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The Shopee Food logo represents the convenience and accessibility that the food delivery service offers its users. The emblem highlights the company’s innovative approach to dining, focusing on speed and quality of service. It reflects Shopee Food’s aim to provide a wide selection of culinary delights, blending local flavors with global culinary trends to satisfy the diverse tastes of its customers.

Shopee Food: Brand overview

Shopee Food started in 2021, bringing a new way to order and enjoy food in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This service, part of the well-known Shopee e-commerce platform, makes it easy for people to look at menus, order, and track their food from local places. Shopee, which began in Singapore in 2015, quickly became popular across Southeast Asia for its easy-to-use app, variety of products, and dependable service.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 and 2020, more people wanted food delivered to their homes. Shopee saw a chance to help restaurants reach these customers online. Shopee Food uses Shopee’s big network, technology, and many users to connect customers with their favorite food smoothly.

To get more people to use Shopee Food, the service offers special deals like discounts and free delivery. It also works with many restaurants and local food businesses, offering a mix of foods to suit everyone’s taste.

Since starting, Shopee Food has grown a lot, adding more features like personalized suggestions and contactless delivery. It works well with other Shopee services, such as Shopee Pay, making everything more convenient for users.

Shopee Food focuses on understanding what people in different places like to eat and supports small businesses and local suppliers. This helps communities and stands out from other food delivery services.

As it grows, Shopee Food aims to be a top choice for food delivery in Southeast Asia, thanks to its strong brand, investment in technology, and focus on what customers want. Shopee Food is all about bringing good food to people in a way that supports local communities and offers many choices.

Meaning and History

Shopee Food Logo History

What is Shopee Food?

Shopee Food is an online food ordering and delivery app owned by Sea Limited, one of the largest tech companies in Southeast Asia. It offers a wide selection of restaurants and cafes, allowing users to choose their favorite dishes and place orders through the app. Shopee Food ensures fast and reliable delivery right to the customer’s door. Additionally, the brand offers its users various promotions, discounts, and special deals, enhancing their dining experience.

2021 – today

Shopee Food Logo

Shopee Food launched in 2021 with a new logo that radiates warmth and cheerfulness. The logo features a food bag in the center that symbolizes comfort and home warmth, conveying care for customers with the promise of delivering delicious, warm food directly to them. A spoon and fork are depicted simply and clearly, highlighting the readiness of the food and emphasizing the service’s focus on quality delivery.

The presence of cardboard boxes in the logo, typical for Asian takeout, underlines the practicality and convenience of the packaging and reflects the variety of Asian dishes offered. The white utensils represent cleanliness and sterility, ensuring high standards for every meal delivered.

The service’s name is placed to the right of the image in a two-level layout, which adds a modern touch. The word “Shopee” appears in a smaller font, with a greater emphasis on “Food,” focusing on customer convenience and the commitment to quality and taste. This detail highlights the brand’s dedication to customer comfort and satisfaction.

The Shopee Food logo represents the brand’s values, commitment to innovation, and focus on delivering quality and delicious meals efficiently and conveniently.

Font and Colors

Shopee Food Symbol

The Shopee Food logo uses a robust, modern sans-serif font full of character. It resembles the Mazzard M or Nyata Variable Font, with slight modifications for Shopee Food’s unique branding needs.

The logo smartly varies font size and weight to highlight different brand elements. “Shopee” appears lighter, while “Food” is bolder, emphasizing the service’s food delivery aspect and its significance within the Shopee ecosystem.

The font style is simple, with clean, rounded characters, making the logo accessible and modern. This balance ensures the logo works well on both small app icons and large billboards.

A sans-serif font suggests simplicity and ease of use, essential for a service that aims to provide a hassle-free experience.

The logo’s striking orange and white colors are energetic and appetite-stimulating. Orange links to food and ties back to the parent brand, Shopee, boosting brand recognition in a competitive market.

The Shopee Food logo is designed to be eye-catching and recognizable. It reflects the brand’s dynamic and user-friendly food delivery service and connects with consumers through smart color use and thoughtful typography.


When did ShopeeFood start?

ShopeeFood launched on 24 September 2021 as Shopee’s new food delivery service. This launch was part of Shopee’s plan to offer more services to its users. Starting in the Klang Valley area in Malaysia, the service initially aimed to reach over 8 million people. This move showed Shopee’s effort to offer different services beyond its usual e-commerce. ShopeeFood uses the company’s technology and many users to meet the increasing need for easy and fast food delivery.

What is the introduction of ShopeeFood?

Shopee added a new feature called ShopeeFood. This feature lets users order food from nearby restaurants through the Shopee app. It’s a big step for Shopee as they move from being known for shopping to offering food delivery. ShopeeFood makes ordering food easy and convenient. Users can find various restaurants in the app, see their menus, and order food with just a few taps.

ShopeeFood works with many restaurants to offer a wide range of food choices. Whether you’re looking for local dishes or international cuisine, there’s something for everyone. Shopee uses its delivery network to ensure orders arrive quickly and fresh. They have a strong support team that is ready to help with any order issues. This ensures a good experience for users from when they order to when they receive their food.

With ShopeeFood, the company is now where you can shop and order food. This is good for both customers and restaurants. It brings them together in a community that loves food and values convenience.

Who is the parent company of ShopeeFood?

Sea Group, a big name in Southeast Asia’s digital world, owns ShopeeFood. Back in 2017, they bought a local food delivery app called Now. Seeing a good chance to grow in the food delivery area, they’re changing Now’s name to ShopeeFood. This move is about Sea Group wanting to improve in the busy food delivery market.

By changing Now to ShopeeFood, Sea Group is blending this food service with their Shopee shopping app. They hope this will make it easy for folks to shop and order food in one place. They think using Shopee’s big user base and tech can help them stand out in food delivery.

This name change is just one way Sea Group is trying to be a top name in Southeast Asia’s online scene. They’re using their tech smarts and area knowledge to make ShopeeFood a top pick for easy, reliable food orders. Sea Group’s switch from Now to ShopeeFood shows they’re serious about growing their services and making a mark in Southeast Asia’s food delivery game.