THX Logo


The smooth and clear sound of the soundtrack is shown in the symbols of the emblem. The THX logo is an ode to harmony, order, and consistency. Shows the outlined framework, the system of rules and requirements developed by the company, which guarantees decent sound quality.

THX: Brand overview

Founded:May 25, 1983
Founder:George Lucas, Tomlinson Holman
San Rafael, California, U.S.
THX has developed a certification system that certifies the sound quality provided by cinemas, HDMI, microphones, soundbars, speakers, receivers, receivers, and more. For certified equipment and multimedia products, the sound is as close as possible to what the filmmakers intended. The same applies to cinema halls: they must comply with technical and acoustic requirements. In this case, the audio format does not matter – it can be both analog and digital.

Meaning and History

THX Logo History

THX has a long history dating back to 1983. The system was developed by audio engineer Tomlinson M. Holman, who later became an employee of Apple Inc. Initially, film technology belonged to the American company Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC. Then the brand was bought out by Creative Technology Limited, and in 2016 it was taken over by Razer.

The first film with THX was the sixth part of Star Wars. The standard was invented specifically for her so that the soundtracks would sound good when Episode VI was shown in theaters. Over time, it has expanded into hundreds of other multimedia products and techniques related to video or audio playback. This is how the THX logos spread worldwide because they are a clear confirmation of certification.

The brand uses only one visual symbol: a simple two-dimensional “THX” lettering. It was formed from the corresponding letters in words “Tomlinson Holman eXperiment” and is consonant with the title of George Lucas’ debut film – THX 1138. Since the system became quite famous, it never changed its logo.

THX Symbol

In the basic version, the letters are lined up in one row and consist of black strokes of the same thickness. Even though they are all capitals, the “T” seems higher. It has been enlarged so that its elongated horizontal line can cover the “H” and “X” at the top. There is also a similar strip at the bottom, but it does not connect with the abbreviation and is drawn along the line, like an underscore.

Due to the monotonous look of the logo, THX Ltd. often experiments with trailers, adding his permanent mascot in the form of a construction robot named Tex. At the same time, designers make the inscription bright, colorful, three-dimensional, accompanying it with the classic sound of Deep Note or modern soundtracks. The first such trailer appeared during the premiere of the sixth episode of Star Wars in 1983. At the same time, the logo debuted in Hollywood and Dallas cinemas.

In the original version, the abbreviation looks as simple as possible. She has not undergone any graphic changes, remaining the official symbol of THX for several decades. The emblem’s design has a touch of kitsch because it does not meet the unspoken rules of modern style. The two-dimensional inscription seems outdated compared to the logos of other companies associated with the multimedia industry.

THX: Interesting Facts

THX Ltd. is an interesting company that greatly impacts how we hear and see movies and games.

  1. Origins and Founder: George Lucas, the famous filmmaker, started THX in 1983. He wanted to ensure that the sound for “Return of the Jedi,” the third “Star Wars” movie, was perfect in cinemas. His goal was for audiences to hear the film’s audio just as he intended.
  2. Meaning Behind the Name: “THX” comes from “Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment.” Tomlinson Holman created the THX sound system, and the name also hints at George Lucas’s first movie, “THX 1138.”
  3. The THX Deep Note: THX’s audio logo, known as the Deep Note, is famous. Created in 1983 by Dr. James A. Moorer, it’s a unique sound that builds up to a powerful climax, making it a signature sound for movies in THX-certified theaters.
  4. THX Certification Standards: THX sets strict standards for high-quality audio and visuals in cinemas, speakers, home theaters, and even car audio systems. To get THX certification, products must pass detailed tests to ensure they give the best experience.
  5. Expansion Beyond Cinema: THX has grown to include cinemas, home entertainment, car audio, gaming, and live events. The aim is to ensure top-notch audiovisuals in all these areas.
  6. THX Spatial Audio: THX also works on cutting-edge audio technology, such as THX Spatial Audio. This creates a 360-degree sound environment for movies, music, and games, making the experience more realistic and immersive.
  7. Lucasfilm Spin-Off: THX was part of Lucasfilm Ltd. but became its own company in 2001. This allowed THX to broaden its reach beyond movies to other types of entertainment.
  8. Innovations in Room Design: THX focuses on technology and how cinemas are designed. THX THX-certified cinemas are made so every seat has the best view and sound, considering the screen’s size and the room’s acoustics.
  9. Acquisition by Razer: In 2016, Razer Inc., known for gaming, bought THX. This move helped THX enter the gaming world, aiming to bring high-quality sound to gamers everywhere.

THX is all about making sure movies, music, and games sound and look their best while staying true to the creator’s vision.

Font and Colors

THX Emblem

An unknown modified grotesque with the same vertical and horizontal strokes thickness was used for the abbreviation. Perhaps the source of inspiration was Eurostyle. Subsequently, based on the wordmark THX, a font of the same name was developed released in 2015. Its creators considered the overline and underscore, adding parallel lines above and below each letter.

Even though the logo is very colorful and voluminous in the trailers, in the official version, it is completely black. The icon contains simple two-dimensional letters with no gradient or other color effects, and the company has not changed it since 1983, adhering to a minimalist design.

THX color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C