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Yanbal: Brand overview

Founder:Fernando Belmont Anderson
Lima, Peru
Established in Lima, Peru, in 1967, Yanbal is the brainchild of Fernando Belmont Anderson. Coming from a lineage with strong ties to the cosmetics industry in Peru via Botica Francesa, Belmont had an early start. At the tender age of 19, while representing Helena Rubinstein, he saw the potential of a cosmetics company that operated on a direct sales model targeted at women. His vision was not just about selling cosmetics but empowering women by giving them a source of income.

The brand’s name, Yanbal, is a unique amalgamation of the names of Belmont’s daughters – Janine and Kimberly. Yanbal started its journey by selling premium cosmetics and personal care products through direct sales. It focused primarily on empowering homemakers by offering them a chance to earn their income through direct selling.

By the 1970s, Yanbal’s operations had expanded into several other Latin American markets, including Colombia, Mexico, and Bolivia. Over the years, it diversified its product range to encompass cosmetics, jewelry, apparel, and household goods.

In the present day, Yanbal stands as a major direct-selling entity with over 450,000 independent distributors. Its sales operations span over ten countries throughout Latin America and Europe. Despite its vast expansion, the brand stays true to its roots with its headquarters in Lima, Peru, and continues to be owned by the Belmont family. Now, under the leadership of Fernando Belmont’s son, Eduardo Belmont, Yanbal is a key player in Latin America’s direct selling industry, fostering women entrepreneurs and offering quality consumer products.

Meaning and History

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What is Yanbal?

Established in 1967 by Fernando Belmont Anderson, Yanbal has become a symbol of Peruvian pride. It is famous for blending high-quality beauty and cosmetic products infused with a unique Peruvian touch. With its main operations run from Lima, Peru, Yanbal has carved a niche as a trailblazer in the industry, offering its customers a distinct experience.

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