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Despite the main symbol of the brand being the city’s emblem – the bear, the most crucial element – the triangle, is hidden in the Toblerone logo. This shape reflects an important feature of the chocolate that is produced – all the products are made in the form of this figure.

Toblerone: Brand overview

Toblerone is the name of chocolate candies produced by the Kraft Foods corporation. Its history began in 1868 when Jean Tobler started selling candies. Seeing the growing demand for treats, the shop owner opened his chocolate factory. He realized this idea in 1899 by establishing the chocolate factory “Bern Tobler & Cie” in Bern. Ten years later, Toblerone appeared in the assortment. The original recipe was invented by cousins Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann.

Meaning and History

Toblerone Logo History

On the packaging of the triangular chocolate bar is its logo: the snow-covered peak of the Matterhorn mountain and the red inscription “TOBLERONE.” The name comes from the surname Tobler and the Italian word “torrone,” which means a treat made from roasted nuts, egg white, sugar, and honey. Similar almond nougat is contained in Toblerone candies. Mondelez International Inc. retains the rights to the brand and visual style.

What is Toblerone?

Toblerone is a popular Swiss chocolate consisting of interconnected pyramids. Besides classic varieties are coconut, almond, and honey bars, individually wrapped pieces, and flat chocolate bars.

1908 – 2022

Toblerone Logo 1908

The textual logo of Toblerone. The letters are clear and expressive, with pointed ends instead of serifs. The spacing between the symbols is large, making the inscription easy to read. Each glyph is painted red and has a thin yellow stripe along the edge. Additionally, all the signs are complemented by shadows, making the company’s name voluminous. Despite all the letters being capitalized, the first letter, “T,” is much larger than the rest: it protrudes both below and above the line. To the left of the word is a mountain, half covered with snow. It’s proportionally smaller than the text and depicted using negative space: white details appear between the yellow spots. The peak of the mountain is pyramid-shaped – just like the chocolate produced by this company.

2022 – today

Toblerone Logo

The current logo of the Swiss company is less expressive than the first. It doesn’t stand out as much as the debut version since it’s painted brown – the color of chocolate, the main product of Toblerone. However, the style of the letters is very original: they have acquired a streamlined and unusual shape with bulges, mainly concentrated in the lower part. There’s a thin stripe along the edge of the glyphs, but now it’s not yellow but beige. Shadows have also transitioned to another color palette and have become jet black. Designers removed the mountain.

Font and Colors

Toblerone Emblem

The confectionery factory’s trademark contains its name and a graphical element: the white-yellow peak of Alpi Pennine. In most cases, the word is to the left of the image, but there’s also a horizontal version where the inscription is reduced in size and placed below the image. This variant is found on the sides of the packaging.

Everything in Toblerone has a hidden meaning – from the appearance of the bar to the emblem and the symbols encrypted in it. The most important thing in the brand’s concept is the triangle because the chocolate is divided into slices of precisely this shape. As far as we know, the peak of the Matterhorn looks like a four-sided pyramid. It’s depicted on the logo and takes up much space on the packaging.

If you look closely, you can see a white silhouette of a bear on the snow. It stands on its hind legs, its head raised as if trying to climb the mountain. This image didn’t appear by chance: designers intentionally used it to emphasize Toblerone’s connection with its native region.

The factory where the chocolate bars with almond nougat were first produced is located in Bern. The Swiss capital, in turn, is known as the city of bears. Historically, even its coat of arms looks like a heraldic shield with a bear.

Toblerone Symbol

The font for the word “TOBLERONE” was specially developed for Jean Tobler. It vaguely resembles Memo Medium or Serif Gothic Black but is not identical to them. The emblem’s palette contains blue (#001e62), red (#da291c), white, and gold (#8c714c) colors. The inscription’s color palette is predominantly red, with a small amount of blue and gold.

Toblerone color codes

YellowHex color:#ffd51f
RGB:255 213 31
CMYK:0 16 88 0
Pantone:PMS 116 C
RedHex color:#de0035
RGB:222 0 53
CMYK:0 100 76 13
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#243b74
RGB:36 59 116
CMYK:69 49 0 55
Pantone:PMS 294 C


Why is there a bear on the Toblerone logo?

The bear’s silhouette symbolizes the city of Bern, where the creator of Toblerone released his first chocolate bar with milk and nougat. The bear is also depicted on the city’s coat of arms and is its national symbol.

What famous mountain is depicted on the Toblerone logo?

The mountain on the Swiss brand’s logo replicates the contours of one of the Alpine peaks – the Matterhorn. Somewhere nearby is the city of Bern, where Toblerone originates.

What is hidden in the Toblerone logo?

Few know, but there’s a bear depicted on the Toblerone logo. The negative space on the mountain slope forms its white silhouette.

Who designed the Toblerone design?

The unusual shape of the Toblerone bar was conceived by its creators – relatives Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler. They also developed the packaging design.

What does the Toblerone logo symbolize?

The modern Toblerone logo contains only a light brown inscription reminiscent of milk chocolate. However, the old version indicated the birthplace of the brand. Toblerone production was opened in 1908 in the picturesque town of Bern. The coat of arms of this settlement featured a heraldic bear. This same animal was depicted on the confectionery company’s emblem until 2022. The negative space against the mountain formed its silhouette.

Why is there a bear on the Toblerone emblem?

The bear was depicted on the Toblerone emblem because this wild animal adorned the coat of arms of the Swiss city of Bern. It was in this settlement that the company’s first chocolate factory was opened. According to legend, the bear became the national symbol of the Swiss capital after a local count decided to draw on his shield the first animal killed on a hunt. Later, the bear appeared on the coat of arms of the city and the Bern district.

What famous mountain is depicted on the Toblerone logo?

A snow-covered mountain peak is depicted on the Toblerone logo. It’s the Matterhorn, a peak in the Pennine Alps. It has the shape of a pyramid with four sides facing different cardinal directions. Rumors suggest it inspired the creation of triangular chocolate. Why the Matterhorn? The city of Bern, where Toblerone was founded, is not far from this famous peak.

What is hidden in the Toblerone logo?

Besides the obvious drawing, the logo that Toblerone used until 2022 had another unobvious one. In the snow-covered mountain’s background was a silhouette of a bear formed by negative space between the yellow spots. The animal stood on its hind legs, raising its head and turning it to the right. Artists depicted the bear on the line where the two visible sides of the mountain peak meet.

Who designed the Toblerone design?

The design of Toblerone was developed by one of its creators, Theodor Tobler, and the chocolate recipe was by his cousin. Theodor decided to make a triangular bar inspired by the dancers of the famous Parisian variety show Folies Bergere, who finished their performances with a figure in the shape of a pyramid. He was also responsible for the appearance of the packaging. Although the design has changed over 100 years, it still reflects the brand’s historical heritage, especially in the logo.

What does the Toblerone logo symbolize?

The current Toblerone logo contains only a stylized inscription, and the brown color symbolizes chocolate. Previously, the emblem depicted a mountain – the same one near the city of Bern, where the confectionery company appeared. The second significant element is the bear, the symbol of the Swiss capital.