SEC Logo


The television network, which the Southeastern Conference owns, has a very recognizable logo. This SEC logo shares elements with the official symbol of the student athletic conference. This structure makes it recognizable and lets you know who owns the content.

SEC: Brand overview

Founded:August 14, 2014
Founder:ESPN Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

SEC Network is a specialized television network dedicated to sports programming. We are talking about intercollegiate competitions of those universities that participate in the Southeastern Conference. Television content is broadcast throughout the United States, and this process is managed from an office in the most populous city of North Carolina – Charlotte. The broadcast project is owned by the American conglomerate ESPN Inc.

The Southeastern Conference, known as the SEC, entered the television market decades ago. But its standalone cable network was launched relatively recently, in 2014, when the standalone broadcaster SEC Network replaced the SEC TV content bundles it sold. It is owned by the multinational conglomerate ESPN Inc., which, in turn, is part of The Walt Disney Company and partly owned by Hearst Communications.

A specialized sports network broadcasts university competitions from the Southeastern Conference in real-time and in the form of recordings of past events. The main content is baseball, basketball, football, and softball matches. It also airs analytics and news programs related to sports sanctioned by the SEC.

Meaning and History

SEC Logo History

Since its launch in 2014, the network has used a blue, lettered logo. The base has a non-standard configuration: it looks like two geometric shapes put together. The main version has a circle on the left and a quadrilateral on the right. They merge to form an inseparable structure that is shaped like a referee’s whistle when viewed from above. The image is complemented by a white outline with a blue border around the edge.

In the round part is the abbreviation “SEC.” The letters are yellow but outlined with white lines at the top and right and pale orange at the bottom and left. For the name of the sports network to fit perfectly into the space, the designers bent the protruding elements “S” and “C.” As a result, the “S” looks like a deformed zigzag, which combines sharp corners and smooth curves. But “C” consists of a perfectly flat vertical line and two half-arcs.

What is SEC?

SEC is an acronym derived from the Southeastern Conference. This association of sports teams has existed since 1932 and is part of the NCAA. He owns his television network SEC Network. There is a broadcast of inter-university competitions and other events related to universities that are members of the conference.

SEC Network Symbol

The rectangular fragment of the logo contains two inscriptions: “ESPN” and “NETWORK,” separated by a horizontal yellow line. On the top line is the name of the American conglomerate that owns the television network. All letters are white, with the “S” and “P” merging at the top. Notably, the abbreviation is cut by a horizontal blue stripe, which makes the inscription difficult to read. The word “NETWORK” is completely yellow. It uses a low-contrast bold sans-serif typeface.

There is also a short version of the logo, where the right side of the rectangular shape is missing. This variant contains only a circle centered on yellow “SEC” lettering with white and dark orange outlines. Here, the round base is circled with only one line – white. It forms a ring, making the image convex.

Font and Colors

SEC Emblem

The elements of the SEC Network logo create a visual sense of movement. For example, a hidden dynamic in the speedline cuts the word “ESPN” in two. The semicircular left side is associated with the ball, and the whole design resembles a referee’s whistle – a mandatory attribute of many sports competitions.

Based on the SEC monogram, the LHF Monogram Circle 1 font was created, where almost all letters have a semicircular shape. And the word “NETWORK” is written in bold grotesque with the same thickness as the main and additional strokes. The branding guidelines state that the logo’s color scheme contains PMS 288 blue (#002D72), PMS 122 yellow (#FCD647), and white (#FFFFFF). Another darker shade of yellow is also used.

SEC color codes

JonquilHex color:#f5cc16
RGB:246 204 22
CMYK:0 17 91 4
Pantone:PMS 116 C
GoldenrodHex color:#dba201
RGB:219 162 1
CMYK:0 26 100 14
Pantone:PMS 130 C
US Air Force Academy BlueHex color:#27508d
RGB:39 80 141
CMYK:72 43 0 45
Pantone:PMS 7686 C