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Thermaltake: Brand overview

Kenny Lin, an engineer with a background in another cooling system company, founded Thermaltake in Taiwan in 1999. A year later, the company introduced its first offering, the Golden Orb cooler. This innovative product, designed to cool CPUs efficiently, quickly caught the attention of the technology world.

By 2003, the company had expanded its product offerings and entered the computer case market, marking it with the launch of the Xaser full-tower case featuring a transparent window. This expansion coincided with Thermaltake’s entry into the global market. In the early 2000s, the company opened operating offices and sales channels in the United States, Europe, China, and Australia.

In 2006, Thermaltake went public on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, a major corporate move. Around the same time, the company adopted a comprehensive global brand management strategy to expand its market presence. In the years that followed, the company continued to innovate with various iconic case lines. One of the most notable is the Level 10 series, which was created in collaboration with BMW and has become a staple in computer cases.

Today, Thermaltake holds leading positions in various niches of the computer hardware industry, including cooling systems, cases, power supplies, and gaming accessories. The company continues to work with the modding community and offers a range of products to meet the needs of PC gaming enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts.

Thermaltake has evolved from a specialized processor cooling firm to a multi-faceted global player in the computer hardware and gaming market. Kenny Lin, its founder, continues to steer the company with more than two decades of innovation in cooling and enclosure solutions.

Meaning and History

Thermaltake Logo History

1999 – 2017

Thermaltake Logo 1999

2017 – today

Thermaltake Logo

The Taiwanese manufacturer of peripherals, coolers, power supplies, and PC cases favors industrial design in its visual identity. To this end, the creators turned the two letters “T” into a purely technical figure for the logo. The upper parts of the letters are merged and have recesses at the top formed by deep diagonal cuts. The hash symbol is painted in black and is located at some distance from the company name, which is typed in a thin lowercase gray font. The glyphs are soft and smooth, which compensates for the aggressive style of the graphic symbol.

The two “T’s” look like they were designed to look like parts of a machine or perhaps a cool robot. The cutouts and recesses at the top of these letters resemble secret parts that can only be spotted if you look very closely. The combination of black and gray keeps it serious but not too flashy. The company name in gray sounds like a whisper next to the screaming black symbol. The whole thing looks very modern and high-tech without being too show-offy.

Thermaltake color codes

LicoriceHex color:#241813
RGB:36 24 19
CMYK:0 33 47 86
Pantone:PMS Black 4 C