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The superhero movie series is recognizable by its bright emblem with a modern look. The Thor logo is the embodiment of sublimity, pathos, and solemnity. But it doesn’t seem serious because the designers used a cartoonish style that hints at the show’s entertainment, sci-fi, and comedy elements.

Thor: Brand overview

Founder:Marvel Studios
United States

Thor is a cinematic tetralogy about the superhero of the same name. It is based on the Marvel comics and includes four parts, released in 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2022 (scheduled to be released in the summer). Marvel Studios is producing, and Paramount Pictures is distributing. Kenneth Branagh directs the film. Casting took place in 2009 and shooting – in January-May 2010. The main action was filmed in the states of New Mexico and California. The first film of the film cycle premiered in Sydney and received critical acclaim on several counts: theme, characters, acting, and special effects. Each successive Thor motion picture received a logo that was unique and out of keeping with the overall style.

Sam Raimi decided to create a new type of superhero back in 1991 when the movie Darkman came out. He presented his concept to 20th Century Fox Studios, but they rejected his idea, and it was forgotten for several years. But when the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) began to develop, that company remembered the project because it fit their themes. Searching for writers, producers, and directors led to a series of films with an unusual format, in which the superhero is not a man with supernatural powers but God. The innovation of the creators of Thor is that the highest deity has moved from the Old Testament to the New.

However, preparations for the filming lasted much longer than the filming process itself. It ran from January to May 2010. The footage was converted into 3D before the presentation. Thanks to the combined contributions of talented individuals, the film was a financial success, garnering nearly $450 million. This was the reason for further work with this subject and brought a sequel: in 2013 – Thor: The Dark World, in 2017 – Thor: Ragnarok, in 2022 – Thor: Love and Thunder.

Meaning and History

Thor Logo History

With each successive version, the visual identity of the parts of the tetralogy evolved. At the same time, it did not maintain the general trend: a new episode received an emblem in an individual style, so the posters differed in design.

What is The Thor?

Thor is a movie cycle consisting of four independent parts. They are united by a common character with the same name. The beginning of the film was based on Marvel-themed comic books. Filming took place in 2010, and in 2011 the first film of this heroic series appeared. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh.


Thor Logo 2011

For the logo of the debut film, artists chose a laconic design – restrained, simple, clean, and in cool colors. It harmoniously combines minimalism and power, which is visible in the “metalized” surface of the letters. The inscription is divided into two lines. At the top is the manufacturer’s name – “Marvel Studios”; at the bottom is the word “Thor.” The first row is typed in a small and narrow font without serifs, and the second row is typed in a large serif typeface with a wide inter-letter space. This emphasizes the breadth of the protagonist’s character, steely will, and power. Between the upper and lower part runs a thin stripe. The “T” and “R” are slightly larger than the other capital characters.


Thor Logo 2013

The Thor logo of this period consists of a massive inscription with wide and bold letters. The glyphs in the overall cycle name are equal in height due to the gold-colored trim lines. However, there are significant differences: for example, the “O” is flattened at the top and bottom, as if it were an anvil for forging iron, while the “R” has a flat top. Inside, the symbols are decorated with silver embossing with a magical ornament. Above the central inscription is the classic Marvel tag, a red rectangle with the name of the movie company. Below the word “Thor,” is the phrase “The Dark World” in the same font as the main text. The glyphs have miniature serifs.


Thor Logo 2017

This version of the logo is much more colorful than the previous ones. It has breadth, dynamics, and power. The grouping is similar: the text is divided into three lines. At the top is the name of the film studio that led the shooting. The word “Marvel” is in the red rectangle, “Studios” between the two lines. In the center is the general name of the series, after a god from ancient Scandinavian mythology. It is large, yellow, with a narrow rim, and without serifs. At the bottom, the second part of the movie title is placed under the thin line. The inscription “Ragnarok” is inscribed with a shaped “A” with a semi-arched left foot. The glyphs are decorated with thin stripes, which change into a solid blue fill.


Thor Logo

This Thor logo is the most gigantic. The center line is in a custom font in which the “O” looks like a rhombus. The “T” and “H” are connected, and the “R” has an extended right foot. The glyphs are geometric, with solid stripes and a thin outline. The letters are colored red, blue, white, and blue with a gradient transition. The bottom row contains the title of the fourth film in the tetralogy, Love and Thunder. It consists of symbols in upper case, with sharpening and different widths of the sides. Another essential element of the logo is the shining star on the “T” hat on the left. All of the symbols have wide shadows, so the lettering appears three-dimensional.

The visual identity of the Thor cinematic series has evolved from a simple form to a complex one. Each time the letters got wider, the lines got thicker, and the lettering got more massive. The same situation is observed with the color design: while the first logo has only a metallic shade of gray, the fourth marks the presence of an expanded palette.

In addition, the main character has his sign with a weapon, which he uses according to the legend. It is associated with the myths of the ancient deity Thor, so it passed to the movie’s character of the same name. The emblem depicts a large hammer. To the right and left of it are drawn lightning bolts because it is an attribute of the god thunderer.

The flail consists of a horizontal rectangle and two small trapezes on the sides. In the center is a complex geometric figure combined of three “petals.” This is a triquetra, the sacred symbol of the Scandinavian peoples. The white handle is covered with thin black lines. A narrow band of the wedge is visible on top. The weapon is taken in a solid ring, which emphasizes its importance to the protagonist.

Font and Colors

Thor Emblem

In all of the Thor logos, the lettering contains individual features. The fonts were created specifically for the film because they are meant to reflect its concept. The debut version uses the thinnest letters, the second uses slightly wider letters than before – and so on in ascending order. In the last logo, the glyphs are very large and massive. It is predominantly antiqua with miniature serifs. The color palette includes several shades of silver, gold, red, white, and blue.

Thor Symbol

Thor color codes

Medium TurquoiseHex color:#6ddee2
RGB:109 222 226
CMYK:521 2 0 11
Pantone:PMS 3252 C
YInMn BlueHex color:#4471ac
RGB:68 113 172
CMYK:60 34 0 33
Pantone:PMS 7683 C
Dark ByzantiumHex color:#55254c
RGB:85 37 76
CMYK:0 56 11 67
Pantone:PMS 7652 C
Maximum RedHex color:#d92c23
RGB:217 44 35
CMYK:0 80 84 15
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Medium YellowHex color:#fdd571
RGB:253 213 113
CMYK:0 16 55 1
Pantone:PMS 134 C