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The Skillet logo is sharp and modern. The emblem embodies sin and profound events. It speaks of pressing issues people face and the answers God has prepared in contrast to pain and experiences.

Skillet: Brand overview

Founded:1996 – present
Founder:John Cooper and Ken Steorts
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Skillet is an American musical group with a Christian ideology. They play in the alternative rock style. The ideological inspiration and consistent member of the band is John Cooper. The group has recorded 11 studio and two live albums. Their most famous songs are “Monster,” “Feel Invincible,” and “Hero.”

Meaning and History

Skillet Logo History

The band’s identity has always consisted of its name, for which various fonts were used for stylization. Transformations occurred with album releases and reflected shifts in musical genres due to frequent lineup changes. New artists infused vitality and their understanding of the band’s evolution. However, the musicians’ commitment to Christ remained constant, reflected in logos hinting at the crucifixion and harmonious inscriptions with a slight slant.

What is Skillet?

Devout Christians sing Christian rock songs and are released under Christian labels. They’ve been on stage for over 25 years and actively tour, promoting their values. One of the few religiously oriented bands that have achieved fame, owning multi-platinum albums, singles and being nominated for a Grammy twice.


Skillet Logo 1998

The first emblem consists of the name in gray metallic letters, slightly protruding above the surface. The name “Skillet” was suggested by the musicians’ pastor. It was chosen as a light and cheerful name, signifying mixing.

  • Before forming the band, the two founders were members of two disbanded Christian groups. A pastor advised the artists to come together and establish a new joint band.
  • The name suggests a mix and the use of various music styles from which an excellent “dish” is “cooked.” The group began as a grunge band, then moved to industrial and gradually transitioned to alternative rock.

The skillet also symbolizes the fires of hell, from which the band’s musicians try to protect their listeners.

The metallic letters correlate with the material skillets are made of, hinting at the music style and the unwavering beliefs of the band.

The logo appears on the band’s second album cover, “Hey You, I Love Your Soul.”


Skillet Logo 2000

For the third album, “Invincible,” the emblem shifted towards heavy rock. The voluminous inscription is studded with metallic rivet images. This style conveys a more aggressive sound, linked to the replacement of two musicians in the lineup. The design hints at the nails of the crucifixion, emphasizing the album’s dedication to God’s glory.


Skillet Logo 2001

The 2001 emblem resembles rounded blades, akin to an attempt to counteract assaults on Christianity that struck the frontman at a Marilyn Manson concert. Songs are written in Manson’s style, trying to reach out to the youth-obsessed with his art. Hence, the beveled ends of the glyphs are similar to the Weimar eagle in MM’s logo.

The sharp, forward-leaning letters show the musicians’ organized and harmonious worldview, emphasizing progress and care for the future.

The album under this emblem is titled “Alien Youth,” representing a call to the non-believing youth.


Skillet Logo 2003

The album “Collide” logo is in the Gothic style, alluding to the daily dark emotions and challenges faith faces. The glyphs, sharp like spears, appear menacing, representing diabolical attacks and arrows of fear countered by faith and love. The spiky, straight-lettering invokes the feeling of a fence or barrier, resonating with the heavy nu-metal tracks.

2006 – today

Skillet Logo

Slightly avant-garde notes are evident in the logo for the album “Comatose.” The disc is the band’s best compilation: Grammy-nominated, with three music videos, eight singles, and a special gift edition.

The ‘L’ letters in the name interlock, forming a solid angle. These elements are like the cornerstone, which is Jesus. He saves people on the brink, giving them hope and a second chance.

The first and last two characters are connected, symbolizing support and hope, even for the most desperate individuals.

Font and Colors

The band hasn’t emphasized the color diversity of their symbols, rendered in black or resembling metal. These shades reflect the heavy sound of most compositions. The band’s songs highlight issues and sin, also associated with black.

The font of the inscription is unique due to the transformation of glyphs and their combination. The segmented S points to a complex, “broken” destinies. Sharp ends depict painful and difficult situations.

Skillet color codes

Eerie BlackHex color:#1b1918
RGB:27 25 24
CMYK:0 7 11 89
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C