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Ancestors leave, and on their basis, the tree of life of descendants grows. Such a message is encrypted in the XXXTentacion logo of the rapper. Without proper inner fulfillment, there can be no worthwhile outward manifestation. The emblem conveys the views and beliefs of the musician.

XXXTentacion: Brand overview

Founded:2015 – 2018
Founder:Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy
Broward County, Florida, U.S.

The rapper XXXTentacion lived a short but rich life. Under the pseudonym, which should be pronounced “Ex Ex Ex ten-ta-see-YAWN,” was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, an American teenager who performed emo, rock, R&B, and rap songs. He also excelled in playing the drums, piano, and guitar, wrote his lyrics for his hits, and had time to be a music producer. His career lasted only six years, from 2013 to 2018. But everything XXXTentacion has done in that time has been incredibly successful. The rapper’s debut album instantly reached number two on the Billboard 200, and the compilation that followed immediately rose to number one. After the musician’s death, the single “Sad!” topped the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart.

XXXTentacion amassed a multi-million dollar audience in literally a year and a half. He made a name for himself online, starting posting tracks on Soundcloud in 2014. Until the fall of 2016, he was known only in Florida. Popularity came later when the song Look At Me! became a hit. Onfroy’s entire career has been closely tied to a crime. He began to have problems with the law because of the carrying of weapons: the young man was sent to a correctional center. He met rappers there, took a stage name, and decided to make music. By then, the teen had dropped out of school and started making a living from robbery.

In 2017, the song Look At Me! was recognized as an important part of pop culture. It happened when XXXTentacion went to jail for beating up a pregnant girl. A little earlier, he had been arrested for an armed assault on a new manager, but he got out on bail and decided to start a family. Everything ended with the fact that the injured girl asked the court to drop the charges, after which the rapper was imprisoned again because of threats against her. However, he was allowed to stay at home and visit the recording studio to work on the next album.

Ironically, XXXTentacion was killed by robbers who tried to steal his purse with money right on the street. At the time, he was only 20 years old. Despite the musician’s criminal past, fans see him as a victim. They romanticize the image of their idol, seeing him as a hero who failed to heal his childhood psychological wounds. After all, Onfroy appears as a martyr in almost all of his songs, and the main theme of his creativity is mental pain.

Meaning and History

XXXTentacion Logo History

Motives of sadness, loneliness, and rejection can be traced even in the logos of the rapper. And each of them appeared for a reason – the emblems are the real tattoos, which adorned the face and body XXXTentacion. For example, near the left eye, the musician wore a broken heart symbol. As he admitted in an interview, the drawing reflected his state of mind. A heart divided into two parts by a zigzag line is one of Onfroy’s first tattoos. He got it after betraying his first girlfriend. The logo combines the image with the word “XXXTENTACION.” The letters look sloppy and consist of many jagged lines as if they were written in a hurry.

Another important symbol of the rapper is a leafless tree – a trunk with bare branches. He got this tattoo on his forehead in 2017, when he already had millions of fans. The tree, in this case, has deep philosophical connotations: the absence of leaves denotes the absence of affection. This is said in a Chinese saying, which calls not to get used to material things and be independent, like a plant without leaves, flowers, and fruits. The logo has three X’s, the first letters of the artist’s alias, underneath the design. They look like crosses made up of brushstrokes.

The most discussed emblem of XXXTentacion is the leafless tree. Fans argue about its meaning and offer a variety of opinions. According to one version, it is a Tree of Life – a symbol of boundless intelligence and spiritual growth, a kind of bridge between the divine world and the earthly life. The supporters of this theory believe that the tattoo was located between the eyes, in the area of the brow chakra, for a reason. As far as is known, the musician was a fan of the neopagan religion Wicca, so such assumptions are reasonable. At the same time, some people see in the logo an image from the poem A Poison Tree, written by the English poet William Blake and first published in 1794.

2013 – 2018

XXXTentacion Logo 2013

The logo contains the inscription “XXXTENTACION” in black. The letters look like they’ve been sloppily drawn with a brush. In some places, the paint is smeared; in others, it flows down in greasy drops; and in some places, it is clearly not enough.

2018 – today (posthumous)

XXXTentacion Logo

Another XXXTentacion wordmark has an informal design. There are no paint streaks here, but the glyphs are still jagged. It seems as if they are drawn with a thin brush. An elongated dot is depicted above the “I,” although it is understood that absolutely all letters are capital. In this version of the logo, the inscription is tilted to the right, which is why many of the signs merge.

XXXTentacion: Interesting Facts

XXXTentacion, born Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy on January 23, 1998, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his impactful yet controversial career.

  1. Rise to Fame: He became popular in 2015 through SoundCloud, with his song “Look at Me” going viral and launching his career.
  2. Musical Style: He stood out for mixing genres like rap, punk rock, emo, trap, and R&B, attracting many fans.
  3. Success After Death: His third album, “?” topped the US charts in 2018. His album “Skins” also hit number one posthumously, showing his lasting influence.
  4. Controversies: Despite legal issues and some contentious lyrics, he was praised for being open about his mental health struggles and maintaining a loyal fan base.
  5. Positive Actions: He spoke on positivity and mental health, was involved in charity, and encouraged fans to contribute positively to their communities.
  6. Death: He was tragically killed in a robbery on June 18, 2018, at 20, leading to widespread tributes from fans and artists, emphasizing his impact.
  7. Influence: Many artists cite him as an inspiration, especially for his vulnerability in music, which sparked mental health discussions in hip-hop.
  8. DIY Approach: His early music’s lo-fi quality and DIY production resonated with many, making him a symbol of the SoundCloud rap movement.
  9. Streaming Success: After his death, he became one of the most streamed artists, and his music continually found new listeners.
  10. Legacy: Fans and artists worldwide created murals and songs in his honor, showing his deep impact on music and culture.

XXXTentacion’s career, marked by his exploration of pain, vulnerability, and redemption, touched many and left a lasting legacy in music despite his short life.

Font and Colors

XXXTentacion Emblem

The lettering on the logos does not have a clear shape. The jagged letters reflect the chaos in the musician’s soul, his refusal to conform to conventional norms, and unconventional, creative thinking. In the scrawled lines, one can see the manifestation of hidden aggression, and the lack of consistency speaks of an unwillingness to obey any rules. Considering XXXTentacion’s lifestyle, this choice of typography is quite expected.

XXXTentacion Symbol

The color scheme also has a deep meaning, although it is represented by the standard combination of black and white. The classic combination of colors, in this case, symbolizes the confrontation of darkness and light, the struggle between good and evil, both globally and in the rapper’s soul.

XXXTentacion Logo

XXXTentacion color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C