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Zeekr: Brand overview

Founder:Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd
Emerging in 2021, Zeekr made its mark as Geely’s venture into the luxury electric vehicle domain in China, with a vision to match formidable competitors such as Nio and Xpeng, Zeekr zeroes in on creating upscale, technology-driven electric automobiles.

At the core of Zeekr’s operations lies a dedication to its consumers. By adopting a “user-centric” approach, the brand aspires to meet and anticipate the evolving needs of China’s electric vehicle enthusiasts. Zeekr’s commitment to electric mobility is evident in its Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) development, tailored exclusively for electric propulsion.

The year following its inception, 2022, saw the brand unveiling its pioneer model, the 001 MPV crossover. This vehicle boasts a striking design alongside an impressive driving range surpassing 400 miles. With the SEA framework, Zeekr envisions a diverse portfolio encompassing sedans, SUVs, and MPVs.

Given its affiliation with the established Geely group, Zeekr benefits from an extensive pool of design, engineering, and production expertise. As it stands, Zeekr’s aspirations are clear: It seeks to dominate China’s upscale electric vehicle sector, emphasizing tailored technological solutions and exceptional user experiences. Even though Zeekr is navigating the early phases of its journey, the brand is steadfast in its goal to redefine luxury electric transport.

Meaning and History

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What is Zeekr?

Zeekr, founded in 2021, is transforming the car industry with innovative electric vehicle technology. As a subsidiary of Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd, Zeekr’s mission is to redefine sustainable and groundbreaking transportation solutions. From its main base in China, it has established itself as a significant player in smart mobility.

Zeekr has the good fortune of being supported by Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd, a notable powerhouse in the auto industry recognized for its impeccable manufacturing skills and drive toward tech advancements. Owing to Geely’s substantial industry experience and devotion to innovation, Zeekr firmly stands at the forefront of the automotive sector.

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