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The Aegean Airlines logo has two main parts: the name “Aegean” and a wave symbol next to it. This wave isn’t just for show; it stands for the Aegean Sea, which is important to the airline. The Aegean Airlines logo shows the airline’s promise to offer reliable and efficient flights, taking inspiration from the sea-related qualities of the Aegean region.

Aegean Airlines: Brand overview

Aegean Airlines, the largest Greek airline and the proud flag carrier of Greece, has been providing its services since 1987 when it was founded as Aegean Aviation. Starting as a VIP/business air service, it has since grown to offer scheduled flights, allowing people to explore Greece’s beauty and beyond easily.

In 2001, Aegean Airlines joined the Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, unlocking a world of opportunity for its customers. With access to more destinations and services around the globe, Aegean Airlines was able to provide its customers with an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility.

Aegean Airlines has consistently soared above the competition, garnering numerous awards for its high-quality service, including the Skytrax World Airline Awards and the Business Travel Awards. Not only has it been recognized for its excellence, but it has also maintained strong financial performance, consistent profitability, and growth over the years.

Today, Aegean Airlines proudly operates a modern fleet of more than 60 aircraft, connecting over 155 destinations in 44 countries. The airline is also committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, making it a leader in eco-friendly air travel.

Aegean Airlines has soared to become a leader in the Mediterranean region, delivering a luxurious flying experience to passengers and spurring economic growth throughout Greece and beyond.

Meaning and History

Aegean Airlines Logo History

The airline’s logo, showing two seagulls flying against a blue background, captures the essence of freedom, adventure, and nature’s beauty. It’s a nod to the stunning Aegean Sea and stands for the unforgettable trips the airline offers its passengers. A deep blue logo and branding connect to the wide skies and the Aegean Sea, reminding people of the airline’s Greek roots and dedication to bringing people together. Every part of the airline’s brand, from the logo to the choice of colors, is carefully chosen to show its commitment to quality and reliability. This has made the airline a trusted carrier known for bringing Greek pride to the skies.

What is Aegean Airlines?

Aegean Airlines is known for its excellence and dependability, making it a standout in the airline industry. As Greece’s largest airline and its official flag carrier, Aegean has a large fleet, flies to many destinations, and can carry many passengers. Since it started, it has grown a lot and become a leader in the field, showing off Greece’s proud aviation history. The airline is focused on ensuring passengers have an amazing experience.

1999 – 2010

Aegean Airlines Logo 1999

The emblem of the carrier is intricately composed of four distinct elements that together craft a cohesive image, evoking the essence of flight and the allure of the skies. Central to this emblem is a circle, three-quarters visible, symbolizing the Sun or the Moon. This celestial body is designed to evoke a strong association with the sky, a fundamental element of the airline’s operations. Against this backdrop of the luminous sphere, two seagulls are depicted in mid-flight, gracefully soaring. Like the company’s liners, these birds glide across the heights as avian embodiments of the aircraft traversing the skies.

The inclusion of seagulls and the hint at the Aegean Sea within the logo subtly weave in maritime themes, eliciting pleasant emotions tied to the serenity of sea travel. The rising sun emerging from the blue horizon and the imagined cries of seagulls and waves invoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility. This emblem is meticulously designed to create an atmosphere filled with notions of freedom, sea breeze, vacation, and enjoyment. It encapsulates the airline’s mission to showcase the natural beauty and splendor of the country from a bird’s-eye view, enhancing the desire to embark on a journey, sit on a plane, and head off on a holiday.

Adjacent to this picturesque scene is the prominently large brand name – Aegean, which linguistically conveys the maritime message illustrated through the imagery. The use of thin lines for the celestial body and the birds ensures that the inscription does not appear overly bulky. Yet, the capital letters effectively communicate the scale of the aircraft and are visibly discernable from the ground.

The composition is further accentuated by a straight red line, which encodes the natural beauty that captivates travelers’ imaginations. This linear element, starkly contrasting with the undulating waves, suggests that, unlike the unpredictable sea, the airline offers predictability and reliability.

Resting on this symbolic foundation is the delicate inscription “Airlines,” positioned below the line. This detail adds to the composition a sense of the lightness of flight, with the slant of the letters and the flow of the text embodying dynamics, ascent, and the pursuit of goals. This careful arrangement of elements within the logo communicates the airline’s dedication to providing memorable experiences and its commitment to safety, reliability, and the enchanting allure of discovery.

2010 – 2020

Aegean Airlines Logo 2010

The 2010 emblem redesign marked a significant shift toward minimalism, stripping away extraneous elements to focus on a memorable maritime scene and a truncated version of the name. This move toward simplicity was influenced by the carrier’s acquisition of its main competitor and subsequent expansion in scale. The sun, still depicted as three-quarters visible, now features an unspecified element obscuring its lower part. This design choice infuses the emblem with an air of lightness, as if the breeze enters the picture, elevating it skywards.

The theme of being filled from within, of a breeze coursing through, resonates with the airline’s new slogan: “Aegean: The Spirit of Greece.” This slogan and the redesigned logo reflect a renewed focus on embodying the essence and spirit of the Greek experience. The sun, a potent symbol of Greece’s climate and allure, becomes a focal point in the emblem, inviting viewers to ponder what lies beyond sight, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue.

The partial concealment of the sun in the logo metaphorically suggests the hidden treasures and experiences that Aegean Airlines promises to unveil for its passengers. It signifies a journey of discovery across the beautiful Aegean Sea and into the rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes Greece offers. The streamlined design, devoid of unnecessary details, emphasizes the core elements that define the carrier’s identity and mission.

2020 – today

Aegean Airlines Logo

Following restructuring and prolonged stagnation due to the pandemic, the company eagerly embraced a change in its visual identity to inject dynamism into its branding. The transformation saw the seagull images, previously depicted as more static, flipped vertically to resemble the tips of arrows. Positioned immediately after the name on the right, these arrow tips slice through the air, compellingly drawing the observer’s gaze along their path. This dynamic imagery signifies forward motion and mirrors the company’s commitment to swift and efficient service.

Interestingly, some viewers interpret these arrow-tip images as waves, evoking associations with the Aegean Sea. This dual interpretation seamlessly aligns with the company’s name and core business of connecting islands and coastal regions across the Aegean. Whether viewed as arrows cutting through the sky or as waves cresting in the sea, both representations enrich the emblem with layers of meaning pertinent to Aegean Airlines’ operations.

The logo’s typography has been updated to feature wider letters with slender glyphs, lending an airy quality to the overall design. This typographic choice enhances the emblem’s elegance and lightness, reinforcing the idea of flight and the effortless journey Aegean Airlines promises its passengers. The planes of Aegean symbolized as swift arrows, are thus portrayed as capable of instantaneously transporting passengers to their destinations, echoing the airline’s dedication to speed, precision, and the seamless experience of travel.

Font and Colors

The Aegean Airlines logo has clear, bold uppercase letters in a modern sans-serif font with distinctive shapes. It’s similar to fonts like LP Horizont Caps Regular or Kinetica Bold but with a few tweaks.

Their brand colors are two kinds of blue: a deep navy and a lighter shade close to purple. These colors represent the sea and sky, showing the airline’s commitment to being reliable and trustworthy for its passengers.


What is the logo for Aegean Airlines?

The Aegean Airlines logo on the back of their planes features two seagulls flying with the sun behind them. The logo shows off the airline’s Greek roots and identity. The airline introduced this new look when it got its new Airbus A320neo plane, marking a fresh phase for the airline with a new style.

This logo was inspired by Greek culture and nature, including the country’s big blue skies, seas, old buildings, and design traditions. Aegean Airlines wanted to show its Greek pride and share Greece’s famous beauty with the world. The seagulls and sun in the logo are meant to make people think of being free to explore, and the welcoming vibe Greece is known for. Aegean Airlines hopes this design will connect passengers to Greece’s warm and beautiful scenery before they start their trip.

Is Aegean Airlines a Greek airline?

Aegean Airlines, founded in 1999, is the biggest airline in Greece. It flies to many places from its main airports: Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larnaca. This airline is known for caring for its passengers and has won many awards. It’s part of the Star Alliance, which means it can offer more flight choices and perks through its loyalty program.

Choosing Aegean for your trip has its benefits. It flies to many places in Greece and Europe, making it easy to see Greece’s beautiful islands and more. They focus on making your flight nice from start to end. They have different ticket options to fit what you can spend, from cheaper seats to more fancy ones. Their Miles+Bonus program is great for people who fly a lot, giving free flights, better seats, and more.

What is Aegean Airlines known for?

Aegean Airlines stands out because it does many things well. People know it for its great service, which has won many awards, like the Skytrax award for being the best regional airline in Europe 13 times.

Their planes are up-to-date and varied, with 68 aircraft in total. Most of these are Airbus planes, known for being comfortable and efficient. They also have some Bombardier and ATR planes for shorter trips. Being part of the Star Alliance is another big plus for Aegean. This partnership gives passengers more flight options, easier connections, and access to airport lounges worldwide. Aegean’s loyalty program, Miles+Bonus, lets frequent flyers earn and use miles on various airlines, making it even better for people who fly a lot.

Is Aegean a 5-star airline?

Aegean Airlines is rated as a 4-star Airline. This means it’s good but not the top, which would be five stars. The rating looks at how nice the seats are, the snacks and drinks, the entertainment on the plane, how clean it is, and how well the staff treats you in the air and on the ground.

Being called a 4-star Airline is a big deal. It shows that flying with Aegean is comfortable, the service is great, and you’ll have a nice trip overall. Even though Aegean isn’t at the 5-Star level, which is the best in flying luxury and service, being a 4-Star airline is still impressive. It puts Aegean up there with some of the best airlines worldwide.