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Volvo Logo

Volvo Logo
Volvo Logo PNG

Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of various transport equipment. It has several names: official – Aktiebolaget Volvo, abbreviated – AB Volvo, legal – Volvo Group, and trademark – VOLVO. There is also a division of Volvo Cars, which previously belonged to the company of the same name. But in 1999, it came under the control of Ford Motor Company, which was bought by the Chinese multinational giant Geely Holding Group in 2010. However, both structures still bear the same name. The founders of the engineering company are Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson. Its location is the city of Gothenburg (Sweden).

Meaning and History

Volvo Logo History
Evolution of the Volvo Logo

The Volvo brand originated much earlier than the officially indicated year (1927th). It was registered in the spring of 1911 and was intended to manufacture ball bearings, which were produced under the direction of SKF. Even the translation of the name from Latin proves this: the word “volvere” means “I roll,” something round and spinning. However, this term fits perfectly into the concept of a restructured enterprise. Therefore, the management did not change it.

The process of moving towards car production began in 1924 when sales manager Assar Gabrielsson and engineer Gustav Larson (both from SKF) did not conceive Swedish cars’ development. Their priority was heavy-duty models – all-terrain vehicles, which do not care about broken roads or severe frosts. But the company itself considers 1927 to be the official time of its appearance because it was then that the first car rolled off the assembly line. Over the years, Volvo has changed seven logos, and the eighth is used now.

1927 – 1930

Volvo Logo 1927-1930

The debut emblem features the name of the company in printed characters with serifs. The top row (center) reads “Volvo.” The letters in it are either completely merged or are in close contact with the edges. The bottom phrase is “Gothenburg Sweden.” It is located on a long ribbon and is framed in thin print. The text is in a cobalt oval with a golden border.

1930 – 1959

Volvo Logo 1930-1959

In 1930, a dynamic logo appeared, consisting of a circle, a longitudinal line, and an arrow pointing up and to the right. The word “Volvo” is featured on a wide strip that runs through the ring in the center and has three thin lines on the left.

1959 – 1999

Volvo Logo 1959-1999

The graphic is taken from the 1930 logo and looks like an empty circle with an arrow, outlined on both sides by thin lines. In the center, on a separate oval plate, is the name of the company.

1959 – 2020

Volvo Logo 1959-2020

The text emblem contains only one word – “Volvo.” The letters are in uppercase. They are clear, even, with large serifs. The main color is dark blue (cobalt).

1999 – 2013

Volvo Logo 1999-2013

The new emblem is a stylization of the previous version. The designers made it voluminous, metalized, with convex edges. Shadows, highlights, and gradients support the 3D effect. In the middle, on a blue oblong background, there is white lettering “Volvo.”

2013 – 2014

Volvo Logo 2013-2014

In this version, the developers focused on the texture. Instead of a graphite color, there is now a silver chrome, so the circle looks like part of a rim or other part of the car. This logo has a lot of light highlights and specular highlights. A dark-gray border appears around the text panel.

2014 – present

Volvo Logo 2014-present

The designers made the arrow more curly and narrowed the round band that forms a ring. They deepened the plate with the inscription, placing it between the right and left sides of the circle. The color in this version is unified – it has become much simpler, without gradients and mirrored surfaces. A slight dark shadow is present only on the inner top of the ring. Everything else is light gray, except for the background for the word “Volvo.”

2020 – present

Volvo Logo 2020-present

Since 2020, a text symbol has been used in parallel with the graphic symbol. It consists only of the name of the engineering company. The capital letters are black and spaced far apart.

The evolution of the Volvo personal badge has been mainly in the change of textures and colors. The basic elements have always remained the same. This is a ring with an arrow pointing up and to the right and the company name on the horizontal bar. All details have survived to this day.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Volvo Emblem

The logo uses the Clarendon Text Bold Font, an elegant serif typeface designed by Robert Besley and released in 1845 by Thorowgood and Co. Of the modern options, Besley and Clarendon Bold from Hermann Eidenbenz are close to it.

Volvo Symbol

The color palette is scarce because the company adheres to the proprietary range, which includes gray with many shades – from dark graphite to mirror chrome. Cobalt blue spectrum is also used. Early versions of the logo featured gold and red.