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The Aegean Airlines logo consists of two parts: the word “Aegean” and the image of a wave. The wave symbolizes the Aegean Sea, part of the company’s identity. The wave is associated with dynamism and movement, reflecting the importance of speed and efficiency to the company. The logo’s blue color is associated with the maritime theme and symbolizes trust, professionalism, and confidence. These values reflect the company’s core values, which include providing high professionalism, safety, and comfort for passengers.

Aegean Airlines is committed to providing high-quality service and a pleasant onboard experience for its passengers. It is committed to improving air travel and sustainable development to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The company aims to be socially responsible by supporting the communities in which it operates.

Aegean Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 1987
Founder: Theodore Vassilakis
Kifissia, Athens, Greece

Meaning and History

Aegean Airlines Logo History

1999 – 2010

Aegean Airlines Logo 1999

2010 – 2020

Aegean Airlines Logo 2010

2020 – today

Aegean Airlines Logo

Aegean Airlines color codes

Resolution Blue Hex color: #002078
RGB: 0 32 120
CMYK: 100 73 0 53
Pantone: PMS 662 C
Dark Pastel Blue Hex color: #8aa5d2
RGB: 138 165 210
CMYK: 34 21 0 18
Pantone: PMS 7681 C