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The Variety logo is a significant symbol in the entertainment industry and is associated with authority, reliability, and quality of information provided by the magazine. This historical brand element helps distinguish the publication and create a connection with its audience.

Variety: Brand overview

Founded:December 16, 1905
Founder:Sime Silverman
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Variety is one of the most influential publications in the entertainment industry. This magazine is widely known for its box office reports, analytical articles, and reviews of music, TV shows, films, and performances. Interesting fact: it is credited with creating terms like “sitcom,” “striptease,” “show business,” and some others. So Variety actively develops not only culture but also language, enriching it with neologisms. The American media company owning the brand was founded in 1905 to cover vaudeville and theater news. Since October 2012, it has been owned by Penske Media Corporation.

Meaning and History

Variety Logo History

The Variety logo has accompanied the magazine for many years and, together with it, has experienced the rapid development of the entertainment industry – from videotapes to internet platforms, from radio to television. The visual symbol has almost not changed, although there might have been some modifications that adapted it to modern trends and visual requirements. According to some sources, in 2013, a redesign of Variety was carried out, and American type designer Jim Parkinson slightly transformed the emblem, improving the shape of the letters.

The inaugural issue of the publication was released in December 1905. Its cover design was created by set designer Edgar M. Miller. He drew the sketch in less than a day and declined payment for his work, stating that he wanted to contribute to the newspaper’s development. Possibly, it was this man who created the original Variety logo. In the initial wordmark, the serifs on the letters were thinner than they are now, the “A” significantly exceeded the glyphs behind it in height, and the tail at the top of the “R” formed a loop. Nevertheless, the modern version of the emblem is very similar to the old one: it uses the same key elements and maintains the unique style of the letters.

What is Variety?

Variety is a media company founded in the United States in 1905, and its namesake weekly magazine. The publication focuses on the entertainment industry, including television, theater, music, and literature. Its articles and reviews remain an important source of information for both professionals and a broad audience interested in the world of show business.

1905 – today

Variety Logo

The name “Variety” embodies diversity and the breadth of possibilities characteristic of the entertainment industry. The logo expresses this idea, making the magazine noticeable and recognizable. It consists of the word “VARIETY,” written in uppercase black glyphs on a white background. The first “V” resembles a square root in the form: a long figurative line stretches from it to the right, forming a “roof” over the other letters. But officially, the “V” on the brand’s emblem has no relation to the square root or other mathematical symbols: it’s just unique stylization. Such artistic design conveys energy and creativity.

The letter “R” also has an unusual shape: due to the roundings and swirls, it looks like it’s drawn. “A,” “I,” “E,” “T,” and “Y” are set in an italic, bold serif font. They have a visual dynamic that reflects the constant changes in show business. This is a symbol of progress, development, and Variety’s aspiration to be aware of the latest events. Overall, the logo demonstrates the uniqueness of the magazine and helps it attract readers.

Font and Colors

Most of the letters on the emblem are set in a contrasting serif font, roughly similar to Riccione Serial Bold Italic by SoftMaker. But the serifs of “E” and “T” are slanted and slightly protrude upwards, like the corresponding glyphs from Magica Medium Italic by K-Type. The most unique in the inscription are “V” and “R,” created using lettering and having no analogs.

The magazine’s logo is presented in a black-and-white color scheme, which is considered universal and can easily be reproduced on different media. In addition, the combination of black and white is associated with a classic style and helps Variety underscore its authority.

Variety color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C