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Zee TV Logo, conceived in 2017 by the Lambie-Narin bureau, signifies a new design chapter for the channel. The logo features a dynamic orange circle complemented by a bold white “Zee” inscription positioned on the right side of the circle. Further enhancing the design is an orange “TV” in uppercase letters, maintaining the same style and size as “Zee” but with slightly thinner bars.

The vibrant orange badge in the logo symbolizes energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, qualities that the logo channel strives to embody in its content. The bold orange circle, apart from its vibrant color, represents unity and continuity, subtly reflecting the brand’s commitment to presenting a diverse yet unified bouquet of content.

The “Zee” inscription, prominently placed in bold white letters, affirms the channel’s identity. The choice of white signifies clarity, simplicity, and transparency, potentially indicating the logo channel’s dedication to delivering clear, honest, and impactful content to its audience.

The presence of the uppercase “TV” further reinforces the channel’s function as a television broadcaster. Its slightly thinner bars offer a pleasing visual balance with the bold “Zee,” underscoring the harmony in the channel’s brand identity.

Collectively, the Zee TV emblem communicates the brand’s vibrant energy, unity in diversity, commitment to clarity, and harmony, successfully reflecting the channel’s ethos and values.

Zee TV: Brand overview

Founded:2 October 1992
Founder:Zee Entertainment Enterprises
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Zee TV has etched its name in the annals of Indian television history as a premium Hindi general entertainment pay television channel. Emerging as a trailblazer, the channel has delivered a plethora of popular shows spanning genres, from gripping dramas and reality shows to comedy series, touching the hearts of millions of Hindi-speaking audiences. Its role in transforming the Indian television industry is significant, with its content often marking the onset of new trends and benchmarks.

Meaning and History

Zee TV Logo 2017

A fundamental aspect of the brand is its identity, which pays homage to its Indian roots while echoing a universal appeal. The channel’s logo, a stylish rendition of ‘Zee’ encased in a blue oval, is instantly recognizable and conveys a sense of familiarity and trust to its viewers.

Its tagline, “ज़िंदगी के हर रंग… ज़ी टीवी के संग” translating to “Every color of life… with Zee TV”, encapsulates its mission to portray the many hues of life through its diverse programming. This commitment is reflected in its wide array of shows that beautifully depict the intricacies of life, relationships, and society, drawing in viewers with stories that resonate on a personal level.

The brand has successfully interwoven traditional values with contemporary narratives, appealing to audiences of all age groups. Its emphasis on high-quality, relatable content has earned it a devoted viewership and a distinct position in the competitive television industry.

What is Zee TV?

Zee TV is one of India’s largest and most popular television networks, offering a variety of entertainment programming. Launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises in 1992, it was the first Hindi-language cable channel in India. Zee TV broadcasts a wide range of content, including serial dramas, reality shows, game shows, and movies, reaching audiences in India and internationally. Known for its innovative programming and ability to produce hit shows, the company has played a significant role in the growth of India’s television industry.

1992 – 2000

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2000 – 2001

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2001 – 2002

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2002 – 2005

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2005 – 2011

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2011 – 2014

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2014 – 2016

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Zee TV Logo 2017

2017 – today

Zee TV Logo

Zee TV color codes

Flame RedHex color:#db562b
RGB:219 86 43
CMYK:0 61 80 14
Pantone:PMS 171 C
Golden OchreHex color:#eec34f
RGB:238 195 79
CMYK:0 18 67 7
Pantone:PMS 1225 C