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The Srilankan Airlines logo, shimmering with various colors, represents the beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka against the backdrop of a beautiful sky and ocean. As it flies around the world, the company aims to convey the uniqueness of its homeland.

Srilankan Airlines: Brand overview

SriLankan Airlines, the national airline of Sri Lanka, is headquartered in the country’s capital city, Colombo. The airline’s history dates back to 1947 when it was established under Air Ceylon. In 1998, it underwent a rebranding process, resulting in the name we know today, SriLankan Airlines.

The airline’s operations span the globe, serving more than 100 destinations across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Central to its operations is the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. In addition, the airline also utilizes Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport and Ratmalana Airport as auxiliary hubs.

As of 2023, SriLankan Airlines boasts a modern fleet of Airbus A320, A321, A330, and A350 aircraft. This fleet connects numerous destinations, from Male, Delhi, and Karachi in South Asia to various Middle Eastern and European locations.

SriLankan Airlines has been part of the Oneworld airline alliance since 2014, collaborating with prestigious airlines such as Qantas, American Airlines, and British Airways. This partnership has enabled the airline to enhance further its services, which range from a comprehensive frequent flyer program, access to airport lounges, superior service classes, and a robust in-flight entertainment system.

Interestingly, the airline is government-owned, yet also has a significant stakeholder, Emirates, which has held 43% of its shares since its rebranding in 1998. SriLankan Airlines provides jobs for over 7,000 staff members as an employer, making it a considerable player in the local economy. It plays an instrumental role in supporting the country’s tourism industry, bringing many international visitors to the island nation each year.

Meaning and History

Srilankan Airlines Logo History

1979 – 1998

Air Lanka Logo 1979

The company, which started as Sri Lanka’s flagship carrier, actively incorporates cultural symbols of its region into its branding. This dedication to local traditions is evident in the name and the logo design. The bold red letters of “Air Lanka” exude confidence and strength, highlighting the airline’s leading position in the national market.

The emblem’s central element is an image of the Indian peafowl, which is prevalent on the islands of Sri Lanka and can be considered one of the country’s symbols. The peacock in the logo represents an aspiration for flight and travel. The bird’s brightness and beauty in the logo reflect the magnificence and cultural diversity of Sri Lanka. The spread feathers with a unique pattern are styled attractively, making the image memorable.

Schematic lines in the logo design evoke associations with the precise and elegant structures of airplanes, complementing the image of the peacock and emphasizing the airline’s technical sophistication. This design symbolizes the flight of a metal bird over the paradise landscapes of Sri Lanka, creating an image of dreams of distant travels.

In Sri Lankan culture, the peacock holds a deep symbolic meaning and is associated with longevity, love, and immortality. The choice of such a symbol for the logo is deliberate: it foretells the airline’s passenger affection and many years of successful operation.

1998 – today

Srilankan Airlines Logo

After being acquired by Emirates, the airline received a new name and an updated logo, which combines emblem elements in a dynamic and rapid fusion of colors and shapes. This update represents a new chapter in the company’s history, highlighting its ambitions and global reach.

The central element of the new logo is an image of a peacock, which has been completely redesigned to reflect modern design trends and corporate identity. The bird’s body is now depicted with an elegant wavy line that smoothly changes color from orange to red and then to green. These colors are deliberate: they correspond to the flag of Sri Lanka and symbolize the flame and passion of red, as well as the lush green nature of the country, emphasizing the airline’s roots. The dynamic of the peacock’s flight embodies the aspiration for new heights and growth.

At the bottom of the logo, the inscription “Srilankan” is rendered in soft aquatic tones reminiscent of ripples on the water’s surface. The smoothness of the font creates the impression that the inscription floats under the image of the peacock, which seems to have just emerged from the water, leaving behind a gentle stir. The blue and cyan shades of this part of the logo reflect the endless water expanses surrounding the islands of Sri Lanka, and the sky mirrored in these waters. The color palette of the inscription conveys a sense of calm while emphasizing the company’s boundless opportunities in the world of aviation transport.