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Cirrus agave leaves, manual work in production, and a special aftertaste – all this is noticeable in the visual sign of tequila. The Sierra Tequila logo conveys dignity and respect for the local culture. The taste of alcohol contains the flavor of Mexico.

Sierra Tequila: Brand overview

Founded:16th century
Founder:Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen GmbH & Co.
Hamburg, Germany
Sierra Tequila is a German alcoholic brand specializing in producing Mexican tequila distilled from blue agave fruit. The strength of the original drink varies depending on the range and can reach from 38% to 41,5%. The brand is owned by Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen GmbH & Co. from Hamburg, Germany, where the head office is located. And its production is concentrated in Guadalajara (Mexico) – at the plant Destilerías Sierra Unidas. The Matthiesen family founded the company.

Meaning and History

Sierra Tequila Symbol

It all started in the post-war years in Germany when the country was devastated by the war. In 1948 members of the Matthiesen family bought individually the trading house Borm & Co., which was engaged in the sale of alcohol. After the purchase, it was immediately given another name – Borco. A few years later, it was renamed again as Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen GmbH & Co. This event occurred in 1972. Nowadays, it is run by the third generation of founders.

In the 1980s, there was a tequila boom in Europe, and then the management of the German company decided to take over the tequila distillery. After carefully studying the issue, it learned that the alcohol is made based on blue agave, which grows in Mexico, and that the best fruits are grown in the Jalisco region. Then the entrepreneurs bought a small industrial site near Guadalajara and set up tequila imports to Europe. The first batch appeared in Germany in 1982.

What is Sierra Tequila?

Sierra Tequila is a brand of Mexican tequila produced by the German company Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen GmbH & Co. The management of the brand is located in the city of Hamburg. The production sites are located near Guadalajara. The owner of the brand is the Matthiesen dynasty.

Unlike other types of this alcoholic beverage, Sierra Tequila is distilled not from roasted agave cones but from raw, unprocessed cones. This decision was made after a trial batch offered by the Germans. The alcohol turned out very original but strong and interesting. The main thing in the technology is overripe fruits collected at the peak of juice extraction from the pulp.

And the name of the brand names the place where the raw material for tequila grows: the blue agave grows at the height of 1,5 km above sea level on the fertile volcanic soil of Sierra Madre highlands. And the distillery itself is called Destilerias Sierra Unidas. Bottles of the signature tequila are distinguishable from the rest – by the unique sombrero-shaped cap is part of the authentic culture.

On some labels, a Mexican wide-brimmed hat emphasizes the true origin of the alcohol underneath. It’s a calling card for the German brand, reflected in the brand identity. But not only that: the sombrero also has a practical value. The high edges form a groove deep enough to pour salt into it and dip the edges of the inverted glass before filling it with tequila. After all, that’s how it’s traditionally drunk. At any rate, one version of the logo features a red wide-brimmed hat positioned at a slight tilt.

The main logo uses the name of the liquor brand, made in Old English style. The letters in the word “Sierra” are large, bold, decorated with figurative elements and miniature sharp serifs. They are reminiscent of the thorns of the blue agave, the plant from whose fruit tequila is distilled. The second part of the brand name is typed in a classic font without any typographical embellishment. All signs in it are flat, smooth, with similar spike-like serifs as in the first word.

The upper inscription is also in antiqua but in small characters. Between “Jalisco” and “Mexico” is a small icon with a monochrome image of an agave. The plant is in a vertical oval with a double border and looks like a medallion. There are shadow strokes to the right and bottom of each sign in the center word, giving it a 3D look.

Font and Colors

Sierra Tequila Emblem

For the text in the Sierra Tequila emblem, the designers chose antiqua, a smooth font with miniature thorns on the ends of the stems. They resemble the thorns that run along the edges of the leaves of the blue agave, designed for alcohol distillation followed by aging in oak barrels.

The logo’s palette is understated: there are no flashy elements, just black and white monochrome. The exception is the red sombrero used on some tequila labels.

Sierra Tequila color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
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