Star Eyes Emoji


Star Eyes Emoji

The Star Eyes Emoji is considered a positive symbol. The smiling face appears open and joyful. It cannot be interpreted negatively.

Initially, the image was named Starstruck. The emoji was conceived as a reaction to the appearance of a popular star and admiration for it. The image entered Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the code U+1F929.

However, the image gradually gained popularity and a broader interpretation.

Meaning and use of the Star Eyes Emoji

Star Eyes Emojis

The Star Eyes Emoji can represent a fan who has seen their idol. An artist who occupies their thoughts. Each of us has people we admire. It might not be a person but a song or a movie that we could watch or listen to a hundred times in a row. The face with starry eyes is about this.

In correspondence, the emoji shows:

  • The face seems to say: “I like this idea,” “What wonderful work.” The emoji shows pleasure from what is seen, regardless of what it is: coursework, a prepared dish, a drawing, or renovations.
  • The Star Eyes Emoji can be directed at a person, not just their actions. Seeing a photo, image, or object in person, your interlocutor was struck by the beauty or style of clothing.
  • If you’ve got a new hairstyle, dyed your hair, or acquired a stylish wardrobe item, the Star Eyes Emoji will convey a positive perception of the changes. “This hairstyle suits you” or “great handbag.”
  • The emoji seems to say: “wow!” The person is frozen in silent ecstasy. They have encountered something extremely surprising. The symbol can talk about the beauties of nature, convey impressions from a trip or excursion, and emotions from a work of art.
  • The person is absorbed in an activity or game, has the desire to win, and cannot pull away. The stars are like sparks of enthusiasm pouring from the eyes.

🤩 Emoji Star Eyes

The Star Eyes Emoji is also associated with the disco style. The term “disco star” refers to a bright personality, actively moving on the dance floor under neon lights in a captivating, shimmering costume. Therefore, the image can refer to the 1980s, thematic dances, and outfits.

You’ve likely seen how, in a cartoon, a character receives a strong blow to the head, and stars fly around. The Star Eyes Emoji conveys an “emotional blow” of such force that a person loses their footing and cannot think rationally for some time.

The stars in the picture cover the eyes. This hints that the person sees the surrounding situation not clearly but through a prism. Therefore, they may react inappropriately. But even in this meaning, the emoji speaks more of a positive outcome without negative consequences after “sobering up.”

Depending on the platform, the color of the stars can be purple, blue, or red. Here, blue is close to the idea of being passionate about something, red hints at romantic shock, and purple at a hypnotic trance from what is seen.

Final thoughts

🤩 Star Struck Emoji


The Star Eyes Emoji represents a person filled with admiration. If you receive such an image, your interlocutor is clearly captivated by you, your actions, or your words. In their eyes, you are a star. It’s impossible to take one’s eyes off you.

The picture conveys: “I’m glad to see you,” “It was great to meet,” and “I’m so glad you came.” Your interlocutor may also be trying to convey their impression of what they have experienced and seen.

The 🤩 Star Eyes emoji, also known as the star-struck emoji, showcases a face with two gleaming stars for eyes and a broad, open smile. This emoji captures the expression of sheer excitement or awe, akin to the feeling of encountering something or someone incredibly impressive or thrilling. This emoji is primarily used to express a high degree of enthusiasm, fascination, or amazement. It’s the digital equivalent of saying “Wow!” in response to something that truly captivates or mesmerizes. Whether it’s about a personal achievement, a stunning sight, or an exciting piece of news, the 🤩 emoji conveys that the sender is not just pleased but truly astounded by what they’ve experienced or seen.

Text Examples:

  • “Just met my favorite author in person! 🤩📚”. Expresses exhilaration and awe at a personal encounter with a beloved celebrity.
  • “Wow, your new car looks amazing! 🤩🚗”. Conveys admires and is excited about someone’s new possession.
  • “Can’t believe I got front row tickets to the concert! 🤩🎫🎶”. Illustrates sheer joy and excitement about experiencing something highly anticipated.
  • “The view from this mountain top is breathtaking! 🤩🏞️”. Shares awe and wonder at natural beauty, emphasizing the emotional impact of the scene.
  • “Just saw the trailer for the new sci-fi movie, I’m hyped! 🤩🎥🚀”. Shows intense enthusiasm and anticipation for an upcoming entertainment event.