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The legendary Liverpudlians did not think too much about their emblem and made The Beatles logo in the form of an inscription of the name of their band. The graphic design of the emblem emphasized the first syllable to play with the word combination “beat,” reflecting the brand’s essence.

The Beatles: Brand overview

Founded: 1960–1970
Founder: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr
Liverpool, England
The Beatles are the legendary music band of all time. It stands at the origins of rock and was founded in 1960 in Liverpool; therefore, it is often called the “Liverpool Four.” Moreover, the group has always been a quartet. It was played by John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and some other world stars. They were the first representatives of Great Britain to take top places in the American charts.

Meaning and History

The Beatles Logo History

The Beatles entered the rock scene in 1960 with the birth of beat music in London, a new genre that emerged from the wave of rock and roll. The legendary quartet became the basis of the so-called British Invasion phenomenon, associated with the growing popularity of British rock in foreign charts.

The inventive collective, also known as the Liverpool Four, first imitated rock and roll classics from the United States but then chose their path. His work has influenced many artists, so modern music would be very different without The Beatles. And although the group broke up in the 1970s, its logo is known not only to the notorious Beatles. The wordmark, written in black letters with sharp serifs, is well known to anyone who is at least a little interested in the history of rock. After all, he decorated the front of the big drum, which played Ringo Star.

What is The Beatles?

The Beatles are a legendary U.K. beat-rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. She is the most commercially successful band in the history of pop music. Her 15 albums topped the country’s charts, breaking all records.

May–August 1960

The Silver Beatles Logo 1960

The design of the first logo of The Beatles has nothing to do with the strict black inscription that appeared in 1960. For several months after its creation, the group was looking for its style not only in music but also in identity. Paul McCartney personally experimented with emblems and even created one – with the word “Beatles,” were the only capital letter was “B” with lines diverging upwards, similar to two antennas. The musician designed the logo from scratch without using existing fonts. He wrote the band’s name by hand, drawing curls at the ends of some of the glyphs.

There is a version with separate red letters complemented by black shadows. In this wordmark, the capital “B” has a decorative loop at the bottom and a large rectangular serif at the top. The font is bold italic, imitating handwriting.

1960 – 1970

Beatles Logo

The logo of the innovative team appeared spontaneously. There was no thought at all about the symbol. Its appearance was preceded by a trip to the instrument store for the Ringo Starr’s second drum kit. This happened in the spring of 1963 when the drummer and manager Brian Epstein went shopping at the London Drum City supermarket.

When registering the goods, they asked to write the name of their group on the drum. But the owner of the supermarket was absent at that moment, and the seller called him to discuss the details. It turned out that Ivor Arbiter had never heard of either the four or the Ringo Starr, but agreed to inscribe. As a result, he immediately sketched the logo right on the spot. Then he ordered to put it on the drum. As fans of Liverpool Four later learned, an employee of Eddie Stokes did it. The store received £ 5 for its service.

Font and Colors

Beatles Symbol

The most unusual sign in The Beatles logo is the capital letter “T.” Although it is in the middle of the word, it is larger than all the other characters. Its elongated wide-leg extends beyond the lower boundary. Therefore, the Beatles emblem was called “drop-T.” Subsequently, Ivor Arbiter said that he singled it out to beat the word “beat originally.” The emblem also contains “the,” executed, like the main inscription, in upper case. But the font is much smaller than the word “Beatles.” The article is located above the main element, right in the center.

Beatles Emblem

Surprisingly, the logo was never used on the covers of the original English albums. He adorned only concert drums. At the same time, this did not prevent the brand from becoming recognizable, so the musicians decided to make it their logo. In the 1990s, the Liverpool Four symbolism turned into an official brand, which was supplemented with multivariate graphic images (mostly figures of legendary Beatles).

the Beatles Logo

The Beatles logo is a typographic sign, unique and clean, devoid of hand-drawn elements. The label creator did not use the existing typefaces. He worked out each letter from scratch, making the logo authentic and unparalleled. Now, this font is called “Bootle.”

The only color used in the original version is black. Its combination with a white background makes the logo classic, which is very close in spirit to all representatives of the Liverpool four. This option is perceived as strict and elegant. Also, according to the principles of color, black is a mixture of all other colors, which the Beatles sought in the musical field.

The Beatles color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What was the Beatles logo?

The Beatles logo consisted of lettering in the legendary Drop-T design. This letter was accentuated and stood out from the rest with the length of the leg that went down. Thus, its author wanted to draw attention to the first part of the word – Beat.

Do the Beatles have a symbol?

The Beatles did not have a graphic symbol – the group used only a verbal logo. It consisted of a name and was a so-called Drop-T, where this letter stood out. She had an elongated leg that extended far beyond the lower border.

What store created the Beatles logo?

The Beatles’ logo was created for £5 in London’s Drum City store on Shaftesbury Avenue, selling only drums and everything for them. Its founder, Ivor Arbiter, also owned Sound City, where the musicians bought most of the equipment.

Who designed the Beatles logo?

It was developed by the London musical instrument store owner, where Brian Epstein bought drums for Ringo Starr in 1963. Ivor Arbiter hastily sketched the famous Drop-T design on a piece of paper. And it was applied by Eddie Stokes, the local signage maker.