AARP: Brand overview

Founded: 1958
Founder: Ethel Percy Andrus, Leonard Davis
Washington, United States

AARP – American Association of Retired Persons, which includes those over 50. The AARP logo unites about 38 million members. It employs more than 2 thousand people. Membership dues and other income (about 1.7 billion) are almost entirely spent on various programs—headquarters in Washington.

The organization’s history began with pensioner Ethel Andrus’s initiative in 1958. This was the second association she founded. The first, for teachers, appeared 11 years earlier. Later they merged. The main goal of AARP is to improve the quality of life through insurance, discounts, payment for public services, information, assistance in financial planning, impact on healthcare, and legislation.

Meaning and History

AARP Logo History

What is AARP?

An association was organized in 1958 to support pensioners and protect their rights. Includes five branches with different areas of assistance: AARP Insurance Plan (health insurance), Legal Counsel for the Elderly (legal consulting), etc.

The logo of the public organization has changed many times. This shows that pensioners continue to keep up with the times and are active members of society who are not alien to modern technologies and images.

1958 – 1999

AARP Logo 1958

The first logo was an abbreviation of the name, underlined by a flowing red and white ribbon.

All capital letters of the monogram are connected by lower serifs, forming a single plane of support. This is a symbol of sustainability. The association helps to stand firmly on one’s feet, even when a person retires and his income and vitality decrease. The image also shows the presence of mutual support between the members.

A slight forward tilt demonstrates the continuation of movement in the stream of life, compliance with the changing world. The association helps pensioners better navigate what is happening, be in touch, travel, continue to visit restaurants and make large purchases.

The developing ribbon below the abbreviation consists of two red ones and a white stripe between them. These colors echo the emblem of the NRTA (Retired Teachers Association), which preceded and merged with the AARP.

Using blue, red, and white links the logo to the flag of America and shows the country of origin of the AARP and the patriotism of its members.

1999 – 2007

AARP Logo 1999

In 1999, the organization changed its name to an acronym. The decision was taken to remove the focus on retirees, as the association allows membership for older people, both working and retired. The letters RP have gained interpretation, not Retired Persons (pensioners), but Real Possibilities – real opportunities. In the same year, AARP Services, a company that manages all benefits for members, appeared.

The new logo changed its color scheme to red and black, stripped of the hues that emphasize the US flag. The new colors showed that the organization deals with basic, fundamental issues, covering all spheres of pensioners’ life. The red color of the ribbon also showed the energy and social activity of the elderly, demonstrating care and support and the solution to painful, acute problems.

The slope has disappeared from the inscription, which emphasizes stability. The association helps pensioners feel confident. The arcuate curve of the left leg A, which rests on the massive straight right leg, also hints at support and support for aging people.

2007 – today


The last version of the emblem differs from the previous two. The color and the font of the letters have changed, and the ribbon has moved up, becoming the partition of the first letter A.

The wave of the tape seems to show the river of life, at the end of which AARP meets people. The Association is a reliable ally. Membership in the organization gives confidence and attaches to many people with common interests. This is indicated by massive and strong letters. The white underlining of the ribbon, like gray hair, hints at the venerable age of the participants.

The former lower fusion of letters was preserved only between two A, denoting America and the Association. The organization works only for American retirees and covers all states. Membership brings together people from different parts of the country.

Font and Colors

AARP Emblem

The logo is made entirely in red. By 2007, the association decided to expand its health insurance packages, which make up a significant portion of its income (insurance companies pay the organization a commission to sell services under its auspices). Red is the color of medicine and medical care.

AARP Symbol

The choice of gamma also demonstrates the goals of AARP – to help retirees maintain social activity and weight in society. From this point of view, red is energy. The association has enough strength to inspire its members to live actively.

The logo font is Magnesium MVB Regular.

AARP color codes

Pigment Red Hex color: #ee2722
RGB: 238 39 34
CMYK: 0 84 86 7
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C