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The Sky logo is a merger and unification, with bright, unforgettable emotions. The emblem is an example of versatility and teamwork to reach heights. The sign shows a mix of programs in different directions, where every viewer can find something attractive and interesting.

Sky: Brand overview

Founded: 2 November 1990
Founder: British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (1990–2014), Sky plc (2014–2018), Comcast (2018–present)
London, England
Sky Group Limited is based on two television companies: British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television. They merged in 1990 to create a world-renowned media conglomerate that has become the largest pay-TV provider in Ireland and the UK. Additional areas of concern are telephone communications and broadband Internet access. Since 2018 Sky has been part of Comcast.

Meaning and History

Sky Logo History

The telecom company’s logos reflect its name – one short word written in a simple sans-serif typeface. It was this minimalism that made the media conglomerate memorable and helped it stand out from its competitors.

What is Sky?

Sky is a multiplayer art-house game created by the American developer Thatgamecompany. Its full name is Sky: Children of the Light. It is available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms and on Android and iOS mobile devices. The first version was released in 2019. In this video game, users can travel through different worlds, solve puzzles, collect useful items, and interact with each other.

1984 – 1989

Sky Logo 1984-1989

In 1984, two significant events took place in the world of television broadcasting. First, the Satellite Television channel became Sky Television. Secondly, its owners decided to change the name and the concept of the work, including the branding. An unexpected rebranding touched the logo: in January 1984, viewers first saw the black inscription “SKY” on their screens. The first letter connected to the second, and the second to the third, so the word looked like one indivisible figure.

1989 – 1993

Sky Logo 1989-1993

Sky Television was forced to merge with British Satellite Broadcasting to solve several financial problems. In this union, she took a dominant position, so the new structure continued to be called Sky (officially – British Sky Broadcasting). Its logo has barely changed. Designer Harry Marks and Pacific Data Images kept the old font but made the letters more elongated and placed the lettering in a wide black ring.

1993 – 1995

Sky Logo 1993-1995

In 1993, Novocom developed a new visual style for BSkyB TV channels. The main emblem was also redesigned: the ring became white with black stripes around the edges, and the word “SKY” went beyond the central circle. In this case, the bottom of the letter “Y” has ceased to touch the “K” due to alignment.

1995 – 1997

Sky Logo 1995-1997

Two years after the redesign, the Novocom studio again changed the TV company’s identity and channels. The logo lettering has been tilted to the left and raised right side. The ring disappeared – the conglomerate’s name moved to a white oval inside a black rectangle.

1997 – 1998

Sky Logo 1997-1998

Against the background of continuous development and the conclusion of a profitable partnership, BSkyB again changed its logo. This time the word was white and the background black. The lettering was slightly outside the oval, which looked like an egg on the screen due to the superimposed 3D effects. The rectangle has disappeared, which simplifies the image’s visual perception and expands its use in different channels.

1998 – 1999

Sky Logo 1998-1999

Before launching digital services under the Sky Digital brand, the company asked Pittard Sullivan to redesign the logo. The designer chose a new font for the inscription (Universe Black), removed the slant, and made all the letters lowercase. Also, he removed the oval borders, leaving as a reminder a black curved line – the so-called “satellite edge.”

1999 – 2001

Sky Logo 1999-2001

At the turn of the century, there was another redesign that only touched the lettering. The letters have become smoother and more streamlined. Because of this, the “s” is slightly separated from the interconnected “k” and “y.” In addition to everything, the company began to use a new color scheme: a combination of white, yellow and blue.

2001 – 2009

Sky Logo 2001-2009

In 2001, Sky stopped providing analog television services. Around the same period, she changed the emblem, removing the black arched line. The shape of the letters with rounded corners remains the same.

2009 – today

Sky Logo 2009-present

British Sky Broadcasting decided not to dwell on the old concept and refined its image again. The style has become friendly because the designers have smoothed out the sharp lines and rounded the letters’ edges even more.

Font and Colors

Sky Emblem

Sky Group Limited received its current name only in 2018, but this did not affect its logo in any way. The fact is that she has always used the keyword “Sky” as the centerpiece of her identity, so she did not have to change anything after the rebranding.

Sky Symbol

The inscription is made in an individual font, representing Universe Black’s modification with rounded corners and aligned letter lines. In the main version of the logo, the word is black and on a white background.

Sky color codes

Orange Red Hex color: #ff491b
RGB: 255 73 27
CMYK: 0 71 89 0
Pantone: PMS 172 C
Pumpkin Hex color: #fe6c0d
RGB: 254 108 13
CMYK: 0 57 95 0
Pantone: PMS 1585 C
Deep Pink Hex color: #fc008d
RGB: 252 0 41
CMYK: 0 100 44 1
Pantone: PMS 219 C
Electric Indigo Hex color: #8504f2
RGB: 133 4 242
CMYK: 45 98 0 5
Pantone: PMS Violet C
Neon Blue Hex color: #3041fe
RGB: 48 65 254
CMYK: 81 74 0 0
Blue 072 C