designers’ idea, it shows the wide range of products represented on the shelves of the chain’s supermarkets.

Font and Colors

Sainsbury's Emblem

Sainsbury’s now uses two logos – a version from 1999 and an emblem created in 2013. Both versions use a similar design style. It involves a soft, dense font characterized by an unequal thickness of lines, smooth curves, and rounded shapes. The chosen variant resembles the Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. The coloring of both versions is orange. But, the 2013 logo uses a lighter shade. Combined with a smooth, modern font, it conveys the company’s core message of quality, reliability, and customer comfort.

Sainsbury's Symbol

Sainsbury’s color codes

Carrot OrangeHex color:#e28e22
RGB:226 142 34
CMYK:0 37 85 11
Pantone:PMS 144 C