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Abarth Logo

Abarth Logo
Abarth Logo PNG

Abarth is an Italian sports and road car brand and a manufacturing division now wholly owned by Stellantis. The time of its appearance is 1949th year. The headquarters are located in the city of Turin (Italy). The founder is Carlo Abarth, who gave the brand its name.

Meaning and History

Abarth Logo History
Evolution of the Abarth Logo

When in 1947 Carlo Abarth, the sports director of the racing team of the Cisitalia plant, realized that the company was about to collapse, he was seriously concerned about its future fate. In 1948 the company closed, and its founder Piero Dusio moved to Argentina. Then Carlo secured financial support from Armando Scagliarini and transferred all the assets of the ruined plant to himself. As a result, in the spring of 1949, a new structure arose on its basis – Abarth & C. Its location was Bologna, but over time the head office was moved to Turin (in 1951).

Following the liquidation of Cisitalia, the brand received a series of 204 sports cars, one single D46 car, and various accessories. All vehicles were immediately renamed and raced under a different name. Most of the latest models were announced for the races. Famous riders competed on them: Guido Scagliarini, Franco Cortese, Piero Taruffi, Tazio Nuvolari. The last of them won the Palermo-Monte Pellegrino Cup on the Abarth 204 A in April 1950.

In addition to racing, the company produced and sold car parts and accessories for Cisitalia, Lancia, Simca, and Fiat. Following the relocation of its headquarters to Turin, Abarth partnered with Fiat to build the Abarth 1500 Biposto range from its vehicles. In the 1960s, the company achieved great success with its 850-2000 cc class sports cars. Its main competitors were Porsche and Ferrari.

Since the company specialized in assembling racing cars, it paid great attention to its image. From the very beginning, a formidable scorpion was present on the hood, which flaunted against a bright red and yellow background. Such a symbol does not refer to a real arthropod but to the zodiac, the sign under which Carlo Abarth was born. Over the years of the brand’s existence, the emblem has never changed. All logos have only minor adjustments outside of the basic concept.

1949 – 1954

Abarth & Co Logo 1949-1954

The debut version of the logo contained a single image of a scorpion. It was as close as possible to a realistic image and contained many physiological details. The precise structure of the small side paws, the notches on the claws, the number of segments on the tail – everything was carefully traced. It was necessary to intimidate rivals, as it befits sports teams. The color palette was restrained – black and several shades of gray. The logo also featured red: it highlighted the name of the company and its location. The inscription was under the picture. Moreover, the author of the emblem was Carlo Abarth himself, who was an automobile designer.

1954 – 1961

Abarth & Co Logo 1954-1961

To deepen the emotional outburst and emphasize the competitive spirit of the brand, the developer has placed the scorpion on a sculpted shield with a bright color. Yellow and red gave enough adrenaline, charging some for excitement, others for fear. The multi-colored zones were divided by a diagonal line, and against their background was an arthropod symbol. At the same time, the shield resembled a chevron since the company’s name was moved up to a separate field and was located in an arch. On the outside, the logo had a double outline with blue and yellow lines.

1961 – 1969

Abarth & C. Logo 1961-1969

After the success of the sports cars, the owner of the company decided to add originality to the emblem, abandoning the detailing of the scorpion. To do this, he painted the background under the car brand blue, and the designer made the letters themselves yellow. Another change affected the artistic stylistics of the image – aggression and detailing left it, giving way to schematic and abstraction. The artist has thinned the side legs, reduced the number of tail segments, and increased the pincers. On the edge of the chevron, he painted a dark blue edging, and on the scorpion’s body – white highlights.

1969 – 2007

Abarth Logo 1969-2007

There was no blue in the emblem of those years: it was replaced by purple and black. The first served as a background for the name of the trademark; the second was a scorpion. The lettering became large and white. It was separated from the main space by a red wavy line. Yellow got a pastel shade. The lateral processes of the arthropod were completely shortened. Yellow appeared along the dark border. Scorpio was depicted in the Cubist style.

2007 – present

Abarth Logo 2007-present

The designers filled the current version of the logo with the spirit of patriotism, for which they used the colors of the Italian flag. As a result, the dividing line between the brand name and the scorpion is now colored green, white, and red. In addition, they widened the chevron, so it got the maximum resemblance to the shield. The developers have leveled the upper field with the word “Abarth” and gave the inscription itself an arched shape. Because of this, the letters became different in height: the central ones are long, the side ones are short. The edging of the logo is made under the metal frame with shadows and highlights. The authors placed the scorpion exactly on the diagonal strip, visually dividing it into two parts. The head and claws are in the yellow zone, the body, legs, and tail are red.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Abarth Emblem

At the very beginning of the reorganization of the Cisitalia brand into Abarth, its new owner chose the image of the scorpion for the logo – his zodiac sign. Since then, the arthropod has always been present in the identity: only its drawing style changes.

The inscription is made in a typeface close to Microgramma D Bold Extended. The authors of this font are Aldo Novarese & Alessandro Butti. The closest free counterpart is the Grammara Normal Font, created by designer Thomas E. Harvey.

Abarth Symbol

The logo’s color scheme is standard and consists of red, yellow, white, and black. Periods blue, purple, green was added to them.