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The Mustang logo is all about wildness, wildness, and speed. The emblem shows the endurance of cars and the ability to overcome off-road. The style and beauty of the brand are encrypted in strong steel muscles.

Mustang: Brand overview

Founded:March 1964 – present
United States

Mustang is an American sports car brand manufactured by Ford. Serial production began in 1964. Most machine parts were borrowed from existing models, facilitating assembly and repair. The decision contributed to active sales. In the first year, 400 thousand of cars were sold. Over the years of production, the car has been completely modernized six times.

Meaning and History

Mustang Logo History

Ford does not seek to change the beloved emblem chosen by the company’s founder. Despite the different generations and equipment of cars, the brand symbol is constant and still looks modern and stylish. The sign is about speed. Sports versions of the latest generation can deliver up to 770 horsepower. The emblem encodes the animal power and beauty of shining streamlined bodies with an elongated hood, famous worldwide.

The brand logo does not have a signature. Instead, the viewer is informed by the image of a wild horse rushing at full speed.

What is Mustang?

The famous four-seater rear-wheel drive car with an oblong body was produced in the USA. 10 million cars of 6 generations of various configurations were produced and owned by Ford Motor Company.

There are two versions of the appearance of the name Mustang. The first relates to the P-51 Mustang fighters, which the brand’s stylist admired. The aircraft was considered the main fighter during the Korean War, and after that, it became a racing one. The second version is associated with a manager who bred racehorses. After reading a book about the mustangs that inhabited South and North America, he suggested a name for the new car. The name comes from the Spanish word “mestengo,” meaning a wild wandering animal.

Regardless of whose version formed the basis of the name, we are talking about strength and speed because the car was originally created as a sports car.

The horse in the logo gallops from right to left. It was planned on the contrary so that there was an association with horse racing. But the stamping mold was accidentally made wrong. As a result, we decided that the U-turn emphasizes the animal’s wildness, which runs freely across the steppe.

Interestingly, the logo could have been a jaguar instead of a horse. Before the Mustang, several other possible names were considered, and the main one was Cougar. The name was changed just before production. And Ford wasn’t wrong. The horse perfectly reflects the nature of the two Americas, the spirit of the prairies, country riding, dusty roads, and ranches. The car immediately liked the buyers. Literally, in the first two years of production, 1 million copies were sold.

In the background is a ribbon of three stripes: white, blue, and red, which correspond to the US flag.

Font and Colors

In the original, a logo with a metal horse is fixed on the machines. Therefore, the white and black colors in the image of the animal convey the shine and shadows that shimmer on the chrome figure. In addition, white is the color of freedom, ease of movement, wind, and noise from high-speed driving.

The American tricolor is a frequent choice for US companies. It emphasizes patriotism and love for one’s country.

Mustang color codes

LustHex color:#ec0000
RGB:236 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Resolution BlueHex color:#0b2a8c
RGB:11 42 140
CMYK:92 70 0 45
Pantone:PMS 2747 C
Eerie BlackHex color:#1b1817
RGB:27 24 23
CMYK:0 11 15 89
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C