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A Smart logo is perfect for a car company. The emblem symbolizes technology and movement, progress, and constant development towards convenience and comfort. In the darkness of the unknown, the firm is the first to pave the way for the future.

Smart: Brand overview

Founded:February 1994 (marque), 2019 (joint venture)
Founder:Mercedes-Benz AG, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
Ningbo, China
Smart is an automobile brand from Germany and also a technical division of Daimler AG. It offers small cars and microcars produced at sites outside the country – mainly in France and Slovenia. Even though the brand had a very difficult path of formation, its products are in demand in 46 countries today. The head office is located in Böblingen, where it was opened in 1994 on Nicolas Hayek’s initiative.

Meaning and History

Smart Logo History

The concept of manufacturing unusual cars of compact size originated in the 70-the 80s of the last century. It was suggested by the CEO of SMH, the manufacturer of smartwatches Swatch. He believed that the new project would popularize his products and increase demand for them, so he seriously set out to release a miniature machine with electronic personalization functions. Nicolas Hayek was confident that it would adequately represent the niche of small, compact, and stylish city cars. Soon, his idea turned into the Swatchmobile project. Hayek Engineering AG took over the technical and design issues.

But already at the stage of drafting development, the author understood: Swatchmobile is a threat to large car manufacturers. Therefore, he went not through competition, but cooperation, offering it to several transport manufacturers. The startup initiator contacted several major market representatives but was refused.

However, in the summer of 1991, he was lucky: Volkswagen became interested in the project. Alas, their joint work did not last long: the corporation’s new head terminated the agreement. Then the innovative company entered into a contract with the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz cars – Daimler-Benz AG. This was announced in the spring of 1994 in Stuttgart.

Then the management finally seriously thought about the identity for the new structure. The name Smart, which is the basis for the logo, initially caused considerable controversy and controversy among directors. Nicolas Hayek insisted on “Swatchmobile” or “Swatch Car” options. But Daimler-Benz management wanted something neutral.

Therefore, as a result, Smart appeared – an acronym that comes from the phrase “Swatch Mercedes ART.” Its abbreviation used to be a working name and was used internally by MCC. The word “Smart” is taken from S (watch) M (ercedes) Art. For the logo, the manufacturer chose a lower case lettering, highlighting the letter “c,” which means “cute” and “compact.” The brand currently has only two emblems.

What is Smart?

Smart is a Chinese car brand owned by Smart Automobile Co., Ltd. The parent company is Mercedes-Benz. The brand was created in 1994, but its first car appeared only four years later. Thanks to its low weight and small size, it was very maneuverable. Later, other models were introduced: Cabrio, Roadster, and Forfour. The manufacturer focused on compact electric vehicles designed for urban conditions.

1998 – 2002

Smart Logo 1998-2002

The debut logo appeared later than the date of forming the trademark: it appeared only to release conceptually new cars. The mark consists of the company name in lower case, which ideally supports the concept of small and compact cars. The word “smart” is written in rounded symbols that do not have a single sharp corner, which is very reminiscent of semicircular motorways. The letter “r” looks like a curved stroke, the “t” has the left half of the crossbar cut off, “a” is supplemented with a triangular arrow that points to the right and expresses movement.

2002 – today

Smart Logo 2002-present

The current emblem also consists of the name of the trademark, but it is decorated in a different style because, in addition to the text part, a graphic one appeared in it. On the right side is the word “smart.” It is light gray and two-dimensional (flat). On the left is a large “C” icon with a pointer. It is three-dimensional, graphite, with gradient highlights.

Smart: Interesting Facts

Smart, a brand known for its tiny, innovative cars perfect for city life, started as a partnership between the Swiss watchmaker Swatch and car giant Mercedes-Benz.

  1. The Name: “Smart” combines Swatch, Mercedes, and art, showing its roots in both companies’ creativity and engineering.
  2. First Car: Launched in 1998, the Smart City-Coupé, or Smart Fortwo, was made small, efficient, and great for city driving. Its engine is in the back.
  3. Design: Smart cars are tiny and fuel-efficient, designed for easy city driving and parking. The Smart Fortwo, for example, can fit into spots other cars can’t.
  4. Safety: Despite their size, smart cars are built with strong safety features, like the Tridion safety cell, to protect passengers and get high safety ratings.
  5. Electric Only: By the end of 2019, Smart switched to making only electric vehicles, showing its commitment to cleaner city transport.
  6. Worldwide Appeal: Smart cars are popular in Europe and have fans in North America and Asia, thanks to their suitability for narrow streets and busy cities.
  7. Innovations and Partnerships: Smart has worked on many innovative projects, including electric bikes, scooters, and even self-driving concepts, aiming to solve urban transport challenges.
  8. New Ownership: In 2019, Geely bought a 50% stake in Smart from Daimler AG. This partnership plans to make new Smart models in China, focusing on electric and connected tech.
  9. Cultural Impact: The Smart car isn’t just practical; it symbolizes urban style and environmental awareness, often featured in media as a trendy, eco-friendly choice.
  10. Looking Forward: With support from Geely and Mercedes-Benz, Smart plans to introduce new models, including electric SUVs, while staying true to its roots in innovation and city-friendly design.

From an idea to a leader in urban electric mobility, Smart’s story shows its constant evolution to meet the needs of modern city dwellers and lead the way toward greener, more efficient urban transport.

Font and Colors

Smart Emblem

To beat the size of small cars, the company opted for lowercase characters. Only the letter used in a separate icon is capitalized. This is “C,” which the management has endowed with two functions: dynamics and information. The first is expressed by a yellow triangular pointer, the second – by the letter itself, denoting the concepts “compact” and “cute.”

You can see that the typeface used in the logo is very similar to HoratioDMed with the changed “s.” But in fact, this is a special SmartCourier font, custom-designed by Dalton Maag, Ltd.

Smart Symbol

The color palette consists mainly of different shades of gray, including those with a gradient – these are graphite, ash, and silver. In addition to them, golden ocher is used.

Smart color codes

Selective YellowHex color:#ffbd2f
RGB:255 189 47
CMYK:0 26 82 0
Pantone:PMS 136 C
Harvest GoldHex color:#dc9102
RGB:220 145 2
CMYK:0 34 99 14
Pantone:PMS 131 C
Golden BrownHex color:#9b6311
RGB:155 99 17
CMYK:0 36 89 39
Pantone:PMS 1395 C
Medium GrayHex color:#b0b4b7
RGB:176 180 183
CMYK:4 2 0 28
Pantone:PMS 421 C
Spanish GrayHex color:#94999f
RGB:148 153 159
CMYK:7 4 0 38
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 7 C
NickelHex color:#6f757a
RGB:111 117 122
CMYK:9 4 0 52
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C