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Saleen: Brand overview

Founder:Steve Saleen
Corona, California, United States
In 1983, Steve Saleen founded a new venture in Southern California to produce aftermarket automotive performance components. This venture birthed its inaugural vehicle, the Saleen Mustang, within a year. This was no ordinary Mustang. Beneath its hood, it housed a revamped 302 V8 engine, and its underpinnings featured enhanced suspension mechanisms for superior road handling.

By 1987, Saleen was ready to up the ante. The company introduced the Saleen SSC, or Saleen Sports Car, positioning it as the pinnacle of its vehicle lineup. Throughout the subsequent decade, the 1990s, Saleen continued its momentum by unveiling vehicles such as the S351 and the unique Saleen Explorer SUV, complemented by an array of Mustang-based models.

A significant milestone was achieved in 2001 when Saleen ventured into the world of supercars. The Saleen S7, a limited-production mid-engine marvel, graced the automotive stage. However, the next decade was marked by shifts and changes. In 2009, Saleen relocated its primary operations to Irvine, California, and, around the same time, a budding collaboration with the automotive giant Ford, unfortunately, met a premature end.

Despite facing restructuring in the 2010s, Saleen demonstrated resilience by rolling out innovative vehicles. Notably, the 302 Black Label sports car was introduced, and the brand also ventured into the electric territory by presenting the Saleen FourSixteen, based on Tesla’s architecture. In a strategic move, Saleen re-entered the stock market in 2013 through a reverse merger, reinforcing its corporate position.

By 2017, the company further solidified its standing in the automotive world by procuring an OEM vehicle manufacturing license. This step was followed by a strategic expansion into the international market, marked by the initiating of a joint venture in China.

Meaning and History

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What is Saleen?

Established in 1983, Saleen Automotive, Inc. has been a disruptor in high-octane sports cars. Under the forward-thinking leadership of Steve Saleen, the company has persistently broken new ground in auto engineering, delivering a heart-racing driving encounter for car aficionados globally. Operating from Corona, California, Saleen has become the brand of choice for individuals craving unparalleled performance, exquisite artisanship, and captivating aesthetics.

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