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The Blackrock logo embodies greatness, an unwavering stance, and monumentality. The emblem instills confidence, tranquility, and a sense of stability, like a massive mountain sheltering from financial turmoil.

BlackRock: Brand overview

Founder:Robert S. Kapito, Larry Fink, Susan Wagner
New York City, New York, U.S.
Blackrock is the world’s largest investment fund headquartered in New York, managing $10 trillion in assets. The Blackrock logo is displayed on 22 investment centers and 70 offices in 30 countries.

Meaning and History

BlackRock Logo History

The investment project grew out of the Blacstone Group, a similar organization founded three years earlier. The driving force behind the idea was experienced financier Laurence Fink and his seven partners. In 1999, the company went public. Fink and partners retained 16% of the shares, while 70% was bought by PNC, which purchased Blacstone. PNC later sold 49.5% to Merrill Lynch.

Each corporate logo reflects power, development, and gradual growth, as it befits a large financial organization.

What is Blackrock?

A large international investment corporation. It has representatives in 30 countries and manages assets of 10 million clients totaling $10 trillion. It has 11 subsidiaries.

1988 – 2011

BlackRock Logo 1988

The company logo appeared no earlier than 1992 when the founders chose the name Blackrock. For the first four years, the fund remained part of a large holding without its name. By 1998, it had grown so much that it began its journey with $165 billion in assets under management.

A simple visual representation consisting of a single inscription was developed for the new enterprise. The company manages the assets of various firms and organizations. It deals with investing, consulting, and management. Therefore, a drawn image for such a solid organization was considered unnecessary.

However, the logo’s letters managed to convey the main idea. The elegant, elongated upward glyphs resemble young, upward-growing structures reaching for the sun. The organization strives to pave the way to the top, actively developing and growing, rising above the world of business.

The emblem reflects the gradual development of the corporation. Its foundation in 1988, the emergence of the name in 1992, ten years of growth in entrusted assets from 17 billion to 165 billion, the official separation in 1998, and going public in 1999. No rush. A thoughtful movement towards the goal, step by step.

2011 – today

BlackRock Logo

By 2011, assets were measured in trillions. The list of owners had almost completely changed. Subsidiaries were opened—offices around the world. A new emblem was needed to reflect the growth that had occurred.

The 2011 logo gained stability, strength, and confidence. Each letter of the inscription is like a mountain. The saturated black color indicates the flourishing of power. The width of the glyphs demonstrates the solid support that depositors receive from the corporation.

If the parent company was a “black stone,” then the fund has become a true “black rock.”

Font and Colors

The primary color of the logos is black. It corresponds to the word Black in the name of the corporation. The shade is a symbol of market dominance, an indicator of unyielding strength and power, and extraordinary resilience. No market disruptions will shake the company’s position and the safety of the financial assets entrusted to it.

The font of the inscription fully corresponds to the spirit of BlackRock: the straightforward, massive Ida Bold.

BlackRock color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C