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The Singer logo is in motion. The emblem shows the company’s pride because of its involvement in developing vehicles and contributing to new inventions and developments. The sign shows the gradual transformation of major products in step with the times.

Singer: Brand overview

Founded:1875 – 1970
Founder:George Singer
Coventry, United Kingdom

Singer is a now-defunct brand with a century-long history of producing cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. The last owner was Chrysler, which closed production in 1970.

When George Singer and his brother opened the Singer Cycle Co bicycle company, he already had much experience in this area. He managed to develop several of his designs. By the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion for bikes was replaced by a novelty – motorcycles. And since 1901, the company released its first models. And in 1905, the first car appeared, which led to the creation of the Singer Motor Company a year later, which became the basis of further brand development.

Meaning and History

Singer Logo History

Company logos are inextricably lked with the gradual transition from the production of bicycles to four-wheeled vehicles. The logos reflect progress. The movement from the lightness and airiness of rubber to the strength, massiveness, and reliability of iron bodies. French elegance and English clarity can be read in the sharpness of the lettering, as the best local minds and foreign partners were brought into the company to create technical innovations.

Because Singer Cycle Co.’s first product was a bicycle, its logo is a bicycle wheel with a large, sharp ‘S’ inscribed on the spokes.

What is Singer?

English manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars, founded by engineer George Singer. The most famous models are the Gazelle Series, the Vogue, and the Super.

George Singer’s initial models used a single large driving rear or front wheel, as in the penny farthing common at the time. Therefore, the emblem depicted the main detail of the company’s product.

The massive S was a reminder of the founder’s name, indicating the upgrades introduced by the brand in the bicycle industry. The singer used two small folding wheels, a chain, and a handbrake and invented a model with two equal wheels. Therefore, his contribution was very significant, and the S on the logo showed how the engineer intervened in the accepted design and changed it.

The sharp ends of the sign demonstrated the need to balance and keep the balance to ride.

At a later stage, the emblem was also perfectly suited to the production of motorcycles. Singer mounted a motor wheel designed by Perks & Birch Motor in the first models. In it, the motor was placed between the spokes. In essence, the unit was a bicycle with a motor. It is this design that the logo recalls. The S represents the engine that makes the wheels spin.

The introduction of the next logo is associated with the opening of the automobile business. Its tentative appearance was 1906-1908, when the Singer Motor Company division opened and bicycle production ceased. The mark was cast in the form of a plaque placed on the hood at the top of the radiator grille. It repeated the shape of the top of the structure.

The diamond-shaped base indicated four wheels. The metal workmanship showed reliability. The elongated edges resembled wings spread out for a flight, emphasizing the speed the machines gave.

Inside the base was an inscription of letters increasing toward the center. They showed a gradual increase in power and output, the availability of both large and compact bodies.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the emblem are black and white. They encrypted the story that the company was constantly engaged in new developments and brought its invention to perfection each time, achieving popularity among customers. Then the cycle was repeated, like the change of day and night, white and black.

Sometimes only the lettering was used as an emblem, in the form of an elegant cursive word with pointed edges and a sharp, like a sword, ending with the letter “g” underlining the “e” and “r .”

Singer color codes

Jet BlackHex color:#373635
RGB:55 54 53
CMYK:0 2 4 78
Pantone:PMS 412 C