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Zotye logo points to modern manufacturing, which turns ordinary metal into an automotive work of art with cool features and sleek looks. From the emblem comes shine and radiance.

Zotye: Brand overview

Founded: Ying Jianren
Founder: 2005 – 2021
Yongkang, Zhejiang, China
Website: zotye.com
Zotye is a private car manufacturer from China. Its full name is Zotye Auto or Zotye International Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. The company is part of the Zotye Holding Group. However, its founder is not she, but an individual, Ying Jianren, who owns all this service. The company has been operating in the specialized market since the beginning of 2005 and is located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province.

Meaning and History

Zotye Logo History

The trademark appeared on the initiative of Zotye Holding Group, which previously produced only export products under concluded contracts. Mostly these were spare parts for various types of transport equipment. But, taking advantage of the right to expand the production base, it increased its capacity and began to assemble cars from its components.

Thanks to this approach and the acquired reputation of a reliable partner, the company has signed contracts with sales subsidiaries in ten countries. And in January 2005, it significantly increased its model range and increased production. The debut version was the Zotye RX6400 series SUV, later called the Zotye Nomad. It was manufactured under license and was the prototype for the Daihatsu Terios.

So gradually the carmaker has earned a great reputation and a lot of money. The brand’s total revenue for 2006 was almost 3 billion yuan, which is equal to 290 million euros. Over time, Zotye has become one of the top 500 enterprises in China, ranking 352 (in 2018).

A wide range of machines is now under this brand name. These include city electric vehicles, turbocharged crossovers, concept cars, SUVs of all sizes, minibusses, subcompact sedans and hatchbacks, and crossovers. In addition, the brand has several divisions that bear different names. Each of them has its own identity since successful sub-brands are considered completely independent. So, for the entire period of Zotye’s existence, he had two logos.

2005 – 2018

Zotye Logo 2005-2018

The emblem is based on the name of the manufacturer, from which the designers used a single letter – the first. The letter is made in a zigzag connecting the right and left parts of the rectangular frame. In the center, there is a “Z” with elongated ends, which pass into the edging, merging with it. Thus, the graphic part is executed as if in a single line, without breaks. The sign is depicted inside a horizontal rectangle with volumetric edges. The letter itself is also convex. The 3D effect is created thanks to the correct distribution of shadows and highlights and wide stripes that make up all the elements. The brand name is located under the icon. The word “Zotye” is written in uppercase with an original “E.” It has rounded corners, so it looks like the Ukrainian letter “Є.”

2018 – today

Zotye Logo 2018-present

The developers have reduced the graphical part. Instead of a rectangle, they drew a square, narrowed the boxes, detached the “Z” from the edges, and added gloss. The designers, on the contrary, increased the letter by expanding the stripes of which it consists. They also kept the monochrome but made it a gradient, so the top of the symbol is dark, and the bottom is light. There are black areas in the middle of the frame, like a shadow from the central sign. Below is the inscription “Zotye Auto.” This is the new name of the company after the rebranding. The font remains the same, but the words are slightly different: the adjacent letters “TY” and “UT” are now connected.

Font and Colors

Zotye Emblem

The car brand used a simple logo for its logo. It contains a minimum of elements and colors, not differing in brightness. This approach was chosen deliberately since, in recent years, minimalism has prevailed in the design of identity.

The lettering is in a sleek sans serif typeface. This is a classic typeface with an original “E” design. It has no corners, so it is perceived as being from a different set of letters.

Zotye Symbol

The corporate color is gray in all shades. The latest version also has red: it is marked with the brand name.

Zotye color codes

Eerie Black Hex color: #1d1d1b
RGB: 29 29 27
CMYK: 0 0 7 89
Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C