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Sprii: Brand overview

In 2014, Dubai-based Sprii, founded by Sarah Jones, came into being to develop e-commerce. The platform was developed with a clear vision: catering to the unique needs of expectant moms and their newborn babies in the Middle East. From clothing and strollers to toys and essential feeding equipment, Sprii aimed to simplify the shopping experience for this specific audience.

The niche focus resonated, resulting in a steady increase in the number of shoppers. As specialty online stores in the Middle East warmed up, Sprii expanded its offerings. By the end of 2018, it had 50,000 products on its virtual shelves, giving it a leading position among maternity-focused online stores in the UAE.

However, 2019 heralded significant changes. In a bid to strengthen its presence in the Middle East, Amazon acquired Sprii. This acquisition led to the transformation of Sprii into Amazon.ae in May 2019. As a result of this metamorphosis, Sprii’s standalone platform was eliminated by 2020. The maternity and nursery catalog that Sprii was known for was seamlessly integrated into Amazon’s extensive product offerings for regional audiences.

Sprii’s evolution from its inception in 2014 to its integration in 2020 symbolizes the evolution of e-commerce in the Middle East, where specialized platforms flourished before being absorbed by global giants.

Meaning and History

Sprii Logo History

What is Sprii?

In 2014, Sarah Jones launched Sprii, a maternity and nursery e-commerce company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The online platform focused on mothers and babies and offered a wide range of products, from clothing and feeding equipment to toys and furniture. However, following its acquisition by Amazon in 2019, it ceased operations in 2020, leaving a significant gap in the Middle East’s e-commerce sector.

2014 – 2020

Sprii Logo

An online platform from the UAE offering baby and maternity products has a lavender logo. It is double complex, as it consists of two main and two additional elements. The first group includes the name and slogan, located on different levels. The largest row is in the upper part; it contains the word “sprii,” typed in lowercase letters in a bold font with thin, straight serifs. The bottom row is smaller and begins under the letter “p .”The glyphs in it are also lowercase but without serifs. They are more rounded and darker. The second group contains a large dot and a small underscore.

The lavender color gives the logo tenderness and correlates well with the theme of childhood and motherhood. The word “sprii,” typed in a bold serif font, seems to indicate a serious attitude towards quality but remains fun thanks to the lowercase letters. The lower text is sans serif and darker as if a softer echo of the big word “sprii” makes you want to read it as well. The dot and underline seem like nice touches that don’t draw attention but complete the whole look.

Sprii color codes

Dark Pastel BlueHex color:#86a1d9
RGB:134 161 217
CMYK:38 26 0 15
Pantone:PMS 659 C
MarengoHex color:#495361
RGB:73 83 97
CMYK:25 14 0 62
Pantone:PMS 7545 C