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The Svedka logo is as balanced as the taste of branded alcohol. There is nothing superfluous in it – only the most basic elements. But at the same time, harmony is created between sharp and soft lines, which, together with a slight asymmetry, makes the symbol very interesting.

Svedka: Brand overview

Founder:Guillaume Cuvelier
Lidköping, Sweden

Svedka chose a logo as simple as the taste of its products. The point is that it produces a soft vodka of five distillations, which can be consumed alone and as part of cocktails. The brand offers several variants of the specialty drink: raspberry, vanilla, mango, orange, cucumber, cherry, grapefruit, pineapple, peach, and many others. They are bottled in 1-liter bottles with original labels. Their alcohol content is 40%. The brand appeared in 1998 when entrepreneur Guillaume Cuvelier created it. The place of its foundation is Lidköping. The current owner is Constellation Brands.

Vodka has been produced in Sweden for a very long time – since about the 15th century. But the greatest activity came in the 17th and 18th centuries when the distilleries worked in full force because of the high popularity of this alcoholic beverage. Svedka is based precisely on native European traditions. It uses multiple distillations, so the spirit is extremely pure and contains no harmful impurities. Its basis is wheat grains and spring water.

The company’s founder first made it popular and sold it to the American conglomerate Constellation Brands of New York City. The buying and selling process took place in 2007 and cost $384 million. Despite the transition to a new owner, the alcohol brand retained the original logo with the product’s name. This decision brought the producer a marketing success, as this vodka belongs to the medium price category and should remain recognizable among many customers.

Meaning and History

Svedka Logo History

The visual identity of Svedka is its name made up of two parts. The first indicates the country of origin of the liquor (Svenska in the original language), and the second indicates its type (vodka). After the acquisition of the distillery, the American company almost immediately added a new flavor to its range – lemon. This put the brand in wide demand in the United States.

The Svedka logo is textual. It has no graphic elements. Such minimalism and simplicity are due to the specificity of Swedish vodka because it is pure, with a small proportion of ingredients. But one cannot categorically state that the emblem has no graphic details.

What is Svedka?

Svedka is a Swedish vodka distilled five times with a mild flavor. It is also called cocktail vodka because it is usually mixed with fruit and berry juices. The standard strength is 40%. The time of the company’s appearance is 1998. The founder is Guillaume Cuvelier. Constellation Brands now own it.

Svedka Symbol

If you look closely, you can see a perfect resemblance between the two letters – “V” and “A.” By removing the crossbar, the designers achieved their identity, preserving the traditional “upside down” in relation to each other. The “V” has the sharp part pointing downwards, while the “A” is pointing upwards. These are the so-called graphics in the logo. Both glyphs resemble a wigwam in their shape, the angle of the lines, and their width. The rest of the symbols are much simpler: they are smooth, flat, classic, and without serifs.

Interestingly, this combination makes the emblem catchy and balanced, suitable for an alcoholic brand known for its quality, character, and value. Its visual identity underlines the concept of inexpensive chic because the Svedka brand is the only one that allows consumers to get everything: a high-quality premium product, a stylish image, and affordable value. Therefore, the design of the logo is both simple and elegant, as the labels on each branded bottle demonstrate.

Font and Colors

Svedka Emblem

The designers of the Svedka logo settled on a custom version of the Snell Roundhand font. It is smooth, flat, capitalized, and chopped. The modification touched two letters, the “V” and the “A,” which are almost identical. Of course, the left leg of the second glyph is slightly shorter, making it appear to be behind the neighboring character.

The color palette is single-colored but contrasting. This condition was set before the designers by the manufacturer. Whatever the color of the background, the inscription on the logo should be contrasting and legible in any light. That is why both black and white are used equally for text coloring.

Svedka color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C