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Berliet: Brand overview

In 1899, in Venissier, France, Marius Berliet laid the foundation for Société des Automobiles Marius Berliet, whose main focus was the production of automobiles.

However, by 1902, the company switched to the production of trucks, thus occupying the niche of one of the first pioneers engaged exclusively in the production of trucks. The first generation of trucks was equipped with steam and gasoline engines.

Berliet’s determination and innovation led the company to become the leading truck manufacturer in France by 1907. The company was at the forefront of introducing diesel engines into trucks.

When World War I broke out, Berliet played a critical role in supplying the French Army with military trucks, artillery, and ammunition. Military needs led to a major expansion of the staff to over 3,000 people.

The 1920s were a period of exponential growth for Berliet: the company expanded its market presence through exports to Europe, South America, and Asia. Notably, Berliet trucks were used extensively in France’s colonial territories.

However, in 1944, the company faced serious difficulties, falling under state administration due to accusations of collaboration with the German occupiers. After the war, Berliet returned to civilian production.

In the 1950s, Berliet diversified its activities to include bus production. Its flagship model, the Gazelle bus, gained immense popularity around the world.

A major change in Berliet’s trajectory occurred in 1967 when the company was acquired by Citroën, which was bought out by Renault in 1974. As a result, by 1980, the Berliet brand was phased out and replaced by Renault Trucks.

During its heyday, Berliet was recognized as the second-largest truck manufacturer in Europe. Berliet trucks and buses are known for their durability, strength, and individual design. In its heyday, the company was a major employer with more than 10,000 employees.

Meaning and History

Berliet Logo History

1899 – 1910

Berliet Logo 1899

1910 – 1959

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1959 – 1978

Berliet Logo

The Berliet logo is a very simplified representation of the front of a locomotive, which looks like a sphere pierced by an arrow or like a triangle, circle, and rectangle stacked on top of each other. The geometric figures are drawn with a thick black outline and are colorless inside. The emblem contains no dates or names.

The logo is very calm yet thought-provoking. You look at it and wonder, “Is it a train? An arrow?” The black lines make it bold, and the lack of color makes you focus on the shapes. It gives the impression that the brand aims to keep it simple and mysterious. There is no need for bright colors and words; the shapes say it all.